NF Just Being Me Lyrics

  • Published: 29 November 2015
  • This isn't my song. It's NF's.
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  • Diana Delosreyes
    Diana Delosreyes  2 months back


    • Teresa Scott
      Teresa Scott  3 months back

      Hello. What if I actually enjoy a certain type of medicine that makes me feel a lot better then all the meds I've ever taken for my Mental disorder. I hate to lie and tired of lying about this. I hate medication that never fixes my depression and anger. I am thankful yet actually wonder how come almost 3/4 of our American Society have been diagnoised as Having A Mental disorder ? I actually am starting to think that it's a big possibility that not only are Pharmaceutical manufacturers , Psychiatrist, therapist, and Probability of a whole nation making profitability off of people.

      • Bruce D
        Bruce D  9 months back

        Ya aint playin- No doubt- Love it- 💝D

        • Pamala Schiene
          Pamala Schiene  1 years back

          Yes I'm just going to be me. Love this one.

          • stepan kevin
            stepan kevin  1 years back

            Repent from your sins people, and be born again, believing is not enough, you need to repent, if not, you will be tormented day and night, for ever and ever, there is a way tho, Jesus loves us, that is why he sacrificed himself on the cross, for your sins, repent, and accept the Lord Jesus, you wont regret it.

            • Anfernee ferrer
              Anfernee ferrer  2 years back

              Madona y jomvi love for ever. lito pitufo tiburon 31 de ❤ .

              • BobbiJo Chitwood
                BobbiJo Chitwood  2 years back

                Hits home.. right down deep in my heart

                • Fuc off
                  Fuc off  2 years back

                  Nice job, but the backround gives me anxiety

                  • Nathan Camm
                    Nathan Camm  2 years back

                    one thing that I respect about NF is there is a lot of truth in his lyrics

                  • EverLopezTv
                    EverLopezTv  2 years back

                    the world wants to tell us who we are and who we ain't but the person that I am is something you can never change

                  • Jonah Ray
                    Jonah Ray  3 years back

                    this is a good one

                    • Crave N Rise
                      Crave N Rise  3 years back

                      This is my favorite NF song.

                      • Erick Jaime
                        Erick Jaime  3 years back

                        because of this song it makes it so much easier to be my self.

                        • Fuc off
                          Fuc off  2 years back

                          Erick Jaime Great! 😌