6obby - Broken (Lyrics)

  • Published: 11 March 2018
  • 6obby

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Comments • 50

  • sadcatgirl 900
    sadcatgirl 900  2 weeks back

    I feel this 100%

    • Dar0
      Dar0  3 weeks back

      "Ain't got no friends ain't no one hit my phone"

      That hurts

      • BabyGirl 215
        BabyGirl 215  1 months back

        Honestly good song but way to much autotune

        • Emily Clark
          Emily Clark  1 months back


          • mikey quintana
            mikey quintana  2 months back

            How I feel right now I'm afraid to be happy cause something always has to ruin it

            • MrSavage961
              MrSavage961  2 months back

              On 1.25 speed is just fire

            • Linda Thao
              Linda Thao  2 months back

              I love your deep voice boy stay strong too love it

              • Manaal xx
                Manaal xx  2 months back

                This song is so relatable. I feel this everytime. 😞

                • Dubista
                  Dubista  2 months back

                  hit me right!

                  • queenna julienna
                    queenna julienna  2 months back

                    I got so annoyed with all that auto tone good lyrics but bad voice smh

                    • Jay Bell
                      Jay Bell  2 months back

                      Auto tune made this ass

                      • Missa Missfit
                        Missa Missfit  2 months back

                        Hiya😊just wanted to say that i think there are some really great lyrics here which i enjoyed hearing. Thank you😊

                        • anonieme gebruiker
                          anonieme gebruiker  3 months back

                          School makes me broken in a worser way then you will think.....💔

                          • anonieme gebruiker
                            anonieme gebruiker  1 months back

                            Stay strong. I'm coping with the daily nightmare. 😭😭 I'm a smart kid, and I have good grades. But that doesn't bother me. The other side of school is killing me

                          • LilRifft
                            LilRifft  2 months back

                            anonieme gebruiker I have been depressed for 4 years almost 5

                        • Véronique D2V
                          Véronique D2V  3 months back

                          Here is a bright idea 🙃 why don't you call me 💔

                          • Charlotte Galvan
                            Charlotte Galvan  3 months back

                            When u think u fail ur family

                            • Ethanual Suggahie
                              Ethanual Suggahie  3 months back

                              this song is even more sad cause i started listening to this even thou im with someone but im still sad cause shes visiting her mom somewhere else

                              • lost_illusion
                                lost_illusion  3 months back

                                I have everything, but this emptiness, loneliness its killing me slowly.

                                • Rhyth m
                                  Rhyth m  2 months back

                                  Having everything but nothing killing you is better than having nothing and everything killing you.

                              • Fred Arceo
                                Fred Arceo  4 months back

                                Smoking to this one

                                • Zachary Hansen
                                  Zachary Hansen  3 weeks back

                                  You better be smoking bacon or something and not cigarettes or weed, you don't need it!

                              • Corey Vickery
                                Corey Vickery  4 months back

                                Take auto tune off holy shit... plz if u want help let me know

                                • Mary ODOM
                                  Mary ODOM  7 months back

                                  He did brake my heart

                                  • Kandace Tinney
                                    Kandace Tinney  8 months back

                                    Good song

                                    • Jaden Mcelrath
                                      Jaden Mcelrath  9 months back


                                      • G M
                                        G M  10 months back


                                        • Hazel Keenan
                                          Hazel Keenan  10 months back

                                          What is the beat called instrumental

                                          • T RENT
                                            T RENT  11 months back

                                            this sounds like my life....never happy.

                                          • Tee Niems
                                            Tee Niems  1 years back

                                            I feel like you've read all my journals and copied all my poems. The verbatim! The honest emotion. Even the vibe. You must be on my level! 😉

                                            • lifeas cori
                                              lifeas cori  1 years back

                                              Omgg!! 😑i like this

                                              • Xplanation TV
                                                Xplanation TV  1 years back

                                                This shit explain every second of my feelings rn as i listen to it I feel these emotions

                                                • Dominique Gillette
                                                  Dominique Gillette  1 years back

                                                  haha me

                                                  • Monique Martinez
                                                    Monique Martinez  1 years back

                                                    So sad that's money makes people so feel so lonely

                                                    • ツTSC
                                                      ツTSC  7 months back

                                                      Nah being broke and I'm lonely ass fuck

                                                    • Very Rarez
                                                      Very Rarez  12 months back

                                                      Low-key true

                                                  • Sakibur Chy
                                                    Sakibur Chy  1 years back

                                                    my feeling explained....

                                                    • Samantha Ruffing
                                                      Samantha Ruffing  1 years back

                                                      All u people that dislike this song is fucked cause this is beautiful fuck all you mother fuckin haters

                                                      • Lunatic's Lament
                                                        Lunatic's Lament  1 years back

                                                        Related to every word, feelsbadman.

                                                        • girl in black
                                                          girl in black  1 years back

                                                          Lunatic's Lament me too. And it feels so.. crazy. Sorry that u going through the same shit

                                                      • LonelyPlatinumGirl
                                                        LonelyPlatinumGirl  1 years back

                                                        wow man.. that was awesome.

                                                        • Hannah Autrey
                                                          Hannah Autrey  1 years back


                                                          • Nibby
                                                            Nibby  1 years back

                                                            The auto-tune is real

                                                          • Sangeeta Ramlal
                                                            Sangeeta Ramlal  1 years back

                                                            1st comment and like

                                                          • Monty Mania
                                                            Monty Mania  1 years back