Nate Diaz UFC 244 Media Day Scrum - MMA Fighting

  • Published: 31 October 2019
  • At UFC 244 media day, Nate Diaz says why he doesn't want to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, title belts, the BMF belt, and more Thursday.


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Comments • 36

  • Ryan Felton
    Ryan Felton  2 weeks back

    Anyone else think Nate is articulating and verbalizing better then he has in the past?

    • mrnaagyman77
      mrnaagyman77  2 weeks back

      You know Nate has actually changed my mind about the BMF belt. I do believe now , there is a need for the belt and in different weight divisions. Because there are alot more Athletes(aka competitors) now more than there are fighters. I like his reasoning. He is saying the same thing Rampage Jackson used to say. I thought that they were just not evolving their style. Nate is right when he says that when you watch a fight nowadays , the spectator is doing more talking with their buddies instead of concentrating on the fights. GSP comes to mind . A great Athlete and he was a great Fighter when he started but towards the end of his career ...........

      • Eric J Herrholz
        Eric J Herrholz  2 weeks back

        @fight_tv backs #NateDiaz

        • Billy Balle Paltnacke
          Billy Balle Paltnacke  2 weeks back

          Just so you know guys, that's not Nate Diaz. It's Tony Ferguson dressed up as Nate Diaz. Think about that!

          • Almighty Khan
            Almighty Khan  2 weeks back

            diaz SARMy 🖕👊

            • Criss Burns
              Criss Burns  2 weeks back

              Nate should have the BMF title presented to him before the fight. Dana agreed that Nate is defending against Jorge.

              • sam 방탄
                sam 방탄  2 weeks back

                Nate's not interested in Khabib because he knows he'd get lit up on the ground for 5 rounds. Same reason he's trying to create a narrative against wrestlers - if the champion was a street brawler he'd be all over trying to get a title fight.

                • Ritalie
                  Ritalie  2 weeks back

                  VEGAN = NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. No animal based soaps, no animal based clothing.

                  VEGETARIAN = Standard American Diet. Plenty of essential fat soluble vitamins like A, K2, B12, D3. As well as Taurine, Carnitine, Carnosine, DHA and CLA. These fat soluble vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids are completely missing in all plants.

                  Being a VEGETARIAN is just a regular diet with no meat from ruminant animals, pigs or chicken.

                  I can't believe Nate is being called a VEGAN. A VEGAN diet is lethal and is an Illuminati Psyop designed to destroy people (see missing nutrients listed above).

                  • Wang Chung
                    Wang Chung  2 weeks back

                    Let's go NATE!!

                    • Jose Guerra Jr
                      Jose Guerra Jr  2 weeks back

                      Props to you guys asking him questions about things he likes. Bravo 👏🏼

                      • dGloriousOne
                        dGloriousOne  2 weeks back

                        How's Tony Ferguson not a part of the BMF conversation?

                        • joueur casual
                          joueur casual  2 weeks back

                          Tony is on another league of bad motherfukcers. Hes just too savage, hes not human, hes the real bogeyman

                        • dGloriousOne
                          dGloriousOne  2 weeks back

                          @amy "BMF"

                        • amy
                          amy  2 weeks back


                      • Fights And Rap Media
                        Fights And Rap Media  2 weeks back

                        like my comment and subscribe if you liked it when nate diaz gave a shout out to Kron Gracie

                        • Reason
                          Reason  2 weeks back

                          great audio quality guys thanks

                          • rocked30
                            rocked30  2 weeks back

                            They need to give Nate a joint so he can relax. I've never seen someone so fidgety during a media day scrum.

                            • lbccrx1 rex
                              lbccrx1 rex  2 weeks back

                              Its social anxiety, it also gets worse if he's cutting weight due to dehydration. He needs a mediation routine and some CBD. Thc normally makes anxiety worse in the long run. I've battled with anxiety for the last couple of years.

                            • joueur casual
                              joueur casual  2 weeks back

                              This casual doesnt know the Dias broz

                            • Joey Barz
                              Joey Barz  2 weeks back

                              I have the same thing. It's because all eyes are focused on him, all of that energy makes him uncomfortable. Social anxiety.

                            • Palo Knight
                              Palo Knight  2 weeks back

                              Hes always been like that

                          • Salvador Sanchez
                            Salvador Sanchez  2 weeks back

                            Nate the great I got you bro i saw you fight Josh neer in Omaha Nebraska your a true G you were there with your brother and boxing coach in your Conner I wish the best bro and good luck and GOD Bless.

                            • frank hernandez
                              frank hernandez  2 weeks back

                              Hope Diaz and Masvidal knock each other out at exact same time.

                              • Assyriankid Tv
                                Assyriankid Tv  2 weeks back

                                8:47 Lmao Lets go NATE! Please get this Dub for the 209!

                                • jacob wanamaker
                                  jacob wanamaker  2 weeks back

                                  Reporter: what were you smoking?
                                  Nate diaz: chronic. Lol

                                  • ABU SIFIST
                                    ABU SIFIST  2 weeks back

                                    epic fight

                                    • jacob wanamaker
                                      jacob wanamaker  2 weeks back

                                      Nate "if i aint sleeping, no one is sleeping" diaz

                                      • jason robbins
                                        jason robbins  2 weeks back

                                        Its like people complain over & over for all this Diaz content & now they have it & no one is watching it

                                        • jason robbins
                                          jason robbins  2 weeks back

                                          @xFirstAidx Im not just talking about this one video... Go look at most vids, highlights, scrums, etc... Not getting that many views... & believe it or not UFC keeps track & looks at these sort of things to help gauge popularity... & again fans whine & cry in the past for Diaz content... Now they have it

                                        • xFirstAidx
                                          xFirstAidx  2 weeks back

                                          Huh? A media scrum is released on Halloween. Your only take away from the interview is with the view count after a couple of hours of being posted?

                                          Views, likes, comments on social media/social content holds a lot of value to you, huh? Most important thing ?

                                      • Marco C. Duran
                                        Marco C. Duran  2 weeks back

                                        Just saying if Nate and masvidal decide to weigh in at 165 there's a damn good argument for making that BMF belt the official 165 pound championship

                                        • Ayahuasca Fan
                                          Ayahuasca Fan  2 weeks back

                                          I f he is not sleeping nobody is sleeping. Ingenious move.

                                          • James Young
                                            James Young  2 weeks back

                                            Thank for not censoring nate's swear words

                                            • Bryan Hall
                                              Bryan Hall  2 weeks back

                                              Damn who you all think gonna ba the bmf? If I had to put put money down I would go with Nate.

                                            • The B.S. Show
                                              The B.S. Show  2 weeks back

                                              I’m from Stockton, If everyone who reads this comment could show my channel some love, maybe my mma platform would be big enough to do an interview and smoke weed without the Diaz brothas. Please make my dreams come true 😂😂😂