Eminem - Fall

  • Published: 04 September 2018
  • From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze



    Music video by Eminem performing Fall. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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  • Kyle Warren
    Kyle Warren  3 hours back

    JUS remember i was here before you and ill b here after you running for you?! jeeezz

    • Kyle Warren
      Kyle Warren  4 hours back


      • Alyssa Forbes
        Alyssa Forbes  7 hours back

        Favorite part 4:10 YES

        • chaimaa zerrak
          chaimaa zerrak  8 hours back


          • Movies World
            Movies World  9 hours back

            Who is rap god dissing?

            • Ichigo Uzumaki
              Ichigo Uzumaki  9 hours back

              Nah, bruh😒it jus ain't there no more. Tha dayz of sittin on tha edge of my seat for every line iz over🤷🏾‍♂️ I'll stick wit tha 1st 4 albumz

              • HnD Titan
                HnD Titan  11 hours back

                Why is there that many dislikes

              • SuperKamiGuru 97
                SuperKamiGuru 97  11 hours back

                Shady is back

                • Robert Acosta
                  Robert Acosta  12 hours back

                  Jack the Ripper back in business.......

                  • Dare devil
                    Dare devil  13 hours back

                    mike will made it & m&M
                    u are the best duo for this song
                    love that
                    fav one

                    • Chayan Trujillo
                      Chayan Trujillo  16 hours back

                      X q no ase una colavoracion con tewenty one pilots

                      • Last Leader
                        Last Leader  16 hours back

                        Wonderful as usual blessed lyrics and thats why he is different

                        • Curlan Frederick
                          Curlan Frederick  17 hours back

                          Track 💯💯

                          • gotitans93
                            gotitans93  18 hours back

                            all the dislikes on this video are a tribute to all the people eminem diss on this song lol

                            • fein morison
                              fein morison  21 hours back

                              Anyone here after watching Lord Jamar talking trash?

                              • Sergio Dennis
                                Sergio Dennis  1 days back

                                The closes this to budden in getinv hit os slappin b'$*@%....omg

                                • G.O.A.T
                                  G.O.A.T  1 days back

                                  This man is easily goat 🐐 idc what anyone says

                                  • G.O.A.T
                                    G.O.A.T  9 hours back

                                    Ichigo Uzumaki u don’t know real music 😂even woof (roof )goes over your head

                                  • Ichigo Uzumaki
                                    Ichigo Uzumaki  9 hours back

                                    WRONG 🤣

                                • Dave Beals
                                  Dave Beals  1 days back

                                  It is pretty cool how even MSM don't ever talk shit about Em! That's fucking awesome. 👍

                                  • Taylor Williams
                                    Taylor Williams  1 days back

                                    U cant beat Eminem

                                    • astoria sameer
                                      astoria sameer  1 days back

                                      Eminem shouted out Hopsin.

                                      Hopsin’s reaction was fucking amazing to it 😂

                                      • POW432
                                        POW432  1 days back

                                        Allow black back white no slide doing advertise.let me guess.yes

                                        • Partikel 13
                                          Partikel 13  1 days back

                                          Eminem hit puberty at 40 lol

                                          • Ray Brazier
                                            Ray Brazier  1 days back


                                            • Aviral Bhatt
                                              Aviral Bhatt  1 days back

                                              Hating on Eminem is like killing John wick’s dog. You don’t kill John wick’s dog.

                                              • Landon Wolfe
                                                Landon Wolfe  1 days back

                                                honestly, Beautiful is one of my favorite songs. Eminem is the best and will always be the G.O.A.T. much love man, youve changed my life with your lyrical godlyness

                                                • Fresh Fish
                                                  Fresh Fish  1 days back

                                                  the day i die is the day em stops puttin out hits

                                                  • Zachary Boyd
                                                    Zachary Boyd  1 days back

                                                    Shady never left!😀

                                                    • crazy 356cloud
                                                      crazy 356cloud  1 days back

                                                      F the haters

                                                      • KILLSHOT&yoongi& Ariana Grande

                                                        100% Talent 😍😍😍

                                                        • αяι .
                                                          αяι .  2 days back

                                                          تاج رأسي.

                                                          • Russian communist spy
                                                            Russian communist spy  2 days back


                                                            • turkish for blue 🔏
                                                              turkish for blue 🔏  2 days back

                                                              **When Thanos obtained all of the Infinity Gems**

                                                              • nico the pro
                                                                nico the pro  2 days back

                                                                i love eminems musics but on this he just shows his BIG RAGE at the start

                                                                • Jaidan Playz
                                                                  Jaidan Playz  2 days back

                                                                  *Plays song*

                                                                  Ad: ArE YoU sTiLl usInG GoOgLE?

                                                                  Me: SHUT THE F**K YOU JESUS CHRIST

                                                                  • Good Luck
                                                                    Good Luck  2 days back

                                                                    You know, everybody's been tellin' me what they think about me for the last few months
                                                                    It's too loud
                                                                    Maybe it's time I tell 'em what I think about them
                                                                    Can't hear it coming down the hallway stairs from the parking lot
                                                                    It's too loud
                                                                    Freeze my crown all up in it
                                                                    Slow fire
                                                                    Don't fall on my face
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate
                                                                    Don't fall on my

                                                                    Gotta concentrate, against the clock I race
                                                                    Got no time to waste, I'm already late, I got a marathoner's pace
                                                                    Went from addict to a workaholic, word to Dr. Dre in that first marijuana tape
                                                                    Guess I got a chronic case
                                                                    And I ain't just blowin' smoke, 'less it's in your mama's face
                                                                    I know this time Paul and Dre, they won't tell me what not to say
                                                                    And though me and my party days have all pretty much parted ways
                                                                    You'd swear to God I've forgot I'm the guy that made "Not Afraid"
                                                                    One last time for Charlemagne
                                                                    If my response is late, it's just how long it takes
                                                                    To hit my fuckin' radar, I'm so far away
                                                                    These rappers are like Hunger Games
                                                                    One minute, they're mocking Jay
                                                                    Next minute, they get they style from Migos, then they copy Drake
                                                                    Maybe I just don't know when to turn around and walk away
                                                                    But all the hate I call it "Walk on Water" gate
                                                                    I've had as much as I can tolerate
                                                                    I'm sick and tired of waitin', I done lost my patience
                                                                    I can take all of you motherfuckers on at once
                                                                    You wanted, Shady? You got it!

                                                                    Don't fall on my face
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate
                                                                    Line 'em up!
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate

                                                                    Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it
                                                                    Or have his body bag get zipped
                                                                    The closest thing he's had to hits is smacking bitches
                                                                    And don't make me have to give it back to Akademiks
                                                                    Say this shit is trash again, I'll have you twisted 
                                                                    Like you had it when you thought you had me slippin' at the telly
                                                                    Even when I'm gettin' brain, you'll never catch me with a thot
                                                                    Lacking with it, "He ain't spit like this in his last shit"
                                                                    Hoe, you better go back and listen
                                                                    You know me better, thinkin' I'll slow or let up
                                                                    Call it traps 'cause it's a total setup
                                                                    Hopin' that you rappers fall in that
                                                                    Dre said, "Hold your head up"
                                                                    Kathy Griffin stackin' ammunition
                                                                    Slap the clip and cock it back on competition
                                                                    This is how I shot a head (pew)
                                                                    Gabby Gifford, my attack is viscous, jack the ripper, back in business
                                                                    Tyler create nothing, I see why you called yourself a faggot, bitch
                                                                    It's not just 'cause you lack attention
                                                                    It's 'cause you worship D12's balls, you're sac-rilegious
                                                                    If you're gonna critique me, you better at least be as good or better
                                                                    Get Earl, the Hooded Sweater, whatever his name is 
                                                                    To help you put together some words, more than just two letters
                                                                    The fans waited for this moment
                                                                    Like the feature when I stole this show
                                                                    Sorry if I took forever

                                                                    Don't fall on my face
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    I won't
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate
                                                                    Light him up!
                                                                    Don't fall on my faith, oh
                                                                    Don't fall on my fate
                                                                    It's too easy

                                                                    Just remember, I was here before you
                                                                    And I'll be here after you make your run-in for you
                                                                    Detract this, I might have to fuck Pitchfork with a corkscrew
                                                                    Just what the doctor ordered
                                                                    Revenge is the best medicine
                                                                    Increase the dose, unleash the monster
                                                                    Then tell the Grammys to go and fuck themselves 
                                                                    They suck the blood from all the biggest artists like some leeches
                                                                    So they nominate 'em, get 'em there, get a name to MC the show
                                                                    Every parasite needs a host
                                                                    Then give Album of the Year to somebody that no one's ever even heard of
                                                                    All I know is I wrote every single word of everything I ever murdered
                                                                    Time to separate the sheep from goats
                                                                    And I got no faith in your writers, I don't believe in ghosts
                                                                    When rap needed it most, I was that wing in the prayer
                                                                    A beacon of hope, the B-I-R-D in the air
                                                                    Somewhere, some kid is bumping this while he lip-syncs in the mirror
                                                                    That's who I'm doin' it for, the rest I don't really even care
                                                                    But you would think I'm carryin' a Oxford dictionary 
                                                                    In my pocket how I'm buryin' these artists
                                                                    On a scale of turnt you're minus
                                                                    Mine says very, yours says hardly
                                                                    And what's scary is you prolly can compare me to your car 
                                                                    'Cause I'm barely gettin' started
                                                                    And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone
                                                                    Or I'll show you an Elvis clone
                                                                    Walk up in this house you own
                                                                    Thrust my pelvic bone
                                                                    You should tell a phone and go fetch me the remote
                                                                    Put my feet up and just make myself at home
                                                                    I belong here, clown!
                                                                    Don't tell me 'bout the culture
                                                                    I inspire the Hopsins, the Logics, the Coles
                                                                    The Seans, the K-Dots, the 5'9"s, and oh
                                                                    Brought the world 50 Cent, you did squat 
                                                                    Piss and moan, but I'm not gonna fall, bitch!

                                                                    It's too loud
                                                                    Can't hear it coming down the hallway stairs from the parking lot
                                                                    It's too loud
                                                                    Freeze my crown all up in it
                                                                    Slow fire

                                                                    • Barme Ton
                                                                      Barme Ton  2 days back

                                                                      sorry if i took forever : )

                                                                      • Tilting Zed
                                                                        Tilting Zed  2 days back

                                                                        After the shadowy figure posessed eminem em goes huntin mumble rappers and crushing their mouths😂

                                                                        • Rosie Fabian
                                                                          Rosie Fabian  2 days back

                                                                          This song makes me hype at the beginning and as it goes on it keeps elevating me by the end I'm just 🤯

                                                                          • Precision Games
                                                                            Precision Games  2 days back

                                                                            2020 anyone?

                                                                            • Bradford Johnson
                                                                              Bradford Johnson  2 days back

                                                                              Sorry if I took forever an just laughs..lol BC he killed forever!!!

                                                                              • Rapping Reaper
                                                                                Rapping Reaper  2 days back

                                                                                I think he’s great

                                                                                • Skinni.K
                                                                                  Skinni.K  2 days back

                                                                                  All Em had to do was go through all the posts that appreciate him and disrespect him and viola here we have a masterpiece.

                                                                                  • Saleh Moshi
                                                                                    Saleh Moshi  2 days back


                                                                                    • Unstoppable Beast 57
                                                                                      Unstoppable Beast 57  2 days back

                                                                                      *DON'T FART ON MY FACE*

                                                                                      • Anthony Provencio
                                                                                        Anthony Provencio  2 days back

                                                                                        Super 👑

                                                                                        • Rosanna Lio
                                                                                          Rosanna Lio  2 days back

                                                                                          Eminem is sooooo fuckin Sexy in Everyway❣

                                                                                          • Pete F
                                                                                            Pete F  2 days back

                                                                                            The problem is when Eminem mentions any other rappers name he is basically just giving them publicity, like who really heard of "Lord Jamar" before this shit? aside from the old heads and regs who watch Vlad. absolutely NOBODY! Jamar had the nerve to call Em a "guest' in the house of hip-hop, this ain't a hotel bruh he ain't no guest he's been doin this shit for a hot minute you just mad you never reached the level of success he did that is all. He's a guest with a "fuck the rest" mentality. Jamar, you're a bum bruh, us fans/supporters opinion matters more than yours does lmao.

                                                                                            • ryan ashworth
                                                                                              ryan ashworth  2 days back

                                                                                              Lord jamar was right about one thing. This song sounds like shit.