News & Improved: Local Dad Demands to Know Who Turned Up the Thermostat

  • Published: 08 January 2019
  • Jimmy came up with a technique to read the news by only looking at the photos and making up his own headlines.

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    News & Improved: Local Dad Demands to Know Who Turned Up the Thermostat

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Comments • 21

  • DJ Firewolf
    DJ Firewolf  1 months back

    Is this not a ripoff of Honest Headlines from James Cordon's show?

    • GamingWillis
      GamingWillis  2 months back

      dammit, granpa!!!

      • werner haase
        werner haase  2 months back

        Happy to have good news 😂

        • @ND*
          @ND*  2 months back


          • james evarts
            james evarts  2 months back


            • s44504620
              s44504620  2 months back

              Omg nutella destroys me

              • Klara Stern
                Klara Stern  2 months back

                7 pount BUCKET of nutella... well... THAT'S american...oO

                • Red Fire Wolf 🐺🔥
                  Red Fire Wolf 🐺🔥  2 months back

                  If you look it says food service, meaning it's a big bucket for restaurants that sell a lot of Nutella.

              • B!gG
                B!gG  2 months back

                Thank u for trying to spin the fucked up situation that is our country into something lighthearted and funny. Been a fan since your SNL days.. I've actually owned your best of on SNL since '06.. you have a powerful voice in this day and age, remember that.. I know u have networks to please and all that, but dive deep one time.. much love bro 🤘👊✌

                • KNOVELGEN
                  KNOVELGEN  2 months back

                  0:17 more like -
                  " *YOU ARE FIRED ,|,,* "

                  • logos paint
                    logos paint  2 months back

                    why this morning I found myself subscribed to this channel? fuck you and fuck youtube

                    • Sucking Lollipops ASMR
                      Sucking Lollipops ASMR  2 months back

                      💞Tuesday Love💞

                      • 666 subs without video
                        666 subs without video  2 months back


                        • travel er
                          travel er  2 months back

                          Supscribe me pls

                          • The Hellfire Club!
                            The Hellfire Club!  2 months back

                            America - you must be embarrassed and ashamed to have elected a truly crazy racist sexist xenophobic man for President lol.

                            • Ethan Trenaman
                              Ethan Trenaman  2 months back

                              At least it’s not Hillary. Still hate Trump though

                          • Apex FPS
                            Apex FPS  2 months back


                            • New Message
                              New Message  2 months back

                              That's exactly what Donnie does to decide WH policy.

                              • 1,000,000 subscribers without videos

                                1. I got a big dick.

                                2. You read that wrong.

                                3. No you didn't.

                                4. To be honest my dick is really small and i smell bad

                                • Aken Adorza
                                  Aken Adorza  2 months back

                                  Yeah... Grreat improvements 😂

                                  • Victor SF
                                    Victor SF  2 months back

                                    Damn i’m Early... guess i have to go to sleep 😂

                                    Well if Someone ever sees this... Subscribe to my Channel tks 💀