Funny Baseball Bloopers of 2018/17, Volume One

  • Published: 31 March 2018
  • "Life is about execution rather than purpose." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Unofficial. These satirical mashups are not monetized. If you like what you see, please consider a donation to RBI ("Reviving Baseball in Inner cities"). Original video footage created by MLB; song listings are as follows:

    00:11 Steve Miller Band - Rock'n Me
    03:49 Hound Dog Taylor - Walking the Ceiling
    07:28 Hound Dog Taylor - Take Five
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Comments • 223

  • NuxVom
    NuxVom  3 weeks back

    4:45 ...and the fat guy loses his lunch!

    • Harmony in my Mind
      Harmony in my Mind  4 weeks back

      I'm a musician and I must say I hate to hear music in this kind of videos.
      Damn...Can we just watch a sport video just like it was originally...with the commentary and everything?
      This is baseball...not a concert...not the radio...not a CD promotion.
      Please...stop that shit already!

      • Harmony in my Mind
        Harmony in my Mind  2 weeks back

        @Adam J Duncan that makes no sense...but well... it's your opinion...
        But by the way...What I said has nothing to do with musical taste...
        It's a sport video...we don't care if the music is good or bad...we don't wanna hear it at all.

      • Adam J Duncan
        Adam J Duncan   2 weeks back

        tbf musicians on average have worse musical taste than non-musicians

    • cmell
      cmell  4 weeks back

      dude your editing is frickin masterful

      • Lancer525
        Lancer525  4 weeks back

        Oh please... stop playing DJ and let us hear the freaking commentary. If we wanted to hear music we'd listen to the radio. Thumbs down.

        • redmix
          redmix  2 months back

          :D cool

          • Johnny Piston
            Johnny Piston  2 months back

            Why is Rob Reiner dressed as Captain Obvious

            • alfonso bo
              alfonso bo  2 months back

              Make a grand slam

              • Darwin Dunlap
                Darwin Dunlap  3 months back

                I stop watching after the 1st head wrenching music please just let the commentators help you with making this a funny good video. I'm not snorting coke or drinking a keg of beer at a bar

                • Robert Saari
                  Robert Saari  3 months back

                  Needs a few more ads

                  • Jose Cruz
                    Jose Cruz  3 months back

                    I couldn't kept going, the stupid music ruined it.

                    • KJapan
                      KJapan  3 months back


                      • nick patterson
                        nick patterson  4 months back

                        this was such a good video. idk why more baseball videos dont incorporate music like that

                        • Jose Cruz
                          Jose Cruz  3 months back

                          Because they're better without music..

                        • Adam J Duncan
                          Adam J Duncan   4 months back

                          Yes I wish I had more influence :(

                      • Jeb1121
                        Jeb1121  4 months back

                        for some reason this looks like the Aviator Stadium

                        • Mary Shoemaker
                          Mary Shoemaker  4 months back

                          This is what baseball is supposed to be about...have'n fun n entertaining the fans 💗🤗😘🤣

                        • John Riggenbach
                          John Riggenbach  4 months back

                          Who picked the “music”?

                        • April Boone
                          April Boone  5 months back


                          • Regina Casillas
                            Regina Casillas  5 months back

                            Old man in the Oakland athletics jersey is mad

                            • TTVFatal Ghost
                              TTVFatal Ghost  5 months back

                              That's a lot of food 7:14

                              • Dolphins- fanatic
                                Dolphins- fanatic  5 months back

                                Love the music 👍

                                • Adrian’s Vids
                                  Adrian’s Vids  5 months back

                                  1:27 I love this kid.

                                  • Bable012
                                    Bable012  6 months back

                                    Hopefully we see you making these every few months during the 2019 season

                                    • Bable012
                                      Bable012  6 months back

                                      @Adam J Duncan yeah my dad had that. Take your time man, its only april lol

                                    • Adam J Duncan
                                      Adam J Duncan   6 months back

                                      Yeah I hope so too... unfortunately have had mono the past month so behind on everything

                                  • Alfredo inc
                                    Alfredo inc  6 months back

                                    If u sub scribe I will sub to u too promis🙏👍

                                  • Teresa Sparks
                                    Teresa Sparks  6 months back

                                    Love the music!

                                  • James Busch
                                    James Busch  6 months back

                                    I miss your videos adam, WITH the music...come back...

                                  • Leigh Parker
                                    Leigh Parker  7 months back

                                    Thanks for sharing. 😄

                                    • perry scott
                                      perry scott  7 months back

                                      That's a killer slide player!!

                                      • Andrew Knight New Canaan
                                        Andrew Knight New Canaan  7 months back

                                        This is a very top funniest baseball game. I am very happy to see this video. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I would like to share with my friends. For more info go to

                                        • hanhsui
                                          hanhsui  7 months back

                                          Turn off the volume, you're welcome

                                          • Cory Kramer
                                            Cory Kramer  8 months back

                                            Not watching this video anymore because of the STUPID MUSIC!😡

                                            • Eddie Kuczinski
                                              Eddie Kuczinski  9 months back


                                              -2018 Memes

                                              • Jenna Tolls
                                                Jenna Tolls  9 months back

                                                Wich team are you a fan of

                                              • GathKingLeppbertI
                                                GathKingLeppbertI  9 months back

                                                Keep on a rockin me baby

                                                • Thunder Storms
                                                  Thunder Storms  10 months back

                                                  Hahahahaha you gotta love it !!

                                                  • Demi Alfonso
                                                    Demi Alfonso  10 months back

                                                    I feel so bad for the dude at 0:52. He tried so hard to get that ball

                                                    • Ronald Schoones
                                                      Ronald Schoones  10 months back

                                                      No music please!

                                                      • Alan Gohel
                                                        Alan Gohel  11 months back

                                                        Did Jayson Werth have a fucking stroke in that one clip?

                                                        • Braden Vangeison
                                                          Braden Vangeison  11 months back

                                                          music sucks

                                                          • HARSH DEEP
                                                            HARSH DEEP  11 months back

                                                            who are you? why people are saying you are back

                                                            • Adam J Duncan
                                                              Adam J Duncan   9 months back

                                                              I'm like the fifth most popular baseball blooper YouTube channel, get with the times

                                                          • x9x9x9x9x9
                                                            x9x9x9x9x9  11 months back

                                                            It would have been fine with good music but this was awful. Its the type of shit you find a local band playing at a hole in the wall bar on a tuesday night. Or just don't use music.

                                                            • agustin de jesus calderon hernandez

                                                              antier hubo una jugada que no tuvo consecuencias,pues colorado finalmente se impuso a cachorros,corredor en segunda,batea a tercera una linea ,corredor intenta llegar a tercera frena a media camino,y el tercera lo toca,pero,el corredor al frenar astutamente abraza al tercera,pero esto impidio que tirara a primera base,pense que no protestaria el manager,pero de volada sale y sepa la verga en que quedo,pero creo que merecia una expulsacion jejejeje el corredor,el tercera base estaba comiendo rebanadas de verga,porque nunca capto que el abrazo impidio que tirara a primera y el zoquete todavia le dio abrazo al corredor jajajajaja como me rei fue una jugada para reacciones superrapidas mentales jajajajajajajajaja

                                                              • Brian Glass
                                                                Brian Glass  12 months back

                                                                Great punk reference at 03:25!!
                                                                London Calling- The Clash
                                                                The only band that matters!!!

                                                                • Madison Ozment
                                                                  Madison Ozment  12 months back

                                                                  Ender taking off Gordon’s glove is funny, never seen that before! And that National’s fan with the signs 😂

                                                                  • pablo flores
                                                                    pablo flores  12 months back

                                                                    Can yall help out my baseball team please any small donation will help us our school wont give us any funds so were asking for help. Thankyou for your support❤

                                                                    • kwahwerd
                                                                      kwahwerd  12 months back

                                                                      Another lame wannabe editor that thinks adding $hitty music makes him look like a genius. Why do these clowns never learn?

                                                                      • Adam J Duncan
                                                                        Adam J Duncan   11 months back

                                                                        Pretty sure you're just referring to my vids and don't realize it's all the same guy

                                                                    • Florian Roderburg
                                                                      Florian Roderburg  12 months back

                                                                      Good compilation, but I'd rather have the comments instead of the music.

                                                                      • Naomi K Garza
                                                                        Naomi K Garza  12 months back

                                                                        Good timing with the first song as the lyrics went Northern California and shown Giants footage

                                                                        • jaunty17
                                                                          jaunty17  1 years back

                                                                          Great to have you back! And keep up the great music background! Real baseball fans LOVE the music! Don’t change a thing!

                                                                        • James Evans
                                                                          James Evans  1 years back

                                                                          Some of the foul plays are bullshit
                                                                          A player goes into stands which is out of play and catches the ball batter is out but a fan reaches over the wall which is still in foul play and everyone get bent out of shape