Beyoncé - “Resentment” - 2018-08-13 Ford Field, Detroit, MI

  • Published: 14 August 2018

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  • Gregory Harvard
    Gregory Harvard  1 months back

    I was there too I'm so glad I got this on video this was definitely a standout moment in the show! 🎵🎶🎤 🔥🔥🔥

    • Sandra Franklin
      Sandra Franklin  2 months back

      Yasss bitch i cant see that sadness in your eyes

      • hibiscus.
        hibiscus.  4 months back

        ill never forget feeling
        like i was no good
        like i couldn’t do it for you
        like that desperate bitch could.

        • beylover vocal beast
          beylover vocal beast  6 months back

          haters will still say she has no soul😂

          • ILoveYoncé
            ILoveYoncé  11 months back

            I know she was attractive
            *gives stank eye to the camera

            • patatas fritas
              patatas fritas  11 months back

              wow! Beyonce is INCREDIBLE

              • Isabel María Silva Mulero

                The amazing and good video , thanks you =) my beautiful Queen B Love youu , Slay baby !

                • 08CARIB
                  08CARIB  1 years back

                  MY GOD! This woman DELIVERED ON EVERY LEVEL

                  • Super Bass
                    Super Bass  1 years back

                    You can see the pain just by her rocking back n forth😫

                    • Jvn
                      Jvn  1 years back

                      Let’em know Bey, she probably was attractive but she not even Beyonce Tho💁🏽‍♀️👸🏽🐝

                      • Ja’Marion Newman
                        Ja’Marion Newman  1 years back

                        Ew 🤮🤢😷 what is wrong with her hair

                        • Green Hornet
                          Green Hornet  7 months back

                          Ja’Marion Newman you trippin

                        • Winter Belle
                          Winter Belle  8 months back

                          Its a fluffy high pony it’s cute lmao

                        • M L
                          M L  9 months back

                          Ure not wrong tho

                        • Iam The Dragon BREATHIN' FIRE
                          Iam The Dragon BREATHIN' FIRE  1 years back

                          That bitch thaught she can talk shit and dodge the stings at the same time lol

                        • Ja’Marion Newman
                          Ja’Marion Newman  1 years back

                          cam smith🙄😂🤣😆the beyhive is so full of shit yeah her hair was ugly asf this night but her singing on point as usual

                      • Piotrek Nieznany
                        Piotrek Nieznany  1 years back

                        3:31 She nailed it XD

                        • jasdeviel
                          jasdeviel  1 years back

                          I am always so shaken by the sheer devastion in her eyes when she sings this song. I swear its almost like Resignation instead of resentment because she knows a part of her will never recover from that hurt. Her eyes get like chips of ice glazed over with her sorrow.

                          • Erica Harris
                            Erica Harris  3 days back

                            Wow 😔

                          • E 123
                            E 123  1 years back

                            Man. This comment hit me hard lol

                        • Stephen Mensah
                          Stephen Mensah  1 years back

                          Why does she pause after "I know she was attractive"?

                          • E 123
                            E 123  1 years back

                            She paused cause she was like, “Come on man. Look at me. How you gone cheat on ME?!” Lol Jay crazy for cheating on this beautiful woman tho! Smh

                          • alex3779alex
                            alex3779alex  1 years back

                            Stephen Mensah she pauses as if to say ‘Not as attractive as me’ You can’t beat Beyoncé

                        • Alvo Lopes
                          Alvo Lopes  1 years back

                          Ela e a melhor.

                          • Christin Michelle
                            Christin Michelle  1 years back

                            You can still see the hurt in her eyes 😕

                            • Peach
                              Peach  1 years back

                              Who is the one person that's filled with resentment???!!!

                              • Paulo Sulzbach
                                Paulo Sulzbach  1 years back

                                Amazing voice Bey.. 😍👑

                                • Jordyn
                                  Jordyn  1 years back

                                  I was there I saw her at ford field I was in the 8th row it was so fun

                                  • Peach
                                    Peach  1 years back

                                    She changes this every performance, which I love!

                                    • Funkdafied 89
                                      Funkdafied 89  1 years back

                                      Im loving the "Quartet gospel" vibe shes giving vocally and music wise on this song! Sang girl!!!!

                                      • Angel BK Cordova
                                        Angel BK Cordova  1 years back


                                        • *KIT* *KAT*
                                          *KIT* *KAT*  1 years back

                                          DAMN I CRY EVERYTIME I SEE HER SING THIS SONG I CRY..I NEED TO STOP WATCHIN HER SING THIS SONG.............

                                          • Y A N Y I
                                            Y A N Y I  1 years back

                                            That bitch will NEVER BE!!!!!!!!

                                            • tjz official
                                              tjz official  1 years back

                                              She looks beautiful and sounds amazing!

                                              • Elijah Dean Cooper
                                                Elijah Dean Cooper  1 years back

                                                She's so emotional in this performance... slay vocals!

                                                • Rômulo Bright
                                                  Rômulo Bright  1 years back

                                                  Oh God. Each time better.