Medison ft Skrein - Harry (Barenoize Remix) OFFICIAL

  • Published: 26 August 2010

    Medison Presents Skrein 'Harry' ft Skrein, Verb T, Plan B, BareNoize and Ruckspin!!.....Available on Limited Edition Digipack CD September 6th 2010 @

    dented records also brings you in September 2010.

    Dented Records exclusive 12" pressing available September 2010.

    -Foreign beggars - Chasing Shadows 'Typhoon'
    ,-Medison ft Skrein - Harry (Bare Noize remix)

    Coming September 2010
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Comments • 13

  • Scrox
    Scrox  2 years back

    Never heard a dubstep any better. This song - this version (for I never new it wasn't original) happened to be one of those songs that when you listen to evoke many memoriez of your past, that never stop addressing to you of those times. "Harry" in addition to "Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Dubstep ver.)", "Hellos – In Heaven (Shem Dubstep remix)" and "Spor – Pacifica (Kito & Reija Remix dubstp.)" along with the film "Sucker Punch" and Emily's Browning's version of "Sweet Dreams", Bjork's "Army of Me", the snowy dark apocalyptic weather, the game "Chaser: Remember Everything" and "Lords of the Fallen" - all this "Harry" evokes in my mind at once. To this track I will be returning for the rest of my life and I'm truly thankful to Medison for this.

    • Malphaedor Frost
      Malphaedor Frost  7 years back

      I have just GOT to find more music like this.

      • Cody Nepolitan
        Cody Nepolitan  7 years back

        This dubstep is amazing

        • Piccola Italia
          Piccola Italia  8 years back


          • RoboUtopia
            RoboUtopia  8 years back

            It's medison but it's so sick

            • Cesar Fuentes
              Cesar Fuentes  8 years back

              This is my rigntone <3haha

              • Fek Yo
                Fek Yo  9 years back

                fukin massive!

                • exprozor
                  exprozor  9 years back

                  this is DUBSTEP, GOD DAMN im lovin it ! :D

                  • RecklessWonders
                    RecklessWonders  9 years back

                    I'm really ill.. cure? more medison!

                    • Noi Abuu
                      Noi Abuu  9 years back

                      @aaronfritsch1 The whole EP is insane!

                      • aaronfritsch1
                        aaronfritsch1  9 years back

                        fuck this and the original are both gold. MADNESS

                        • Bobbias
                          Bobbias  9 years back

                          If this track is a beast, the acoustic remix is the beauty to go with it.

                          • Rewind Fishwalk
                            Rewind Fishwalk  9 years back

                            what a beast beat