Dax Shepard Used Twitter to Rent a Pontoon Boat in Texas

  • Published: 17 July 2019
  • Dax Shepard talks about using Twitter to rent a pontoon boat in Austin, Texas, and realizing the man he was renting from was former MLB star Huston Street.
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    Dax Shepard Used Twitter to Rent a Pontoon Boat in Texas- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments • 28

  • Natasha Stephens
    Natasha Stephens  4 weeks back

    *everyone now googling Houston Street*

    • Lauren Wylie
      Lauren Wylie  4 weeks back

      OMG I remember watching Huston Street pitch for University of Texas in the College World Series! He IS a 10!

      • godzillatimmy
        godzillatimmy  1 months back

        Huston in Austin.

        • Alex Kess
          Alex Kess  1 months back

          Dax is always funny. And don’t even get me started on his podcast!

          • BFKC
            BFKC  1 months back

            So fucking weird, elements of his face, right down to the smile, look just like that Scrubs guy. Without them being related (apparently) or the same look being very common.

            • boobtuber06
              boobtuber06  1 months back

              Dax always a great interviewee

              • hudsontoo1212
                hudsontoo1212  1 months back

                Hey y’all, here’s a tip!! Stay out of Texas!! We seriously all talk about how much we hate outsiders- which never used to happen, btw.... now we just want you all to leave. NOT WELCOME. I speak for literally everyone. 🖕🏼

                • Lloyd Parlee
                  Lloyd Parlee  4 weeks back

                  How about Canadians? We can all start coming there instead of Florida for the winter. Do you have any Tim Hortons?

                • hudsontoo1212
                  hudsontoo1212  4 weeks back

                  Jerusalem Basurto-Soto yes. Most definitely for real. Tejas used to mean ‘friend’ now it means NOT WELCOME

                • Jerusalem Basurto-Soto
                  Jerusalem Basurto-Soto  4 weeks back

                  Is this fr?

                • Andrew Johnson
                  Andrew Johnson  1 months back

                  @Alex Tate I wasn't planning on going but now I will just to annoy them.

                • Alex Tate
                  Alex Tate  1 months back


              • Richard Street
                Richard Street  1 months back

                Huston’s dad James was an outstanding quarterback

                • Harrison Keith
                  Harrison Keith  1 months back

                  I wish Dax could be on every day

                  • Elizabeth Culver Edwards
                    Elizabeth Culver Edwards  1 months back

                    Imagine if it had been a regular guy and he handed Dax a bill for the boat lol

                    • TheRogueStatesman
                      TheRogueStatesman  1 months back

                      Dax Shepard is my celebrity freebie, and I'm not even gay!

                      • Slyhound
                        Slyhound  1 months back

                        Nobody cares about this guy

                        • Andrew Johnson
                          Andrew Johnson  1 months back

                          @Slyhound Now follow that logic to the fact that you commented on Dax's video...

                        • Alex Kess
                          Alex Kess  1 months back


                        • Dan Gon
                          Dan Gon  1 months back

                          Ha! You just got buuurned!!

                        • Slyhound
                          Slyhound  1 months back

                          MrDuckSauce Exactly, except for you... you replied

                      • A. Brunnermeier
                        A. Brunnermeier  1 months back

                        Crosby braverman? Is that you??

                        • BuildingCenter
                          BuildingCenter  1 months back

                          That's ATX as tacos and Sixth St.

                          • Holly Warehouse
                            Holly Warehouse  1 months back

                            Lol-I think Dax has a man crush 😂

                            • Berto Andon
                              Berto Andon  1 months back

                              Have a wonderful day random viewer.

                            • New Message
                              New Message  1 months back

                              Betchya that was one muscly back...