Atlanta Falcons vs. Harlem Globetrotters

  • Published: 28 February 2018
  • On our stop in Atlanta, we visited with Falcons defensive stars Keanu Neal, Grady Jarrett, and De'Vondre Campbell to teach them some tricks and for a fun game of A-T-L. Don't miss us in Atlanta the next two weekends! Visit for more.

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Comments • 28

  • Milo The Joker
    Milo The Joker  9 months back


    • Nightcore Furious
      Nightcore Furious  11 months back

      Shes tomboy

      • Sports City
        Sports City  1 years back

        I've been to a globetrotters game once. It was at the Allen County war memorial coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

        • Dallen Vlogs
          Dallen Vlogs  1 years back

          By the way it's Atlanta Hawks

          • AJ Seker
            AJ Seker  1 years back

            Dallen Vlogs they’re falcons players dumby

        • Team 23
          Team 23  1 years back

          You guys are the nicest people ever

          • Rico Baca
            Rico Baca  1 years back

            he look like fonzworth bentley

            • Dame XII
              Dame XII  1 years back

              His dreads are dope

              • AARON WHYTE RIJOS
                AARON WHYTE RIJOS  1 years back

                The globetrotters should play against a NBA team

                • Jaxson Keim
                  Jaxson Keim  8 months back

                  @Carl they won 4 champion ships in a row

                • xxkyrie_ beast8
                  xxkyrie_ beast8  8 months back

                  there are just a comedy team

                • Clt Daii
                  Clt Daii  12 months back

                  they are for entertainment they put on shows lol there not for nba

                • *G.B.*
                  *G.B.*  1 years back

                  Everyone on the globetrotters has talent. While teams like the warriors have guys like zaza pachulia...

                • Carl
                  Carl  1 years back

                  AARON WHYTE RIJOS no offense there not that good not as good as the nba sorry harlem

              • Aqua Zooper
                Aqua Zooper  1 years back

                Hey I'm gonna see you guys AGAIN when y'all come back to Knoxville Tennessee!! COME BACK SOON!!!!

                • Chris 14.0
                  Chris 14.0  1 years back

                  What happened to Special K anyway?

                  • coc warrior
                    coc warrior  1 years back

                    Me:HOW DO THEY DO THATT


                    • NGNOU FORTENIT
                      NGNOU FORTENIT  1 years back

                      Merci pour le badaud sur la tête je ne sais plus qu'elle joueur mai merci serai trop rigolo

                    • jere my
                      jere my  1 years back

                      Je ne fais même pas la moitié de ce qu'ils font 😁🇫🇷

                      • Alasad Waleed
                        Alasad Waleed  1 years back

                        Second coment

                        • Bjarki Þórarinsson
                          Bjarki Þórarinsson  1 years back

                          Question: do Globetrotters learn all these skills by themselves or does someone teach them?? Please answer:D

                          • Bjarki Þórarinsson
                            Bjarki Þórarinsson  1 years back

                            So everyone knows all the same tricks and can do them ? Sorry for too many questions.

                          • Bjarki Þórarinsson
                            Bjarki Þórarinsson  1 years back

                            So they are very good at basketball right?

                          • Bjarki Þórarinsson
                            Bjarki Þórarinsson  1 years back

                            Wow cool thanks for answering :D

                          • Harlem Globetrotters
                            Harlem Globetrotters   1 years back

                            Hey there! Most of the tricks are taught. We look for talented basketball players and once we bring them in, we teach them all the tricks. Then, it's just a matter of practice, practice, practice!

                        • Bjarki Þórarinsson
                          Bjarki Þórarinsson  1 years back

                          WOW im the first comment xD