Why didn’t Ghidorah kill Godzilla THIS way

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • There will be spoilers for Godzilla King of the monsters. The title in and of itself is not a spoiler because it could mean anything. It could have meant the old movies, and it can mean the new movies. It doesn't tell of the state of either of the monsters. Relax.

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  • Razer Creations
    Razer Creations  3 days back

    The skeleton in the area? Aren't we forgetting about Anguirus

    • Ivan Phyo Lwin
      Ivan Phyo Lwin  3 days back

      But hey its just a theory a film theory and cut!

      • Simeon
        Simeon  4 days back

        You could also say why didn't Godzilla shoot a blast of atomic breath as soon as Ghidora attempted to lift him. Ghidora's defences would have been down against it. So just don't think too hard, that's just how the fight was directed.

        • Jason Sal
          Jason Sal  6 days back

          How u figure it wasn't that high🤔 it was way above the clouds. He was trying to kill godzilla. He figured the drop would kill Godzilla. Ghidorah used alot of strength to lift Godzilla that high. Godzilla isn't light. And the drop was high enough in the atmosphere where it took some time for him to drop with all that weight. And third point that he was so high is because godzilla lit up like a fire ball when falling meaning he was traveling downward fast enough and he was high enough to lit up like a meteor falling out of the sky. Maybe Ghidorah could have went higher but he didn't. Maybe he could have flown into outer space and killed godzilla by depriving him of any oxygen.. But he didn't! There battle has been going on forever meaning they know each other. Godzilla. Already won the first fight. So to think that Ghidorah wasn't trying to kill Godzilla is foolish. My opinion is Ghidorah was unsure how to kill godzilla in the first place. Which is why he flew away after there first encounter. So that's my opinion mixed in with a little bit of Truth ✌️

          • Ethan Singh
            Ethan Singh  3 weeks back

            I think Ghidora can drop Godzilla 20x bout Godzilla is obese

            • Nathaneal Freligh
              Nathaneal Freligh  4 weeks back

              I think he is the predator of all kiju , and chooses who’s lunch and who’s not

              • Moisty Mosasaur
                Moisty Mosasaur  1 months back

                Doing the math, using what we know about godzilla and ghidorah.
                If ghidorah were to drop godzilla from the absolute highest point, the edge of space. 6200 Miles, godzilla would come down with so much force, he would literally be comparable to the metor that killed the dinosaurs.

                • ElYzKyPlAyZ PlAyZ
                  ElYzKyPlAyZ PlAyZ  2 months back

                  Ghidora didn’t lift godzilla up to the atmosphere cause godzilla is very heavy like 99,634tons

                  • DICEM Slasher
                    DICEM Slasher  2 months back

                    Maybe aliens transported Ghidora from outer space to earth millions of years ago. This could be how the destroyer of worlds got from planet to planet. When Ghidorah became evil they helped Godzilla defeat him long ago. Maybe they froze him while he was still alive and that's why he appears as if he put up a fight and froze to death. If you look at him in the ice he looks as if he was frozen instantaneously while moving.

                    • Eureka
                      Eureka  2 months back

                      Ghidorah didn’t want to kill Godzilla. It saw that Godzilla was strong and it was would suck it’s energy or ability like he did when Mothra powered him up. Ghidorah is very intelligent but if he wanted to kill Godzilla he could have.

                      • Bramson Bambival
                        Bramson Bambival  2 months back

                        One: I think Ghidorah likes battle like a Saiyan. 2 Godzilla was one hell of an opponent u saw that before Ghidorah flew up Godzilla hit him with an atomic breath earlier and that hurt him because he fell over. 3 Godzilla is to awesome to die

                        • jenny haro
                          jenny haro  2 months back

                          Japanese oxygen destroyer could kill godzilla

                          • JustJustin
                            JustJustin  2 months back

                            "At least, that is the origin their rolling with."
                            But. In most iterations of Ghidorah, with few exceptions, he is from space and his primary goal is to go Planet to Planet and take over.

                            • David P.
                              David P.  2 months back

                              Godzilla definitely tired him out flying him up, even when he released him to drop it kinda seemed like it was more out of fatigue than voluntary. But I dunno

                              • YouAnd OnlyYou
                                YouAnd OnlyYou  3 months back

                                2:15 He does possess immense regenerative abilities and in the original 1964 King Ghidorah's breath attack was referred to as "Gravity beams" mean he may be able to alter his mass. Not to mention he also started draining Godzilla of energy with some sort of evil vampiric space vodo.

                                • max thew
                                  max thew  3 months back


                                  • Southern Pyrotechnics
                                    Southern Pyrotechnics  3 months back

                                    Because if he killed Godzilla then they wouldn't have as good as a plotline for sequels
                                    More sequels = more money

                                    • MegaVid
                                      MegaVid  3 months back

                                      I think thats why ghidorah did not kill godzilla ghidorah want godzila to be his alpha. I dont know its just my opinion

                                      • Sonic Ice Cream With Gumball Eyes

                                        He didn't want to kill Godzilla because he wanted to use him as an energy source, since Godzilla creates energy while he's alive ghidorah would get more from keeping him alive for as long as he was going to. If he killed him on the spot Godzilla's internal reactor would stop to function and he would start dispelling energy since there's nothing keeping it inside Godzilla since well, he's dead, which is the opposite of what ghidorah wants.

                                        • Titanus Ghidorah
                                          Titanus Ghidorah  3 months back

                                          HEY DON'T JUDGE ME I HAVE MY REASONS!!

                                          • Princess Sapphire
                                            Princess Sapphire  4 weeks back

                                            Also please kill of the rest of humanity as soon as possible

                                          • Titanus Ghidorah
                                            Titanus Ghidorah  4 weeks back

                                            @Princess Sapphire Well Duh. A kaiju that has a symbiotic relationship with another race of Kaiju is very useful.

                                          • Princess Sapphire
                                            Princess Sapphire  4 weeks back

                                            To be honest with you I like to think that the reason you didn’t kill him is because he could’ve been useful to you

                                        • Acinonyx Rex
                                          Acinonyx Rex  3 months back

                                          This is not about Ghidorah.

                                          The skeleton in the 2014 movie was Dagon, Godzilla's predecessor, and possibly his father.

                                          • Teres Worrell
                                            Teres Worrell  3 months back

                                            Thats alot of weight in the air to carry. Probably got tired

                                            • ynw yella
                                              ynw yella  4 months back

                                              Ghorida should have killed godzilla. Ghordia is more badass

                                              • Laura Pelletier
                                                Laura Pelletier  4 months back

                                                I don't understand?

                                                • RCYBER_X04
                                                  RCYBER_X04  4 months back

                                                  It would just destroy earth if you think about it, It’s Like a massive meteor and will probably destroy the whole country or less

                                                  • Connor M.
                                                    Connor M.  4 months back

                                                    Everyone forgets that Ghidorah has gravity manipulation abilities

                                                    • Dolphboi
                                                      Dolphboi  4 months back

                                                      Ghidorah intended to kill Godzilla. He WANTED to kill him, but he made sure he suffered. Ghidorah has to take pleasure in G's suffering before he puts him out of his misery. He even absorbs his energy, or even his power, as part of his plan to dethrone him. However, since Ghidorah didn't do it fast enough, Godzilla became a living volcano and stomped a hole through his chest.

                                                      Think of it as Infinity War, where the exact same scenario might've happened. Thor wanted for Thanos to die slowly and painfully. However, there was a fatal flaw. *He didn't go for the head.* So of course, Thanos got to win because Thor wasn't fast enough.

                                                      • Zuun Pyi
                                                        Zuun Pyi  4 months back

                                                        Because Godzilla needs to win??

                                                        • dark troup
                                                          dark troup  4 months back


                                                          • Marcus Diaz
                                                            Marcus Diaz  4 months back

                                                            his name is space monster

                                                            • blkdve music
                                                              blkdve music  4 months back

                                                              Ghidora was just tired😐GODZILLA IS HEAVY ASF

                                                              • Gorg._.408
                                                                Gorg._.408  4 months back

                                                                I know the other Godzilla was named degon and I think they were just allies. Not sure if they were related in any way

                                                                • ItsTiTan 219
                                                                  ItsTiTan 219  4 months back

                                                                  Or Godzilla is too thicc

                                                                  • AsianFriends1652
                                                                    AsianFriends1652  4 months back

                                                                    I think that Godzilla is just a big boi and Ghidorah couldn’t take him up all the way into the atmosphere even if he wanted to. He seemed to have a hard time carrying him up and plus considering the personality of Ghidorah he seems to be enjoy making him suffer and trying to make him submit through that. Maybe he also saw Godzilla as a valuable potential ally to help create his new world order and didn’t want to kill him outright but when it wasn’t working he decided to just try and kill him but with a pinch of suffering added to the mix for failing to bend his big ass knee

                                                                    • K. Starr
                                                                      K. Starr  5 months back

                                                                      RODAN: THEY CALL ME THE FIRE DE..

                                                                      BURNING GODZILLA: Hi

                                                                      RODAN: ....

                                                                      • moses tovar
                                                                        moses tovar  5 months back

                                                                        Ghidorah is pretty cool

                                                                        • 1takeAqua Jr.
                                                                          1takeAqua Jr.  5 months back

                                                                          He didn’t want to kill Godzilla he was tryna to save when he bit into Godzilla he was trying to get a little the radiation to stop him for blowing up and blowing up the 🌎

                                                                          • ksntoxic UC
                                                                            ksntoxic UC  5 months back

                                                                            Because there is less air the higher you go so it takes more force to bring him up it’s simple

                                                                            • Mystic_Eddy
                                                                              Mystic_Eddy  5 months back

                                                                              Well ghidorah prob forgot he was from space while trap in ice for a really really(x10) long time

                                                                              • Timmy X
                                                                                Timmy X  5 months back

                                                                                Kills Godzilla than human 25 dumb

                                                                                • Lie Ren
                                                                                  Lie Ren  5 months back

                                                                                  Ghidorah could easily have lifted Godzilla higher, but the drop was so Godzilla would feel pain. Altitude matters little to Ghidorah, and breathing even less so, considering his origins are stated to be extraterrestrial. Ghidorah is sadistic, it's in his nature, and forcing others into a helpless state so that he can cause more suffering is something he relishes in. 1998's 'Rebirth of Mothra III' has Ghidorah kidnapping children and trapping them in a highly caustic bubble that would disintegrate them into energy for his own consumption, all while the parents were helpless to save their children, and the children were forced into a panic, all while Ghidorah watched.
                                                                                  Ghidorah enjoys inflicting suffering, and as a being designed to destroy, it's a twisted motivation that allows him to enjoy what he does. As long as he can destroy things, he loves to watch everyone suffer in the process.

                                                                                  • Stephen Gridley Obata
                                                                                    Stephen Gridley Obata  5 months back

                                                                                    Uhhh 1 Question why did they put up a big Movie if godzilla killed ghidorah in just 1 movie unlike the old movies that there are a lot of kaiju's

                                                                                    • mr splash
                                                                                      mr splash  5 months back

                                                                                      if ghidorah did not want to kill him he would not see zilla as a thing that could kill him easily the only reason why Ghidorah was more powerful than zilla was because he has been going throw millions of years of regenerating which is about a year of regenerating to the titans and 5 years to zilla as we speak is only hours of regeneration.

                                                                                      • Drilon Burri
                                                                                        Drilon Burri  5 months back

                                                                                        how about gidorah throw Godzilla to the sun

                                                                                        • Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist

                                                                                          “Ghidorah wasn’t trying to kill any of the kaiju” I’m calling bullshit on that one. I think Mothra would too.
                                                                                          Also where are you getting the info that he could’ve carried Godzilla further up? Because seeing as he didn’t, I’m gonna take that as the movie showing us that he couldn’t

                                                                                          • Brody Rodd
                                                                                            Brody Rodd  5 months back

                                                                                            4:50HURRY UP I WANT TO SEE THE WHOLE THING!!!

                                                                                            • Ds Production
                                                                                              Ds Production  5 months back

                                                                                              BUT BUT ALTEROI uou should know godz mostly has no fall damage but even if he does u should see godz vs gamera battle u see he shoots his lazer to reduce fall velocity yayyaya but seriously if he took godz into more hieght godz would get more fall time to shoot lazer and reduce fall damage

                                                                                              • Cassiah K
                                                                                                Cassiah K  5 months back

                                                                                                And first godzilla is to heavy