P!nk Live Blow Me

  • Published: 02 January 2015
  • P!nk Live Blow Me DVD Live From Melbourne

    Pour une meilleur qualité, regardez la vidéo en qualité HD

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  • Fredson Araujo
    Fredson Araujo  2 months back

    I love

    • Enrico Fracassi
      Enrico Fracassi  3 months back


      • lisa ronan
        lisa ronan  4 months back

        I would kill for abs like pink lol

        • Justyna K.
          Justyna K.  5 months back

          Will be

          • Justyna K.
            Justyna K.  5 months back


            • Justyna K.
              Justyna K.  6 months back

              Meet you in Poland Kochanie ❤

              • Justyna K.
                Justyna K.  6 months back

                O i to dla wszystkich EXXXX

                • Samantha Traub
                  Samantha Traub  7 months back

                  mrs ksaper samnhta her yuor dmrus

                  • 이블비
                    이블비  8 months back

                    하ㅜ진짜 존멋진짜 하.....핑크노래중 젤좋아하는노래ㅜㅜㅜ모든공연영상은다봣움 볼때마다멋있다 백댄서들도..

                    • Lisa Oystrick
                      Lisa Oystrick  9 months back

                      My girl

                      • Lisa Oystrick
                        Lisa Oystrick  9 months back

                        Blow me away awesome 😚💜👾

                        • n13roy
                          n13roy  10 months back

                          Just Brilliant.....What an Amazing Performance there by everyone on stage.....

                          • Ronald Ulrich
                            Ronald Ulrich  11 months back

                            C c

                            • FER IZAR
                              FER IZAR  11 months back

                              La mejor cancion

                              • 이준학
                                이준학  1 years back

                                이 아줌마 너무 멋져~~~

                                • Andrew Nirvana
                                  Andrew Nirvana  1 years back

                                  Great performance. She also performed this in her "Beautiful Trauma" tour. This performance is badass while the other one is just dancy.

                                  • Recubs
                                    Recubs  1 years back

                                    This song makes me dance around like crazy, and it makes me alive. Thanks Pink. I love you

                                    • fuzzy wuzzy
                                      fuzzy wuzzy  1 years back

                                      i hope Pink pays her back up singers well they are so good

                                      • Miss Norway
                                        Miss Norway  2 months back

                                        The same band/back up singers seem to stick around for years - so they must be treated well...

                                    • MrReed314
                                      MrReed314  1 years back

                                      I want a kiss from the female dancer with the pink hair...

                                      • Hélio Brasileiro
                                        Hélio Brasileiro  1 years back

                                        essa mulher é pura energia!

                                        • bapho met
                                          bapho met  1 years back

                                          so fkng good . so full of life

                                          • Lulinha Lopez
                                            Lulinha Lopez  1 years back


                                            • Timmy Hussell
                                              Timmy Hussell  2 years back

                                              DAMN, I feel ALIVE

                                              • Tamra Chaney
                                                Tamra Chaney  2 years back

                                                I think Pink is so beautiful and inspiring. I can really relate with her music. Stay who you are girl.

                                              • Muhammad Taufiq
                                                Muhammad Taufiq  2 years back

                                                2:11 😘

                                                • aleth anne Solis
                                                  aleth anne Solis  2 years back

                                                  Best performance!!!

                                                  • Robin Anderson
                                                    Robin Anderson  3 years back

                                                    No more sick whiskey dick,
                                                    No more battles 4 me.
                                                    U'll B callin' a trick,
                                                    cuz U'll no longer sleep.

                                                    • noune
                                                      noune  5 years back

                                                      The best performer i ever seen

                                                    • Coralie Bonclaire
                                                      Coralie Bonclaire   5 years back