Phora - Run To Lyrics

  • Published: 31 March 2017
  • Phora - Run To Lyrics
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Comments • 36

  • Motivation Music Lyrics

    Freakin Love Phora and I hope you do too!!! <3

    • wanda krueger
      wanda krueger  2 years back

      AdrianGamingTv Gaming

    • AdrianGamingTv Gaming
      AdrianGamingTv Gaming  3 years back

      Keep up the great work. P.S I like phora

    • Motivation Music Lyrics
      Motivation Music Lyrics   3 years back

      Send us a email and we'll talk about it.

    • Oscar Mike
      Oscar Mike  3 years back

      Motivation Music Lyrics I love you.

    • Music Cloud
      Music Cloud  3 years back

      Motivation Music Lyrics Do you want to collaborate with me. Maybe create a group too.

  • Denise May
    Denise May  5 months back

    The first song my boyfriend dedicated to me once we got together. Just warms my heart♡

    • Jessica Gentrh
      Jessica Gentrh  7 months back

      Sad part is I loved you more than I loved myself. He broke me. U knew that. But what you didnt know is you also saved me from suicide several times. I was so gone off fentenyal that I hid my 300 dollar a day habit. I seen potential in you. I wasnt going to be your downfall. I love you more than anything tho and I miss you.

      • Emilyjstallion Stallion

        Phora be having me crying fr

        • Alex & Silvia Vlogs
          Alex & Silvia Vlogs  1 years back

          someone dedicated this song because it reminded them of me.. fuck

          • yt .nicolas
            yt .nicolas  2 years back

            The past only left her broken hearted so she built a wall to keep love from it

            • Carlo Riksy
              Carlo Riksy  2 years back

              this man just described me in every way i feel about someone

              • i need mental help
                i need mental help  2 years back


                • Yasmin Tiros
                  Yasmin Tiros  2 years back


                  • Gabrielle Simone
                    Gabrielle Simone  2 years back

                    This describe rn wtf

                    • alicia owens
                      alicia owens  2 years back

                      love his music

                      • Jocelyne
                        Jocelyne  2 years back

                        ** Laughing at your ex saying that he aint shit .

                        • Yt. Mayiln
                          Yt. Mayiln  2 years back

                          Your truly forever🌹

                          • Marijah Odessey
                            Marijah Odessey  2 years back

                            this song describes me all the way🤘😰❤

                            • Jenny Bravo
                              Jenny Bravo  2 years back

                              my fucking so

                              • Ely Osorio
                                Ely Osorio  2 years back

                                describes what i feel rn

                                • Carlos Quesada
                                  Carlos Quesada  2 years back

                                  his songs put me in my feelings😪😪😪

                                  • Michelle Evangelista
                                    Michelle Evangelista  3 years back


                                    • Amalia Torres
                                      Amalia Torres  3 years back

                                      im just waiting till he comes tou houston😭

                                      • Yadira Valente
                                        Yadira Valente  3 years back

                                        LOVE THIS SONG

                                        • yourrealgirl Kay
                                          yourrealgirl Kay  3 years back

                                          this describes me tbh

                                          • Melissa Rivera
                                            Melissa Rivera  1 years back

                                            yourrealgirl Kay me too I’m crying rn bc of how sucidal , depressed and low self esteem that I have n I’ve been single forever I’m 17...

                                          • Tura Lail
                                            Tura Lail  2 years back

                                            yourrealgirl Kay


                                        • omg hanna?
                                          omg hanna?  3 years back

                                          I am in love with this song!

                                          • Heidi Torres
                                            Heidi Torres  3 years back

                                            This is great , omg I can't

                                            • Kaylei Terrones
                                              Kaylei Terrones  3 years back

                                              THANK YOU! I love this song so much thanks for the lyrics.

                                              • Alicia Parodi
                                                Alicia Parodi  3 years back

                                                UGHH THANKSS NEW SUSCRIBER!😌💞

                                                • riri yay
                                                  riri yay  3 years back

                                                  he going on tour man check out his insta: phoraone

                                              • Sal Prisco
                                                Sal Prisco  3 years back

                                                i love this song

                                                • Drizzzy Kay
                                                  Drizzzy Kay  3 years back

                                                  I fucken love you 😭🔥 already a subscriber

                                                  • Lilyana Zepeda
                                                    Lilyana Zepeda  3 years back