• Published: 23 April 2019
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Comments • 19

  • Ate Cheese
    Ate Cheese  4 months back

    Play granger plsss

    • ShenG X
      ShenG X  4 months back

      I have 156 match and i have 70.8 wr, is good?

      • BLANK YT
        BLANK YT  4 months back

        sucks ncs has cs hidden in their playlist its really annoying and misleading.

        • Stole Kostov
          Stole Kostov  4 months back

          General can you tell me something more about your League of Legends career,im sure you have played it before Mobile legends,what champions did you master,your highest rank and how much hours did you put in

          • L Hunt
            L Hunt  4 months back

            Hah ? Mobile legends ??

            • maria Barbosa Pinto
              maria Barbosa Pinto  4 months back

              mobile legend new hero granger

              • Jamew7
                Jamew7  4 months back

                Gen can u make new video about new adc!

                • Venssu
                  Venssu  4 months back

                  nani jamew7

              • Monica _ex_d
                Monica _ex_d  4 months back

                Can't believe I missed it! I'll try to watch it today! Awesome game as always! Bang bang bang (Lmao) 🌟

                • Ariah YourHomie
                  Ariah YourHomie  4 months back


                  • David Lit
                    David Lit  4 months back

                    That's blink?. She's so hot😍😍😍

                    • nephz ice
                      nephz ice  4 months back

                      Didnt watched this live. But you gain alot of mad respect for playing during emergencies.

                      • Daniel B
                        Daniel B  4 months back

                        2:08:32 lol

                        • Saw Rippo
                          Saw Rippo  4 months back

                          Who's the best marksman?

                        • Davanie文睿
                          Davanie文睿  4 months back

                          Mission success! ☺

                          • Kamil Hakimi
                            Kamil Hakimi  4 months back

                            gen sensei 😍😍😍

                            • Zero GX
                              Zero GX  4 months back

                              Hello my dudes