Joyner Lucas - Winter Blues (508)-507-2209

  • Published: 23 October 2017
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  • Danny G
    Danny G  16 hours back

    joyner look like a real cop lmao

    • Ozone_Kamikaze
      Ozone_Kamikaze  1 days back

      The video starts at 0:42

      • Some Communist Stuff
        Some Communist Stuff  1 days back

        That song wanna make me ask the state to pay my bills

        • Seyah
          Seyah  2 days back

          3:30 he looks kinda like tory lanez...

          • melanin princess
            melanin princess  2 days back

            This was released on my birthday

            • InFlexity -
              InFlexity -  3 days back

              100 % kids are gonna try to call that number

              • Prince Boi360
                Prince Boi360  4 days back

                i like that reload sound 2:37

                • Solidz_ Lincoln
                  Solidz_ Lincoln  4 days back

                  This man thinks its gta

                  • AutumnFlare
                    AutumnFlare  5 days back

                    Yeah I don't think I want to work at a convenience store

                    *Is ThIs LiTeRaLlY tHe OnLy ThInG yOu LeArNeD fRoM tHiS vIdEo??!?!?!*

                    • Katie Matrinez
                      Katie Matrinez  5 days back

                      Why has he put the phone number there(just started up the musi video)

                      • patshaw gamer
                        patshaw gamer  5 days back

                        how did the robber become the victim

                        • Rap Sougs
                          Rap Sougs  5 days back

                          Did anyone call the number

                          • Taylor Jarvis
                            Taylor Jarvis  6 days back

                            Crazy to see how rhis song been out for about 2 years and seeing alot of comments from this year

                            • David Mokgatla
                              David Mokgatla  6 days back

                              Joyner Lucas , u the boss son...

                              • Jason Palumbo
                                Jason Palumbo  6 days back

                                Who u speaking on

                                • MoFu Soundzzz
                                  MoFu Soundzzz  6 days back


                                  • Mary Holmes
                                    Mary Holmes  1 weeks back

                                    This is real people

                                    • Jayden Games
                                      Jayden Games  1 weeks back

                                      When you play shooter games and your parents you gonna and like this

                                      • Mildenzel Malcolm Davis

                                        o shit

                                        • Richard Cibi
                                          Richard Cibi  1 weeks back

                                          Joyner though 💀🔥

                                          • Mateusz Domagała
                                            Mateusz Domagała  1 weeks back

                                            Joyner you are my fuckin inspiration

                                            • smoke__and retribution
                                              smoke__and retribution  1 weeks back

                                              who always liked Joyner, not because some recognition from any sort of media, cause you go searching for that new shit

                                              • MJ Gy
                                                MJ Gy  1 weeks back

                                                2:12 and there I can sense some Eminem's spirit mixed in him.

                                                • Omgitsjoetime T
                                                  Omgitsjoetime T  1 weeks back

                                                  Does anyone else know Worcester cop cars are blue and white not black and white... come on man

                                                  • Omgitsjoetime T
                                                    Omgitsjoetime T  1 weeks back

                                                    Love this song. Pleasant st pawn shop lol

                                                    • Vato Margvelashvili
                                                      Vato Margvelashvili  1 weeks back

                                                      Mikey perry got me here.

                                                      • GDN_Precision
                                                        GDN_Precision  1 weeks back

                                                        Been a fan since he performed with hopsin an token in LA..

                                                        • TheRubberBrokeAndNowImBroke

                                                          How is this not a hit single and on top of da billboards???!

                                                          • TJ H
                                                            TJ H  2 weeks back

                                                            I get this is about a guy impersonating a police officer and doing a bunch of illegal shit, but still.

                                                            • Jason Hembree
                                                              Jason Hembree  2 weeks back

                                                              Any of you guys ever called the number listed on the name of the song

                                                              • Flakez
                                                                Flakez  2 weeks back

                                                                Changing his pfp?

                                                                • Harvard University
                                                                  Harvard University  2 weeks back

                                                                  This whole video of the song is a daily life of a gta v tryhard

                                                                  • Jessica Walsh
                                                                    Jessica Walsh  2 weeks back

                                                                    Thank you Joyner for always representing our city. And everything you do with the friendly house and helping our city. Mad respect for ya kid.

                                                                    • Aiyana Shuler
                                                                      Aiyana Shuler  2 weeks back

                                                                      i called that number and it’s real

                                                                      • Flakez
                                                                        Flakez  2 weeks back

                                                                        Aiyana Shuler it’s a suicide helpline

                                                                    • Darren R
                                                                      Darren R  2 weeks back

                                                                      22 years later and still relevant as fk

                                                                      • Kevin Barczi
                                                                        Kevin Barczi  2 weeks back


                                                                        • Indwell // Samurai
                                                                          Indwell // Samurai  2 weeks back

                                                                          lit af

                                                                          • wwefan 778
                                                                            wwefan 778  2 weeks back

                                                                            Perfect rapper,doesnt mumble,raps about his life not his jewelry and money,good flow,good lyricism,amazing

                                                                            • wwefan 778
                                                                              wwefan 778  2 weeks back

                                                                              @devil slayer forgot about that one

                                                                            • devil slayer
                                                                              devil slayer  2 weeks back

                                                                              And raps about the problems that’s going on now and days

                                                                          • Bradley Firth
                                                                            Bradley Firth  2 weeks back

                                                                            This gets me so hype!

                                                                            • ItsOfoK !
                                                                              ItsOfoK !  2 weeks back

                                                                              Wait...I got that Hat Joyner is wearing...

                                                                              • Garrett
                                                                                Garrett  2 weeks back

                                                                                Joyner!! Whens the Canadian tour?!?

                                                                                • Tróndur KD
                                                                                  Tróndur KD  2 weeks back

                                                                                  i love your music dude, don't go to sweden

                                                                                  • StarDogg27
                                                                                    StarDogg27  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Worcester, MA ✊

                                                                                    • Jack Barrow
                                                                                      Jack Barrow  3 weeks back

                                                                                      To Joyner this is your Greatest track hands down and I love you for it my dude.

                                                                                      • Aaron Mellor
                                                                                        Aaron Mellor  3 weeks back


                                                                                        • Aaron Mellor
                                                                                          Aaron Mellor  3 weeks back


                                                                                          • Aaron Mellor
                                                                                            Aaron Mellor  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Why is no-one talking about this

                                                                                            • Whyte Tyson
                                                                                              Whyte Tyson  3 weeks back

                                                                                              That some real ass shit tho...and also, wish I could do this in real life to play them like they've played my whole life against me