Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique | Cynthia Thurlow | TEDxGreenville

  • Published: 15 May 2019
  • NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice and consult a medical professional before adopting an intermittent fasting regiment. This talk only represents the speaker’s views on fasting, diet, and health. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give organizers are described in more detail here:

    Two-thirds of women 40-59 years old are overweight and more than 1/2 are obese. Intermittent fasting can help women lose weight effectively. And can have profound impact on bio-physical profiles, but also improved self esteem and interpersonal relationships. It is easy to implement, it is inexpensive and flexible.

    Cynthia is a Western medicine trained nurse practitioner and functional nutritionist who is passionate about female hormonal health. She believes that the inherent power of food and nutrition can be your greatest asset to your health and wellness journey. She works 1:1 with female clients and is the creator of Wholistic Blueprint a 6-week signature program for female hormonal health, she's also the co-host of Everyday Wellness podcast and a recurring segment contributor on her local ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Patricia Accattato
    Patricia Accattato  6 hours back

    Why is she walking back and forth?

    • Morteza Asgarimajd
      Morteza Asgarimajd  11 hours back

      How about 24 hrs fasting and 24 hrs whole food consumption?

      • Amusegirl1980
        Amusegirl1980  14 hours back

        Everyone is so weight focused, hardly many comments mention other factors of their function and feelings. Sad that even an 'anti-diet' eating routine still has people obsessed with their weight and no, I am not a fattie, just observant of how people attain their self-esteem from their relationship with gravity!!

        • Corey Lyons
          Corey Lyons  14 hours back

          Wowee, eat less calories and you will lose weight? Who would have thought....

          • Jessica A
            Jessica A  18 hours back

            Just make healthier eating choices and cut out juice sugary drinks, sodas and not eat the bar/shake supplements. Just eat real food. Add exercise and get your sleep hours. Unless you are physically unable to exercise I can see how this may work. Youre not doing any harm if you are choosing nutrient rich foods to eat during whichever hours of the day. Eat for fuel.

            • jconearth
              jconearth  1 days back

              interesting that this talk is about how the body can be healed, while she is wearing spike high heels one of the worst things that wreaks havoc on the body in many ways - perhaps she should consider the whole and not the part in terms of the bodies needs !

              • Tram Doan
                Tram Doan  3 hours back

                she is talking about intake of food not wearing accessories

            • Paul Cook
              Paul Cook  1 days back

              Do you have guy patients?

              • lovely A
                lovely A  2 days back

                I tried IF and lost 4kg very easily, doing 16:8 starting at 7 am finishing at 2 pm, but then I started feeling very tired and drained, bloated and moody. I also got terrible cramps. I thibk its because I would consume a lot of carbs and sugars during my eating window. I dont do it anymore but the negative effects remained. I gained the weight back and havent been able to lose it since. I think I am one of those sugar burners. I want to try again but I'm afraid it won't work. I dont think my eating window was ideal so I might switch it up although it will be tough because I've always eaten breakfast in the morning.

                • Sheemaa Muhammad
                  Sheemaa Muhammad  2 days back

                  I've just finished my first week of intermittent fasting, I was fasting for 20 hours and eating (good & not too much food) window of about 4 hours or less, I was 100% committed, I stepped in the scale after a week and guess what😶😶 I have GAINED 💔😭😭😭HALF a kilo. I am not sure what's wrong, soo upset.

                  • Marit Johnson
                    Marit Johnson  1 days back

                    Just a suggestion, when you say you don't each much food... Make sure you are eating enough. The point of fasting isn't to undernourish you're body, it's to reduce insulin spikes that happen when you eat. You still need to consume enough calories to fuel you're body, otherwise it will go into starvation mode. I hope this helps!

                • Adam Hall
                  Adam Hall  2 days back

                  I just started my intermittent fast 3 days ago and already my body feels better. I don't expect to lose a whole lot but I'm paying this with keto so I'm hoping for the best.

                  • heng taing
                    heng taing  2 days back

                    Very easy dont eat breakfast. Only do lunch and dinner in a 4hr window within a 24hr time frame daily. You will lose weight and maintain your metabolism ect..

                    • heng taing
                      heng taing  2 days back

                      Why is she walking in circles lol

                      • JG Lee
                        JG Lee  2 hours back

                        Non-exercise exercise. Also known as NEAT, Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT)

                    • Dietitian Sa Pagkawala Ng Timbang

                      Thanks for the great videos

                      • Dean E
                        Dean E  2 days back

                        If only they had something like this for men 🙄

                        • Jury C
                          Jury C  2 days back

                          Want to see half to full lb a day results?? Go keto and combine with IF. Bam. Watch it fall off and your energy increase. Steer clear of fake sweetners as well. Most increase glucose/insulin reaction breaking ketosis anyways. Just go natural and carb restrictive with the idea as humans we arent designed to be constantly pumping food thru our bodies. Good luck 👍👍😊

                          • M YG
                            M YG  3 days back

                            I am doing intermediate fasting is the best option, I lose 25 pounds I feel with alot energy and healthy, I eat everything except spaghetti, bread and rice but This is amazing, I highly recommend.

                            • mary 95
                              mary 95  3 days back

                              This is only day 2 for me and I’m here to gain strength. Wish me luck!

                              • mary 95
                                mary 95  3 days back

                                Casper Sørensen
                                Good luck to you as well!

                              • Casper Sørensen
                                Casper Sørensen  3 days back

                                I have only just started myself, but i wish you the best of luck!

                            • Private Pig Nose
                              Private Pig Nose  3 days back

                              I was expecting Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, M.D. as the speaker in this video and not a gorgeous looking model.

                              • S.L.S
                                S.L.S  4 days back

                                Dr. Jason Fung has been preaching this for over a decade.He specializes in kidney disease with an emphasis on Type 2 Diabetes. If you want to reverse your Insulin Resistance or your type 2 diabetes or you simply want to lose weight and keep it off, then search his name on YouTube. He explains why intermittent fasting works and how it works.

                                • Magic F
                                  Magic F  4 days back

                                  Intermittent fasting is nonsense, there is not any scientific proof. Just eat less calories and be physical active that’s all that matters. Nothing new..

                                  • p9948
                                    p9948  4 days back

                                    She is correct but a little late on the news. Keto came well after Atkins. And now these people jump on the bandwagon as a MeToo speaker. Correct again, but a little late to the party,

                                    • Michael H
                                      Michael H  4 days back

                                      What if I told you that breakfast being the most important meal of the day was wrong?I would say, what took you so long? Martin Berkham (Lean Gains) had this figured out years ago. And before that, Ori Hofmekler gave us the warrior diet.

                                      • Michelle WILLIAMS
                                        Michelle WILLIAMS  5 days back

                                        I wake up and have my superfood smoothie ... so is it best that I wait to have that at the 16 hr window?   I'm 55 and would like to lose 25 lbs please

                                        • Usa Puthawong
                                          Usa Puthawong  5 days back

                                          I love fasting, I do it 16 hrs everyday, at least.

                                          • gacha mini world
                                            gacha mini world  5 days back

                                            I only eat lunch at school 🤗😂🤣

                                            • Shal Perk
                                              Shal Perk  3 days back

                                              gacha mini world I use to only eat dinner and skip lunch and breakfast in high school. Moms food was worth it! Plus I was never hungry. My lightest in weight ever

                                          • angela hopwood
                                            angela hopwood  5 days back

                                            Great talk on intermittent fasting. I wanted to check that it would be okay to begin whilst breastfeeding? My baby is not a newborn but he is under one-year old. Thanks

                                            • angela hopwood
                                              angela hopwood  5 days back

                                              Great talk on intermittent fasting. I wanted to check that it would be okay to begin whilst breastfeeding? My baby is not a newborn but he is under one-year old. Thanks

                                              • A Maverick Fella
                                                A Maverick Fella  5 days back

                                                Why is she making it sound like IF is just for chicks? Blokes can do it as well..

                                                • A Maverick Fella
                                                  A Maverick Fella  5 days back

                                                  Been eating once a day for 18 years, my health, energy, sleep, mental clarity has never been better..

                                                • Obesity is Not Me
                                                  Obesity is Not Me  6 days back

                                                  This talked helped so much. Thank you!

                                                  • taylorfanumbr1
                                                    taylorfanumbr1  6 days back

                                                    please go back to school

                                                    • Betty MK
                                                      Betty MK  6 days back

                                                      Wait... in my humble opinion, a safe diet/eating lifestyle would be safe for ALL those conditions listed as not ideal for IF. No?

                                                      • Jason Shaw
                                                        Jason Shaw  7 days back

                                                        I really just enjoy the feeling of taking control of my eating habits as opposed to eating at every temptation. I am over 40 so with a slower metabolism now only fast every second day but for 20hrs to get the best of the HGH increase.

                                                        • alwaysyouramanda
                                                          alwaysyouramanda  7 days back

                                                          I’ve been IF to improve my energy levels and mental clarity. It’s been 4 weeks and I feel so much better than before I started.

                                                          • Jean Hyantite
                                                            Jean Hyantite  7 days back

                                                            Great talk! Reinforced and clarified things I’ve read and heard elsewhere. I little sad that I think she’s saying I’m breaking my fast by having having almond milk and honey in my morning tea but it makes sense

                                                            • AGYAAT अज्ञात

                                                              Instead skip dinner when digestive fire is lowest.

                                                              • Diététiste De Perte De Poids

                                                                hi im early so like this comment

                                                                • milaboss r
                                                                  milaboss r  1 weeks back

                                                                  She said liver n tap on left side... 😂😂

                                                                  • D Jilla
                                                                    D Jilla  1 weeks back

                                                                    She starts out saying that calories in/ out didn't work at all for her female clients. I'm concerned with this because it does work for a lot of ppl including myself. I want to know how many clients she had and how closely they were counting calories. Just because IF works doesn't mean Calories in/out doesn't and vice versa. That start really left a bad taste from the jump. Also, doesn't being on IF or restrictive eating help facilitate consuming less calories?

                                                                    • D Jilla
                                                                      D Jilla  6 days back

                                                                      @Unsung Songs Consistency in anything is the hardest thing, but once you hit that 21 day mark then it becomes habit and gets easier each day. For me seeing it as a number is fine because numbers and data don't lie. The problem is people see it as a day to day thing when progress should be measured each week.

                                                                    • Unsung Songs
                                                                      Unsung Songs  6 days back

                                                                      It works definitely if followed consistently but it's really difficult to do that. There are always days when you don't care about that calorie limit and it's frustrating to see food as a number. It makes the process so unnatural. It's better to eat less often but as much as you want while still losing weight.

                                                                  • rdxking411
                                                                    rdxking411  1 weeks back

                                                                    Oversimplification of the whole regime.

                                                                    • Conspiracy or Not
                                                                      Conspiracy or Not  1 weeks back

                                                                      Oh, just women.

                                                                      • Irish Pickens
                                                                        Irish Pickens  1 weeks back

                                                                        Lol i know. Why was she trying to turn it into an attack against women??

                                                                    • Mike Becket
                                                                      Mike Becket  1 weeks back

                                                                      Ahhh try intermediate throwing up.

                                                                      • ImAVetTech
                                                                        ImAVetTech  1 weeks back

                                                                        I am pregnant and Keto/IF most days. This is the best pregnancy I have ever had! I feel amazing, and baby is doing awesome.

                                                                        • Capo 42
                                                                          Capo 42  1 weeks back

                                                                          Cole Robinson has entered the chat.....

                                                                          • Trudie Folsom
                                                                            Trudie Folsom  1 weeks back

                                                                            Wow. I'm a small-boned woman who is 64 and has been hovering between 135 and 145 for decades. After less than 2 months doing 16 hour IF, I am down to 122 and feel and look GREAT. Easy system. I no longer measure calories or totally eliminate pasta and bread from my diet. I still have a glass of red wine most evenings. THANK YOU!

                                                                            • Eric Skarl
                                                                              Eric Skarl  1 weeks back

                                                                              Search Dr. Eric Berg for more info.

                                                                              • TheLizardKing1967
                                                                                TheLizardKing1967  1 weeks back

                                                                                Doctors won't discuss it with their patients because there would be no need to prescribe drugs. It's a RACKET.

                                                                                • TheLizardKing1967
                                                                                  TheLizardKing1967  1 weeks back

                                                                                  This message needs to be preached from the mountain top!