What's a Hand Surgeon: Introduction to Hand Surgery

  • Published: 30 September 2010
  • Learn more about hand surgery and common hand conditions at: http://handcare.assh.org/About-Hand-Surgery/What-is-a-Hand-Surgeon.aspx

    Overview of the specialty of Hand Surgery, what it takes to become a Hand Surgeon, and introduction to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Any diseases or injuries of the hand, wrist, arm or shoulder are best evaluated and treated by a specialist in hand surgery. Increasing public awareness about Hand Surgeons will help reduce the rampant misinformation that exists in the public domain about diseases of the upper extremity.

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  • Priyanka Sharma
    Priyanka Sharma  2 weeks back

    my mom hand bone ome up i want to be in good condition what i do any specialist in mumbai or how can i contact you
    pls suggest needto be my mom hand good

    • Neetsie P
      Neetsie P  5 years back

      What a great video.. Most of us don't realize the many facets of hand problems and what a hand surgeon does. Thank you!! Here's a video with some additional information where patient advocates actually negotiate to have your hospital/medical bills reduced. They average more than an 80% reduction in their clients' hospital bills and some of their client’s bills are even brought down to ZERO! It's always good to be prepared – and, if you're prepared, hopefully you'll stay safe and won't need them – Go to the YouTube Video: A Little Known Way to Drastically Lower Hospital Bills or call (800) 417-4372 for more information. They are the real deal!

      • grettagrids
        grettagrids  7 years back

        oh good, fix my TFCC injury then

        • Afromantra10
          Afromantra10  8 years back

          Why its not state of the art because it is not keyhole!! Hence why I did not get my hand repaired :!