MLB One In a Million Plays Part 2

  • Published: 23 November 2017
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    I hope you enjoy my highlights!

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  • Gage Connor
    Gage Connor  2 months back

    Wise robbing that homerun to save the perfect game still gives me chills everytime

    • Patrick ODonohue
      Patrick ODonohue  4 months back

      No David Wright barehand catch against the Padres? Better than most of those deep in the hole plays at short

      • Terry cobb
        Terry cobb  4 months back

        We saw the hacky sack play in vid 1 what's the scam Sam?.

        • Tony Pond
          Tony Pond  4 months back

          One in a million? No....I think I few times each season, with the exception of a few unbelievable catches. Yes, there are some GREAT fielding plays, but you see a handful of those every year. How about an unassisted triple play? How about Fernando Tatis and TWO GRAND SLAMS IN ONE INNING? Don Larsen and a perfect WS game? How about Johnny Vander Meer and his back to back no hitters? The last 3 I mentioned are more like one in a billion!

          • Bryan Dover
            Bryan Dover  4 months back

            No wonder they make the "big bucks"....

            • Nick Bissonnette
              Nick Bissonnette  4 months back

              wheres the bird getting hit by the ball? I thought you would at least include that one this is just highlights

              • Steven Kunzer
                Steven Kunzer  5 months back

                I bet you that Berkman type play never happens again

                • TylerFJ24
                  TylerFJ24  5 months back

                  one in a million plays?? 4 home run robs (not anywhere close to 1 in a million).. where is the randy johnson hit bird and go back in time a bit plenty of other wild plays.. this is a highlight video only.

                  • Andrew Brannan
                    Andrew Brannan  5 months back

                    864 MLB players averaging 550 at-bats per season is 475,200 at-bats. A one-in-a-million play should only happen once every two years.

                • Derek Rogers
                  Derek Rogers  5 months back

                  4:53 “cocaine is a hell of a drug”

                  • BIGxWIGGLY
                    BIGxWIGGLY  5 months back

                    3:00 mark. The dude got in front of the base runner and blocked his path to the base???

                    • ItzzzVera
                      ItzzzVera  5 months back

                      Nope. He already had the ball and went to tag the base. Plus, the runner had already gotten to the base by the time he slowed down or even touched the pitcher. No interference or anything on that, clean play

                  • Joshua Kelley
                    Joshua Kelley  5 months back

                    The White Sox and Giants plays were to save perfect games, I guess that’s why they’re on here

                    • The reality Is hard
                      The reality Is hard  5 months back

                      Wow cespedes💥💥💥💥l miss him a lot

                      • Jeff Darnell
                        Jeff Darnell  6 months back

                        Unassisted triple play in Part One...UNREAL!!

                        • Andrew Young
                          Andrew Young  7 months back

                          Pretty good. Like to see older plays if available

                          • Brian
                            Brian  7 months back

                            Needs Kirby Puckett, 1991 World Series Game 6

                            • Vince Gerum
                              Vince Gerum  7 months back

                              1:42 that catch saved a perfect game for the pitcher

                              • Kevin B.
                                Kevin B.  8 months back

                                Lazy fucks not running through first base.

                                • Debi Congram
                                  Debi Congram  8 months back

                                  Great video, Made the Cut - thank you for posting!

                                  • James Craig
                                    James Craig  11 months back

                                    Some bad calls out at first base, Umpires.

                                    • Christian Miles
                                      Christian Miles  12 months back

                                      I love diving catches as much as the next guy, but they aren't one in a million. The ricochet off the calf catch is more in that category

                                      • Aaron Joyce
                                        Aaron Joyce  12 months back

                                        Can someone explain to me why the runner starts running back around the bases sometimes? Like they've just passed 2nd base but then have to try run back to 1st base for some reason?

                                        • Acel Damia
                                          Acel Damia  10 months back

                                          This is going to be a massive oversimplification of it, and there are exceptions, but I hope you get the general idea...

                                          To advance to the next base(s), you have to have the batter hit the ball and get on base themselves. So, if you are running (say from first to second, or if they are fast enough, in your example, already on their way to third base, having passed second.), but the the batter ends up getting out, technically speaking you are not allowed to advance, and you have to get back to the base you started out from (Again, in this case back to first, but you do have to stay on the base paths. You can't just run straight back to first base.), before they can throw the ball back there and get you out, because you tried to advance when you technically were not eligible to advance.

                                          Things can get much more complicated, though, too.

                                      • Tom Wolak
                                        Tom Wolak  12 months back

                                        There are only 2 plays you will never see again. Randy Johnson hitting a bird with a pitch and jolting Joe's 56 game hitting streak ever being matched.

                                        • Acel Damia
                                          Acel Damia  10 months back

                                          That 56 game streak was quite the play.

                                      • Juan T
                                        Juan T  1 years back

                                        1:27 That overly effeminate throw to first by McAllister. Lol

                                        • Juan T
                                          Juan T  10 months back

                                          @Acel Damia I know. Still funny though. I've done that too when I screwed up a throw to first back in the day.

                                        • Acel Damia
                                          Acel Damia  10 months back

                                          No reason to risk anything more than a gentle toss, really.

                                      • ThePunkPhantom
                                        ThePunkPhantom  1 years back

                                        with trout, it's not 1 in a million, it's just trout

                                        • Ryen Brousseau
                                          Ryen Brousseau  1 years back

                                          Too many repeats from part 1

                                        • jasonnoyesjn
                                          jasonnoyesjn  1 years back

                                          I know there's a ton of plays you could put in here - a couple you could omit thats on this video too. 3 big plays I didn't see, all are bare handed catches. David Wright's bare hand at 3rd... Ozzie Smith's dive at SS that ended in a bare handed catch and the Kevin Mitchell catch in foul territory with his bare hand!

                                          • Acel Damia
                                            Acel Damia  10 months back

                                            David Wright's bare hand at 3rd: 1:36 mark of part 1.
                                            Ozzie Smith's SS dive: 7:36 mark of part 1.
                                            Kevin Mitchell bare hand catch: 5:46 mark of part 1.

                                        • Sam Cusimano
                                          Sam Cusimano  1 years back

                                          I see the play an outfielder made at Boston,. catching the ball as he tumbled over the wall wasn't in the video

                                          • Acel Damia
                                            Acel Damia  10 months back

                                            This wasn't every great play ever. Not to mention this is part 2.

                                            I'm also betting you mean the New York shortstop Derek Jeter going into the fans (against Boston), from part 1.

                                        • Chris Ayers
                                          Chris Ayers  1 years back

                                          2:13 I thought the perfecto was over as soon as the batter hit it

                                          • oksanasdad
                                            oksanasdad  1 years back

                                            Some great plays but hardly one in a million...

                                            • BLU3Collar TRANCE
                                              BLU3Collar TRANCE  1 years back

                                              How is the A-Rod clip a triple play? I only saw two put outs

                                              • marines101
                                                marines101  5 months back

                                                9 months later I’ll answer your question lol. It was overturned to a double play. There was confusion in the heat of the moment

                                            • 999alex9991
                                              999alex9991  1 years back

                                              5:15: he was safe, was call out, dumb

                                              • Vince Gerum
                                                Vince Gerum  7 months back

                                                If you payed attention it was close but he was out by a step

                                            • 999alex9991
                                              999alex9991  1 years back

                                              they are so much mistake made during a baseball match, they're safe when not and retire when they're safe, it's funny how often they make mistake, i stop watching match because it become so full of errors.

                                              • Larry Johnson
                                                Larry Johnson  1 years back

                                                4:03, the 7-3 out.

                                                • PaddyCaker
                                                  PaddyCaker  1 years back

                                                  4:04 has to be the best play in MLB history. Fight me. I played left and center in HS. Theres no way that this play was ever done again. Even the speed of smell would have been faster than that runner.

                                                  • Jarwes1414
                                                    Jarwes1414  1 years back

                                                    In my opinion Brandon Phillips is a top 5 all time 2nd baseman.

                                                    • Thomas Knelsen
                                                      Thomas Knelsen  1 years back

                                                      There are so many missing...
                                                      The play by Tadahito Iguchi, where he makes a throw while falling:
                                                      The play by Josh Donaldson where he dives into the stands:
                                                      The play by Russell Martin where he leans into the dugout:
                                                      The play by Eric Chavez where he slides to avoid the dugout, making the catch:
                                                      The throw by Bo Jackson where he throws a runner out while standing flat-footed:
                                                      The play by Steven Souza Jr where he dives to seal the no-hitter for Zimmerman:
                                                      And so many more... all of these are better than some of them in this video

                                                      • kenshiSR
                                                        kenshiSR  1 years back

                                                        I'm a Yanks fan but that Machado play is one of the absolute best ever

                                                        • Scott Saftler
                                                          Scott Saftler  1 years back

                                                          I can think of at least three plays you missed:

                                                          1) Yastrzemski's catch at Yankee Stadium in 1967 to preserve a no-hitter.
                                                          2) Bo Jackson does his Spiderman imitation, climbing the outfield wall to take away a homer.
                                                          3) Outfielder catches the ball in right-center at Fenway, then does a somersault over the fence into the bullpen. Might have been Detroit player, happened last year.

                                                          • Audio Arcturia
                                                            Audio Arcturia  1 years back

                                                            This just reminds me that once upon a time, the Braves were a force to be reckoned with. So glad to see em back in action... now if we can just kick Julio off the mound...

                                                            • WZ Schedule
                                                              WZ Schedule  1 years back

                                                              Catch by Wise at 1:52 save a no-hitter.

                                                              • Will VanDeusen
                                                                Will VanDeusen  1 years back

                                                                Ah the good ole 9-3 putout

                                                                • Bonnie Verse
                                                                  Bonnie Verse  1 years back

                                                                  1:22 OMFG THAT WAS SO COOL

                                                                  • Cameron Owens
                                                                    Cameron Owens  1 years back

                                                                    Bo Jackson’s throw? No?
                                                                    Bo Jackson wall catch? No?
                                                                    Mark Burehle opening day play? No?
                                                                    Like in the video? No

                                                                    • C B
                                                                      C B  1 years back

                                                                      I think you have to have played infield at some point to really appreciate some of these, like Jeter's famous throw or Machado's toss from 3B. When your momentum and entire body are moving away at high speed from where you are throwing to you almost have to break the laws of physics to get the ball there. Then to do it accurately and before the runner, it's not something mere mortals can do. You need about 1000x the normal strength if you were standing still.

                                                                      • RKD aka Nakainu
                                                                        RKD aka Nakainu  1 years back

                                                                        Watching these plays with Ichiro makes me miss the old days of when he was a hotshot with the Mariners

                                                                        • Deikay
                                                                          Deikay  1 years back

                                                                          What about the time that when the batter dropped the bat it stood up on its end?

                                                                          • IlGreven
                                                                            IlGreven  1 years back

                                                                            McAllister puts his hacky-sack skills to good use...

                                                                            • Jakob Koep
                                                                              Jakob Koep  1 years back

                                                                              It’s a shame Mauer doesn’t play catcher anymore, he was a defensive gem