Having Been is No Way to Be - Jeff Tweedy

  • Published: 31 October 2018
  • Jeff Tweedy sings "Having Been is No Way to Be" on our October 27, 2018 show in Lincoln, NE.

    Violin: Alex Hargreaves

    Website: http://wilcoworld.net/

    More from this week's show: https://www.livefromhere.org/shows/2018/10/27/jeff-tweedy-diana-gordon-todd-barry
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Comments • 17

  • Angelica Luce
    Angelica Luce  4 weeks back

    'HAVE YOUR HEART ON FIRE - AND YOU BRAIN ON ICE" .... (Just had to tell you that)

    • Angelica Luce
      Angelica Luce  4 weeks back


      • Nick
        Nick  2 months back

        Best song on the album. So goddamn good

        • glendale6
          glendale6  3 months back

          Amazing that he is so prolific and still the quality hasn't diminished

          • Freeyourmind
            Freeyourmind  3 months back

            That violin is so sick!
            He must get Jeff.

            • Adam Stevenson
              Adam Stevenson  3 months back

              Just beautiful.

              • Dino Panino
                Dino Panino  4 months back

                His new album, WARM, is excellent.

                • julia watson
                  julia watson  4 months back


                  • James Keith
                    James Keith  2 months back

                    I'm wrong, there's a Bm during the chorus.

                  • James Keith
                    James Keith  2 months back

                    It's funny that you post that tab here when you get multiple looks at his left hand in this video proving the poor quality of that tab. I'll sit down with a guitar and work out a better tab later, but it's missing quite a few chords. Clearly he's playing a C/G often and that chords not even listed there. He also goes back and forth from what looks like an Em to the G during the first parts of the verse. I also didn't catch a Bm (could be there but I don't see it, especially where it's listed). It's a bad tab.

                • D F
                  D F  5 months back

                  why are they like trading stocks in the background

                  • kenneth bishop
                    kenneth bishop  5 months back

                    Love the added fiddle part

                    • MrChrisStingray
                      MrChrisStingray  5 months back

                      Tweedy is just a legend

                      • Low Key Sound System
                        Low Key Sound System  5 months back

                        Well played gentlemen.

                        • Noah Hinson Music
                          Noah Hinson Music  5 months back

                          Cool new song

                          • kuchcache
                            kuchcache  6 months back

                            Closed my eyes listening to this at the Lied. Thanks for letting me see what I didn't see...

                            • Heiner Kaiser
                              Heiner Kaiser  6 months back

                              Jeff Tweedy & Alex Hargreaves 👍👍