Poor Places - Jeff Tweedy - 12/16/2017

  • Published: 17 December 2017
  • Jeff Tweedy (with Punch Brothers) plays "Poor Places" on our December 16, 2017 broadcast

    Website: http://wilcoworld.net/

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Comments • 36

  • Rune Jansen
    Rune Jansen  1 weeks back

    Soooo beautiful,love the version!!

    • maite
      maite  2 weeks back

      Que bonita canción! Muy buena versión!

      • Hula Mermaid
        Hula Mermaid  3 months back

        I want to meet the 7 people who disliked this video and ask them why. Such a beautiful version.

        • maite
          maite  2 weeks back

          Very beautiful!

      • August West
        August West  3 months back

        Yankee..hotel...Foxtrot. Yankee..hotel...Foxtrot. Yankee..hotel...Foxtrot.

        Yhf, being there, ghost is born are all tremendous albums start to finish. PB's "Grow" was too--back when they did bluegrass and didn't fake the funk.

        • Michael DeMatteis
          Michael DeMatteis  4 months back

          Why do I love mandolins so much

          • Rune Jansen
            Rune Jansen  6 months back

            Soo nice tune,love Tweedy melodies!!

            • John Bliss
              John Bliss  6 months back

              Great YHF track by Wilco. Credit to Jay Bennett. He was a driving force at the time of the song's original recording on YHF as far as sound and structure.

              • Gitai Vinshtok
                Gitai Vinshtok  7 months back

                Wish it better represented the arrangement, considering how good at that the Brothers are

                • Hector Jenkins
                  Hector Jenkins  9 months back

                  Is it bad that I like the more acoustic folkie live versions of This over the original don't get me wrong I love Jay Bennet but there's just something about the electronic element that he brought to some songs that put me off them a little bit idk maybe that's just me

                  • Tim Carroll
                    Tim Carroll  9 months back

                    Simply amazing

                    • japhygato
                      japhygato  12 months back

                      Seeing how old Tweedy looks make me feel old.

                      • snifty
                        snifty  2 months back

                        Jeff Tweedy is a lesson in how to grow old and not be lame

                      • Qmanklozmo
                        Qmanklozmo  3 months back

                        Hes still got a lot left in him!

                      • James Van Dyk
                        James Van Dyk  7 months back

                        It's going around

                    • Erin Wozniak
                      Erin Wozniak  1 years back

                      Makes me very sad

                      • KIKINME
                        KIKINME  1 years back

                        Please god let these guys do an album together...

                        • quicklynamed
                          quicklynamed  1 years back

                          This is why Wilco is the greatest American band--even the noise tracks can engage an entire Celtic folk band and still only barely scratch the surface of the song

                          • Matthew Bieri
                            Matthew Bieri  1 years back

                            This performance is bonkers. Just bonkers.

                            • Stephen B
                              Stephen B  1 years back


                              • KIKINME
                                KIKINME  1 years back

                                No words for this...

                                • Michael Maness
                                  Michael Maness  1 years back

                                  If this doesn't give your heart a boner, there's something wrong with you.

                                  • Harvey Dean
                                    Harvey Dean  1 years back

                                    Michael Maness - beautiful turn of phrase ýou've got there Michael.

                                • larkin75
                                  larkin75  1 years back

                                  Punch Brothers and Chris Thile introducing the road to
                                  Jeff Tweedy's brilliance.... thanks to all

                                  • Chris Lillo
                                    Chris Lillo  1 years back

                                    And...Chris, you are doing so well. Keep it going.

                                    • Chris Lillo
                                      Chris Lillo  1 years back

                                      Fantastic! I love how Thile just went straight for the hug. Some fine musicians right there.

                                      • SempreGumby
                                        SempreGumby  1 years back

                                        3:10 Cooooool

                                        • pjw2000
                                          pjw2000  1 years back

                                          Seeing two of my favorite acts sharing a stage is a huge treat. Thank you.

                                        • glenn1075
                                          glenn1075  1 years back

                                          incredible, thank you

                                          • James Graham
                                            James Graham  1 years back

                                            Just might be my favorite version of this song. So good it brings tears.

                                            • Andrew Kottenstette
                                              Andrew Kottenstette  1 years back

                                              This was a treat as well.
                                              (I stopped wearing my "Open Road" in 2010 so JT could own that look today.)

                                              • Andrew Kottenstette
                                                Andrew Kottenstette  1 years back

                                                Caught the radio show. Wish you'd upload the closing number, the Pogues Fairy Tale of New York, which was moving.

                                              • Nick Zentner
                                                Nick Zentner  1 years back