Black Panther VS Master Chief (HALO) | BATTLE ARENA

  • Published: 15 June 2019
  • BLACK PANTHER - 0:40
    MASTER CHIEF - 2:50

    Two highly trained and technologically advanced warriors are going head to head! BLACK PANTHER VS MASTER CHIEF! Who comes out on top? Well lets break it down!
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  • Merciless Forerunner
    Merciless Forerunner  2 weeks back

    Master Chief win


    - more combat experience
    - Cortana
    - rechargeable energy shields
    - access to more additional weapons
    - can easily dodge bullets and beam rifles
    - Defeated the Covenant on countless occasions
    - defeated the galaxy’s most dangerous force( The Flood) multiple times
    - Proven to be the greatest spartan 2 in the UNSC

    • Silver Surfer
      Silver Surfer  6 days back

      BP wet up fought with God Emperor Doom who was a Multiverse Level threat but BP had the infinity gauntlet.

  • Dr. Tough
    Dr. Tough  3 weeks back

    Black Panther vs White Ranger
    Lord Voldemort vs Master Chief
    Captain America vs Alfro Samurai

    • Epsilon Delta
      Epsilon Delta  3 weeks back

      Alright Mc cant die he punched a nuke and fell to earth at 10000 mph and guess what he survived

      • Silver Surfer
        Silver Surfer  6 days back

        BP wet up fought with God Emperor Doom who was a Multiverse Level threat but BP had the infinity gauntlet.

    • Gr4ntTheBoss
      Gr4ntTheBoss  4 weeks back

      Well, don't forget though, this isn't the most powerful opponent Master Chief has faced (cough cough Didact and the flood cough cough)... and Chief has a lot of luck, so "playing his cards right" is out of the question for Black Panther... and like everyone knows and says, he has the most advanced AI in the UNSC. The claws of Black Panther destroy ALLOY, not his energy shields, at a molecular level, don't think that was entirely taken to account. Also, Master Chief could simply just break Black Panther's bones and snap his neck if he manages to grip him, concerning the situation, so I wouldn't say this is a stomp, there's many other factors that were not taken to consideration, and Master Chief isn't stupid either, remember this. I'm not saying that Black Panther isn't exactly a badass, he's extremely powerful, but this is only the second toughest single opponent he has faced, besides the Didact, and he won against the Didact by using Cortana to outsmart the Didact... So again, not a stop, I'd say at least give him a 4 in 10 chance of Master Chief winning the fight, because he also has luck on his side.

      • Silver Surfer
        Silver Surfer  3 weeks back

        @Gr4ntTheBoss luck is just plot device, (i read Halo FoR) by that logic, Domino can beat MC because she has luck. BP wet up fought with God Emperor Doom who was a Multiverse Level threat but BP had the infinity gauntlet.

      • Gr4ntTheBoss
        Gr4ntTheBoss  4 weeks back

        @Silver Surfer Have you seen the Fall of Reach? Dr. Halsey describes him as lucky, it's apart of the writing, how could it be poor writing if it's a part of the plot, and makes it come together? The kid version of Master Chief looks like an Irish kid of sorts, that could account for some connection towards his luck... and please name these foes, and describe them that the Black Panther has faced. Also, I didn't hear the part where he single handedly beaten these foes that are apparently stronger than the Didact.

      • Silver Surfer
        Silver Surfer  4 weeks back

        Luck is not a power, just poor writing. Bp has fought foes stronger than Mc or didact.

    • Dilwar Hasan
      Dilwar Hasan  4 weeks back

      Please make a Battle Black Panther vs Vixen

      • Nicolos Dang
        Nicolos Dang  1 months back

        It’s not that fair of a fight

        • Stylez Beast Mode
          Stylez Beast Mode  1 months back

          U keep saying capn america is bo equal 😒when its vlearly shown that capn america has never beaten blk panther ever they are not equal bp is above capn america in everything smh

          • Arthur Storrslll
            Arthur Storrslll  1 months back

            Great fight tho

            • Arthur Storrslll
              Arthur Storrslll  1 months back

              Black panther wins

              • Tested UNSC
                Tested UNSC  2 months back

                This is all wrong in my opinion, I personally feel that the chief him self could beat the black panther, think about it. Black panther saved HALF of the universe ONCE, mean while the Master Chief has saved the WHOLE universe many many of times. Again though, that's just my opinion.

                • Spartan- B11
                  Spartan- B11  2 months back

                  I disagree, but that's just me.

                  • Spartan- B11
                    Spartan- B11  2 months back

                    Oh and Chief has mastered most if not all hand to hand combat

                • Legendary Phoenix
                  Legendary Phoenix  2 months back

                  I did not really care who won cause I like them both

                  • Knight of Waifus
                    Knight of Waifus  2 months back

                    People don’t understand how freaking insane master chief is, I would put master chief against the avengers, ( he can probably wield Thor’s hammer )

                  • eichler721
                    eichler721  2 months back

                    If this is MCU Mastercheif can win. Comics Blackpanther wins for sure

                    • Epsilon Delta
                      Epsilon Delta  3 months back

                      Master Chief vs John Wick

                    • Jackie Paul
                      Jackie Paul  3 months back

                      Also didn’t black panther survive a punch by good emperor doom

                      • Son Goku
                        Son Goku  3 months back

                        *Black Panther IS BETTER than Master Chief*

                        • Toastyyy Toes
                          Toastyyy Toes  3 months back

                          retard alert

                          • Toastyyy Toes
                            Toastyyy Toes  3 months back

                            ur dumb

                            • Son Goku
                              Son Goku  3 months back

                              just u halo fangirl

                          • Tyler the Rex
                            Tyler the Rex  3 months back

                            While I really like master chief, halo is one of my favorite video games, panther is just on a whole other level, his vibranium claws and suit is the real difference maker here and something chief can't counter

                            • Tyler the Rex
                              Tyler the Rex  2 months back

                              Sam S then I would have to say master chief, he's genetically enhanced with super human strength and speed, like captain America level, so that means he hits harder, yes I know tchalla has trained all of his life, but technically speaking so has chief in the spartan program, they were both trained to be warriors, however a big factor here is that tchalla always has his suit on in fights and all of his feats were in his suit, yes chief also never takes off his armor also, however it's still just as hard to take down a spartan without his or her armor, so in the end, tchalla is a glass cannon, he still hits hard but is just as vulnerable as we are, while chief, without his armor, still has a level of durability and still hits harder, one hit to tchalla and he's done for, chief wins this scenario

                            • Sam S
                              Sam S  2 months back

                              What if without armor and hand to hand?

                          • Slice N’Dice
                            Slice N’Dice  3 months back

                            As much as I love Chief, Comic BP has too many feats. DanCo if you’re seeing this, pick a more fair fight. I can do one better than you. T-850 Terminator vs Master Chief. You really have a disability to put two near equals together for a fair fight.

                            Agent Carolina vs Black Panther (MCU)
                            Robocop vs The Predator
                            Predator (2004) vs Captain America (MCU)
                            Vulture vs Falcon (both MCU)

                            • Ultra Instinct Oozaru
                              Ultra Instinct Oozaru  3 months back

                              It's a hot knife through butter not a knife through hot butter

                              • bryan Jaramillo
                                bryan Jaramillo  3 months back

                                Mandrakk vs Chaos king pls

                                • James P
                                  James P  3 months back

                                  I would say Black Panther 8/10 times (as much as I hate to say it since Master Chief is one of my all time favorites.) Since I believe Cortana may find a way to beat him before Master Chief gets shredded to bits.

                                  • Yearlonggiant
                                    Yearlonggiant  3 months back

                                    C’mon DanCO you could’ve easily just put Black panther against someone of equal Fighting skill or something, Not master chief, Not that Master Chief is Weak or anything it’s just that this kind of fight is out of his league.

                                    • The Ice King 180
                                      The Ice King 180  3 months back

                                      That's weird saying that Master Chief can lose to blackjack even though Master Chief is in the future he probably has more advanced technology than black panther since he's from the present day

                                      • The Ice King 180
                                        The Ice King 180  4 weeks back

                                        @Silver Surfer what do you mean they use time traveling Tech. They never used time travel Tech at all but Master Chief 117 wait a sec why am I even talking about this. It was already decided.

                                      • Silver Surfer
                                        Silver Surfer  4 weeks back

                                        Kang the conquer, and Cable are from the future and BP has faced them before. Villains such as Dr doom, Thanos, Apocalypse, Ultron, have all used and created time traveling tech before.

                                      • Son Goku
                                        Son Goku  3 months back

                                        Kang the conqueror from marvel comes from the future, so people from the future is nothing new to marvel

                                    • Dion Savage
                                      Dion Savage  3 months back

                                      Is Master Chief armor named after Thor's Hammer?

                                      • jeff Leveille
                                        jeff Leveille  3 months back

                                        BLACK PANTHER ALL DAY LONG WHAT WAS YOU THINKING????????????

                                        • 578999 56677
                                          578999 56677  3 months back

                                          Geralt of rivia vs Blade or Guts(Berserk)

                                          • Paul Warner
                                            Paul Warner  3 months back

                                            Godzilla v Wonder Woman, bane v king pin, King Kong v hulk, destroyer v annihilus. Terrax v destroyer, ultron v kang ,

                                            • tshawnpearson23
                                              tshawnpearson23  3 months back

                                              Black panther no costume vs Bruce Wayne no costume. Hand to hand combat.

                                              • XOXXXOOOXO NO
                                                XOXXXOOOXO NO  3 months back

                                                Master Chief wins this...

                                                • kenneth norsworthy
                                                  kenneth norsworthy  3 months back

                                                  Im beginning you take the armor off and see how good black panther really is.

                                                  • Son Goku
                                                    Son Goku  3 months back

                                                    take off mc suit and pit him agest goku

                                                • kay meachem
                                                  kay meachem  3 months back

                                                  Thought it was a hot knife threw butter.

                                                  • Alvaro Wilson
                                                    Alvaro Wilson  3 months back

                                                    Black panther wins brother, this is something that can't be argued for the most stupidest reasons

                                                    • Joseph Benford
                                                      Joseph Benford  3 months back

                                                      Kuurth breaker of stone vs Nate Grey

                                                      • Dman Da Man
                                                        Dman Da Man  3 months back

                                                        Ironman vs Green Lantern
                                                        Blue Beetle vs Green Lantern
                                                        Deathstroke vs Jugde Dredd
                                                        Red Hood vs Daredevil
                                                        Deadpool vs Joker

                                                        • KING BRAYDEN
                                                          KING BRAYDEN  3 months back

                                                          Sabertooth vs Kraven the hunter would be good

                                                          • Luis Lopes
                                                            Luis Lopes  3 months back

                                                            I think Master Chief is more better

                                                            • Justin Anderson
                                                              Justin Anderson  3 months back

                                                              A lot of people saying mismatch but I disagree. Master Chief is arguably faster than Panther in raw speed although let’s just say they’re equal for now. Agility goes to Panther solidly. They are both about as durable as one another without their armour and Chief’s armour is actually more durable than Panthers in a raw sense. It’s just that there’s the exception of Panther having Vibranium which gives him a massive advantage in durability “hax” so to speak. Then we have skill where it’s kinda close, but Panther again takes a solid advantage. Strength is where the roles reverse as Master Chief is incredibly strong. Much stronger than he was given credit for in the video. I mean the guy can literally flip a 90t Scorpion Tank such force that it can kill another Spartan II should they get hit by the tank mid-rotation. These are the same Spartans which (as Chief has demonstrated) can survive re-entry.
                                                              With gear Panther definitely is the advantage. Most of his weapons will do serious damage to Chief’s armour and can put pretty good strain on his energy shield. Having said that, it won’t be instantly depleted like most people seem to think it will. In the lore, Chief’s current Mjolnir Armour alone can stand up to plasma and heavy caliber (50 cal) weapons for limited periods of time and. It be compromised. The energy shields it boasts are the absolute best the UNSC has to offer and are (after much research and reverse engineering) actually on par with, if not better than the vast majority of Covenant infantry equivalents and are capable of taking multiple hits from any level of ordinance up to anti vehicle weaponry. This means Chief should be able to stand up to hits from pretty much anything Panther can throw at him save his energy daggers and even those won’t be an insta-glib. Having. Said that, Panther has a myriad of different tech options at his disposal, the biggest trump card of which is that he may be able to knock out Chief’s operating systems with an emp like device. If that happens it’s game over.
                                                              There are 3 things Chief has which give him a fighting chance however. First is he energy and plasma gear. The Energy Sword is pure energy, it might just go strait through Panther’s suit. Sure any kinetic energy from a blow might get absorbed into the suit, but not intense heat. Even if the Energy Sword was blocked by the suit (and there’s no guarantee it will be, the intense heat of the Energy Sword will still burn Panther even through his mesh (mainly coz it’s so thin) and may even strait up melt it. To add to this, Chief has his plasma grenades which (if he can stick one to Panther) will absolutely damage him and/or his suit - again either through the suit being damaged directly or Panther getting burned “though” it by the heat of the plasma.
                                                              Second is Cortana. No one I’ve seen even mentioned her in the comments so far and she was left out entirely of the battle even though Danco mentioned specifically hat Chief has access to her. Cortana is actually smarter than Panther (being the brain of one of the smartest people to exist in all of the Haloverse - Halsey) mapped onto a Forerunner AI construct. She’s literally faster than a supercomputer and can do so many things at once even Ultron would sit up and take notice. And of those things, she’s fully capable of analysing energy and matter and technology all at once. There’s no reason why she couldn’t do a any number of ways for Chief to get around either Panther’s suit, or any particularly troublesome tech. She could also arguably hack Panther’s systems (although she’d need direct contact or at the very least be able to defend Chief from Panther’s attempts to effect any of Chiefs own systems and/or tech. It IS kinda hard to quantify how much effect Cortana will have on the battle though. With any real accuracy anyway.
                                                              Third is his massive strength advantage. Considering they’re not THAT far apart in fighting skill, speed and agility, there will certainly be occasions where Chief manages to tag Panther. Now he’s gonna realise pretty early that his bullets - and later his physical attacks like punches and kicks - aren’t doing anything (Cortana can tell him it’s because of the armour absorbing all his kinetic energy after scanning it - see this is what I mean when I say it’s hard to quantify, Chief may essentially get a crash course in exactly what tech Panther is carrying or has just used within the first few seconds thanks to her ability to scan and analyse pretty much anything from organic matter to energy and different brands of technology to discern their composition and/or function). At which point he’s likely to resort to holds, locks, grapples or just getting his hands on his enemy in general. At this point, his superior strength would allow him to overpower BP and say.... disarm him..... or snap his neck through his suit.
                                                              When you combine all this together, MC actually is a pretty good chance of coming out on top a reasonable amount of times. I still don’t think he would take the majority, but he’d do far better than most people give him credit for.

                                                              • Son Goku
                                                                Son Goku  3 months back

                                                                @Justin Anderson here is the video, thanos vs mc, read the comments

                                                              • Justin Anderson
                                                                Justin Anderson  3 months back

                                                                Goku is stronger than Halo's Master Chief+
                                                                Perhaps, but that kind of nonsense is what makes them fangirls to begin with.

                                                              • Son Goku
                                                                Son Goku  3 months back

                                                                Lol, mc the same guy halo fangirls say can beat thanos

                                                            • Bigdaddy Vee
                                                              Bigdaddy Vee  3 months back

                                                              That armor and daggers are just too OP for master Chief to overcome. Black Panther WINS.

                                                              • Damien Torres
                                                                Damien Torres  3 months back

                                                                Master Chief & Iron man VS CYBORG & BLUE BEETLE?

                                                              • LAVR ZB
                                                                LAVR ZB  3 months back

                                                                I always had the doubt, who is stronger Hercules (Marvel Comics) or Juggernaut. can yoy do a video about it ?

                                                                • Aggressive Kappa
                                                                  Aggressive Kappa  3 months back

                                                                  A lot of facts wrong ab MC. Not saying he wins but... A lot wrong. Thanks for the vid though. Good work

                                                                  • Angel Silva
                                                                    Angel Silva  3 months back

                                                                    Spider-Man vs. Master Chief?

                                                                  • Broward _raised
                                                                    Broward _raised  3 months back

                                                                    Do a video on the new sentry that merged with the void.

                                                                    • Michael Crabill
                                                                      Michael Crabill  3 months back

                                                                      Plus your bias as fuck lol.

                                                                      • Thomas Henderson
                                                                        Thomas Henderson  3 months back

                                                                        Kid? U Hallo characters taking on Comic Book Heros/Villians!!?? Don't U think 🤔 U made have A LITTLE 2 MUCH 🕓 ON YOUR HANDS?? I DO!