BOYS vs GIRLS Basketball Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. Battle!

  • Published: 01 June 2019
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    In this video Josh Horton and Caleb Nash Feemster take on Jenna Bandy and Mia Moore in a game of basketball trick shot H.O.R.S.E.!
    Josh Horton is a gold medalist in the world championships of juggling. He's been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Harvey, and ESPN. Josh performs professionally at corporate functions and corporate events. Josh was inspired by Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, and Legendary Shots to start juggling trick shots which quickly grew his social media following. He has collab'd with some huge YouTubers like Logan Paul, Alex Wassabi, Shonduras, That's Amazing, GizmoSlip, and Mike Boyd. This YouTube channel focuses on setting or breaking Guinness World Records and fun battles between Josh, his wife Cassie Horton, and his other friends! For more information on Josh check out
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  • Josh Horton
    Josh Horton   2 months back

    THUMBS UP on this video if we should bring these girls back on the channel! Replying to all comments! Subscribe to Caleb: If you like/comment early on my videos you can win juggling balls like Nataly Salgado from the last video!

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        Julendrick Courtar  4 days back

        Happy birthday

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          Happy birthday josh🎂🎁

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            OT MERCH 🤟🤟

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              CARTER POHLMAN  5 days back

              Happy birthday josh

              • Marcus Mitchell
                Marcus Mitchell  5 days back

                230 Dislikes?!?! How did anyone dislike that?!?! A woman that skilled with a football! I could pass the pigskin some back in the day in pickup games, but, man, good grief! Quarterbacks that routinely put the ball in the bucket from many yards away probably couldn't do that! That's a woman that you'd be playing ball with and she'd make you stop playing because you'd be so turned on by the whole package(game and looks). She's a sports dude's dream is what I meant! I think Caleb was captivated by her looks, but it's more than that! It's like a compatibility thing probably more than looks; you want to be happy more than anything!.

                And, Caleb's shot; you'd have to be a weightlifter or have what he's got going on with his arms to even have a shot at it and, even they wouldn't have the precision to come close to making it. The Harlem Globetrotters are" "one" with trick shots wtih basketballs; can they do that one? And, he's obviously skilled with that shot, because I've seen it twice from him and, also, his friend called upon him to do ti and he made it right away for the second time. Then, Josh's juggling shot! To be technical, I don't think the lady did that shot right(which would have given them an E). That being said, the ladies deserved to win: 1. a football shot from almost at the other basketball, a behind the goal shot that was at equivalent to a long range 3 pointer,, and more! Each group was so equally matched! This was probably the best horse game ever! This was a whole theme park worth of fun!

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                    Happy b day Josh!

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                      Happy birthday josh

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                            Your good at basketball I don’t know why The Girls think your bad 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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                              iiCookiezz  1 weeks back

                              Plot twist Josh is going out with jenna

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                                What is high lighted comment

                                • Abdullah Riaz - Cashmere Avenue PS (1260)

                                  Hey did you ever say that you did not go into your office

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                                    Love the video, awesome win by the girls, best team won girls, proving girls the best.

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                                      Happy Birthday since it's your birthday I will like and share

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                                              I thought Mia was a boy

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                                                  My Name is Jenna😝

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                                                    Caleb already has a wife?

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                                                      CALEB CHANCES ARE perfect for each other

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                                                        25 years old

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                                                          Yes GIRL POWER!!! stand a chance to win the game

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                                                            Always approach a girl with confidence. Works 100%.

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                                                              Happy birthday

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                                                                No offense but the “ girl” with the black clothes looks like a guy

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                                                                  The girl with the black shirt looks like a boy

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                                                                          Ur birthday is May 24 but it’s june1

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                                                                            Happy birthday Josh Horton I be living you can win

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                                                                              Happy b-day to you Josh i love your channel

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                                                                                My name is Courtney your cool

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                                                                                    You suck

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                                                                                      This was my favirote video of urs

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                                                                                            Jenna is beautiful

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