Basketball Knockout Challenge w/ Marcelas Howard, FamousLos, & more

  • Published: 10 January 2019
  • Marcelas Howard hosts the NBA Playmakers Basketball KNOCKOUT Challenge with FamousLos32, B-Dot, Bone Collector and MORE. Who did you have to win this challenge? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments • 44

  • NBA Playmakers
    NBA Playmakers   7 months back

    Check out everyone featured in the video!

    Marcelas Howard:
    Bone Collector:
    Jordan Lawley:
    Austin Mills:
    Brittney Elena:
    Chris Staples: @everybody_hatechriss
    Jake Randall: @randalltwins
    Pete Randall: @randalltwins

    • Carl Espy
      Carl Espy  1 weeks back

      Took till 5:00 mins in to choose a good camera angle?

      • Sang Jun Lee
        Sang Jun Lee  2 months back

        get coach rocky and get handles next time

        • ur mum gay
          ur mum gay  3 months back

          bruh the camera man needa get slapped

          • Mykel _Jeremiah
            Mykel _Jeremiah  4 months back

            aye Chris Staples is here man.

            • FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

              I was rooting for Cel to knock Bdot out

              • Alphonso Doleman
                Alphonso Doleman  5 months back

                This is actually a pretty good game so far🔥 Everybody can hoop

                • Carter Fritzley
                  Carter Fritzley  5 months back

                  No disrespect to the girl hooper but she is ass

                  • Chopzzz
                    Chopzzz  5 months back

                    Where is Kris London

                    • Elijah Myrtil
                      Elijah Myrtil  6 months back

                      I wanna see a one on one with Marcelas vs B dot

                      • RiSe
                        RiSe  6 months back

                        How does shot mechanics lose knockout

                        • The Dame Time
                          The Dame Time  6 months back

                          I knew it that Staples gonna dunk at least once

                          • Dezire Balderos
                            Dezire Balderos  7 months back

                            Where Filayyyy?

                            • Jacob Mehler
                              Jacob Mehler  7 months back

                              Damn I wanted my dawg Marcelas to win

                              • Kristians Meiers
                                Kristians Meiers  7 months back

                                Wish i could play

                                • hiuyt nieen
                                  hiuyt nieen  7 months back


                                  • Javonte Burke
                                    Javonte Burke  7 months back

                                    Before I even finished I knew Los was bout to go crazy

                                    • Nates Life
                                      Nates Life  7 months back

                                      Who was the camera man??????? Trash

                                      • Yungclout
                                        Yungclout  7 months back

                                        8 dislikes lol

                                        • Yungclout
                                          Yungclout  7 months back

                                          Most hated channel 2019

                                      • Angell Mcintyre
                                        Angell Mcintyre  7 months back

                                        BONE COLLECTOR!!!!!

                                        • KIT_ undersocre
                                          KIT_ undersocre  7 months back


                                          • Pigl3fe ツ
                                            Pigl3fe ツ  7 months back

                                            Just cam for marcel howard

                                            • Mick Regis
                                              Mick Regis  7 months back

                                              IM MAD CUZ BDOT AND CEL STILL AINT DTOO THE 1V1 YET😩😩😩😩😂😂😂

                                              • MichaelSamuel Simpson Jr
                                                MichaelSamuel Simpson Jr  7 months back


                                                • Tyger Scam
                                                  Tyger Scam  7 months back

                                                  Y’all was missing Jesse Jones

                                                  • King D
                                                    King D  7 months back

                                                    Yo BDot a real leader💯

                                                    • Digital Pickaxe
                                                      Digital Pickaxe  7 months back

                                                      4:58 better camera angle

                                                      • Kiqua
                                                        Kiqua  7 months back

                                                        Los hit damn near all his shots

                                                        • Ouadii
                                                          Ouadii  7 months back

                                                          Daws just casually playing with his children... Great father figure

                                                          • Legendary Apple Sauce
                                                            Legendary Apple Sauce  7 months back

                                                            I see mah boi Marcelas...I click

                                                          • Ttyl Legend
                                                            Ttyl Legend  7 months back

                                                            This is just lightning

                                                            • Tahj Hemmans
                                                              Tahj Hemmans  7 months back

                                                              Bdot like" just take your time" lol

                                                              • Girls of Instagram
                                                                Girls of Instagram  7 months back

                                                                Wonderful video! Continue creating good content and you'll get bigger quick! Subscribe to our channel and so we are going to subscribe to your channel!

                                                                • Zap Supreme
                                                                  Zap Supreme  7 months back


                                                                  • MarcelasHoward
                                                                    MarcelasHoward  7 months back

                                                                    This was very fun! Haha

                                                                    • KIT_ undersocre
                                                                      KIT_ undersocre  7 months back

                                                                      MarcelasHoward please sucribe to my youtube channel I a big fan

                                                                    • God ankles
                                                                      God ankles  7 months back

                                                                      MarcelasHoward can you ro luka donic be like please

                                                                    • Out Working Talent
                                                                      Out Working Talent  7 months back

                                                                      We call it got'em down where I'm at... you can guess why

                                                                  • Sport Challanges- Tommaso Vittone

                                                                    Third anyways love the content

                                                                    • Ryland Christian
                                                                      Ryland Christian  7 months back


                                                                      • oh yeah yeah
                                                                        oh yeah yeah  7 months back