Mary McCormack & Jimmy Kimmel Love Power Washing

  • Published: 09 January 2019
  • Mary talks about her love of receiving practical gifts like vacuums and power washers, and playing a mom to 8 sons on her new ABC show 'The Kids Are Alright.'

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    Mary McCormack & Jimmy Kimmel Love Power Washing
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Comments • 46

  • tom4wlt
    tom4wlt  1 days back

    “The Kids are Alright” is a terrific new show. Everyone should watch it so it gets picked up for the next season. We need laughter in this world. 😆

    • andradeclothing
      andradeclothing  2 weeks back

      I can tell she misses the craig ferguson show

      • Jud An
        Jud An  2 months back

        She looks different now

        • Matt Stryker
          Matt Stryker  2 months back

          Just started watching "The Kids are Alright" on Hulu and I love it.

          • boobtuber06
            boobtuber06  2 months back

            howard's wife

            • 1210starshine
              1210starshine  2 months back

              This interview makes me love Mary more!!

              • Hannah Fischer
                Hannah Fischer  2 months back

                Haha this is my dads cousin! Dad is one of 12 kids, I am one of 6. She wasn’t lying about the big fam

                • Carmen Neumann
                  Carmen Neumann  2 months back

                  She is Chelsea Handler Best friend.....see her instagram...great show

                  • Lucy Murray
                    Lucy Murray  2 months back

                    He won’t let her talk

                    • Adam McCarthy
                      Adam McCarthy  2 months back

                      Jimmy.. You're looking unwell.. Keep up with meds that they give you.

                      • Miss. G1994
                        Miss. G1994  2 months back

                        Hey guys take a look at my channel

                        • MoRiellyMoProblems
                          MoRiellyMoProblems  2 months back

                          Is that Kate Harper from The West Wing?

                        • prowlers
                          prowlers  2 months back

                          Ew she has the same name as me I don't know who she is but I don't like her

                          • sweiland75
                            sweiland75  2 months back

                            Yet she is famous and you are not.

                        • W
                          W  2 months back

                          I love these kind of interviews when the host and guest just go off in another direction talking about random objects such as power washers "5 different nozzles 350 psi" lmao!

                          • electron2k
                            electron2k  2 months back

                            I love The Kids Are Alright

                            • electron2k
                              electron2k  2 months back

                              kids are alright best ever

                              • Walter K Bauer
                                Walter K Bauer  2 months back

                                In an Irish Catholic family 3 kids is like being baron.
                                NO truer words. My neighbors, the O'Brien's, Mrs. O told my Mom that she wished she could have started earlier and had more than just the 7 she already had.
                                I'm not from a large family, or Catholic, but this show nails life in the 1970's.
                                The father never says I love you. Because men didn't do that! They provided it by going to work, no matter what the job was.
                                Mary is a Godsend to American TV.
                                Who wouldn't want a wife that wanted a Rolodex, a vacuum cleaner, and a pressure washer???
                                Way sexier then lingerie!

                              • marawan ahmed
                                marawan ahmed  2 months back


                                • Donny Tucker
                                  Donny Tucker  2 months back

                                  Pressure washing dirty brick is the best, or dirty concrete.

                                  • laugesen18
                                    laugesen18  2 months back

                                    Saw her in “In Plain Sight”. She was so great. But yes, she does look very different

                                    • Allyson Wonderland ASMR
                                      Allyson Wonderland ASMR  2 months back

                                      I saw "love of power washing" and I'm here to join the club

                                      • luvyou baby
                                        luvyou baby  2 months back

                                        If u liked the show “Malcom in the middle “ watch her show its the same vibe, but not as funny, just amusing and fun to watch

                                        • On 2Wheels
                                          On 2Wheels  2 months back

                                          Is she on Prednisone? She looks really bloated... I slept on the back deck of our parent's 1977 Ford LTD sedan from Lion Country Safari in Irvine Ca to Long Beach Ca in the 70s. The back deck is the area where the back glass is.

                                          • New Message
                                            New Message  2 months back

                                            I'll always love this lady if for no other reason than that she gave Craig Ferguson his famous rattlesnake mug.

                                          • John Wisniewski
                                            John Wisniewski  2 months back

                                            She is interesting

                                            • Moist Gnome
                                              Moist Gnome  2 months back

                                              Oh man what happened to her? She was such a beautiful woman and she ruined it with that horrible plastic surgery. Ladies, a word of advice, just age gracefully. Looking like an emotionless mannequin is not attractive.

                                              • Letizia Oetker
                                                Letizia Oetker  2 months back

                                                I get what you mean, but with Mary this just is not true. She is the mom of my best friend and I see her at least once every week. The lighting and cameras are not flattering .

                                              • Saṃsāra's Light
                                                Saṃsāra's Light  2 months back

                                                +Mom B why is he a troll? Lol
                                                Like I get his nick is a meme, but wow, calling him a troll just for that is unfair...

                                              • Moist Gnome
                                                Moist Gnome  2 months back

                                                +Mom B I'm not a troll sweetheart, I only speak truths.

                                              • Mom B
                                                Mom B  2 months back

                                                Gee thanks. Woman live getting advice from trolls

                                            • Mike Nunyabizness
                                              Mike Nunyabizness  2 months back

                                              Haven't seen in her years, she got big.

                                              • Mike Nunyabizness
                                                Mike Nunyabizness  2 months back

                                                +Carmen Neumann Triggered much? It wasn't a judgement dimwit, it was a statement of fact.

                                              • Carmen Neumann
                                                Carmen Neumann  2 months back

                                                Mike...and us your weight??

                                            • Sir Monte Carlo
                                              Sir Monte Carlo  2 months back

                                              I love power washing. It produces an enormous sense of satisfaction as you wash away the filth and detritus.

                                              • Alex
                                                Alex  2 months back

                                                Can you power wash the WH of Trump than.... Pleeeeease!!!!!!!lol

                                            • Berta Griese
                                              Berta Griese  2 months back

                                              It’s not sanitary with the Dyson as people don’t thoroughly wash their hands and bacteria are blown into the room.

                                              • travel er
                                                travel er  2 months back

                                                Supscribe me pls