Could Godzilla defeat Ancalagon

  • Published: 28 May 2019
  • Ancalagon the Black from The Lord of the Rings universe, and the Titan Godzilla, from the modern legendary Cinematic Universe. If these two were to meet would it go well for Godzilla? Despite Ancalagon's size, would Godzilla overpower him with his Atomic breath?
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  • antonio marrero
    antonio marrero  2 days back

    How about godzilla earth!

    • Otgontsetseg Sharav
      Otgontsetseg Sharav  2 days back

      Godzilla earth vs ancalagon
      Ahem godzilla earth vs ghidorahs three extremly long head i think the heads
      Where like over 15 kms

      • Frederik Papcun
        Frederik Papcun  6 days back

        Alteori if ancalagon and Godzilla were the same size Godzilla coud not BLAST a hole in his Wings cuz dragon's body IS immune to fire

        • superTAT
          superTAT  1 weeks back

          Can any of them withstand an avada kedabra from the dark lord?

          • PixelGamer
            PixelGamer  1 weeks back

            This is literally no contest, Ancalagon by sheer size alone

            • Haiden Bradley Navalta
              Haiden Bradley Navalta  2 weeks back

              Godzilla 2017

              • Kermit_Kermit 1010
                Kermit_Kermit 1010  3 weeks back

                Godzilla be thicc

                • spaceburningshingodzillaearth2019 imkingofmonsters

                  We all know Godzilla earth and shin would win if you do not know then ok

                  • HDTubby HD
                    HDTubby HD  3 weeks back

                    Ancalagon: I'm the biggest creature ever!

                    Godzilla Earth: *Nice Joke*

                    • NitroScream2345 Triodayz
                      NitroScream2345 Triodayz  2 weeks back

                      Honestly Ancalagon if he was the size of a mountain then he would easily dwarf Godzilla Earth in size but Godzilla Earth NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR LARGE U ARE! you’re still gonna get murdered by his ass

                  • Buddy Anagnostakis
                    Buddy Anagnostakis  3 weeks back

                    Huh... I never consider the ocean, I always thought it was on land. If it was in the ocean than it depends on how deep the ocean is. So really the Cloverfield monster should at least be at 8 - 10 km. that's taller than Mt. Everest if you are taking the heights possible height. I always thought Ancalogan was 3 km high, 5 km long, and 5 km wingspan. In my opinion, the adult Cloverfield will still die to Ancalogan, he has more durability and literal firepower. Also, I truly do love these more gigantic creatures, would actually pay to watch there full glory on the big screen:)

                    • Denis Tyrant
                      Denis Tyrant  4 weeks back

                      Simple answer, yes.

                      • mr lefty
                        mr lefty  4 weeks back

                        Godzilla is bigger

                        • One Winged Demon
                          One Winged Demon  1 months back

                          Ancalagon can literally rip the smaller Titans with his teeth and claws as Ancalagon was able to drive off entire host of Valar in lotr.

                          • Young Yang
                            Young Yang  1 months back

                            GodzillaKOTM:Hey mr ancalagon imm the king of monsters
                            Ancalagon:Im like a hundred x bigger than you
                            Legendary godzilla:*Turns into FIRE GODZILLA*
                            Ancalagon:HA HA HA HOW AR U GONNA KILL ME HA HA H-

                            • Kareem Amara
                              Kareem Amara  1 months back

                              Bruh ancalagon is over 30,000 feet tall. Godzilla is 400. Legit just step on him

                              • Ahmad Zaki Yamani Ahmad Shafiee

                                Ancalagon : hello zilla
                                Godzilla : outta my way
                                Ancalagon : I will kill you mothra
                                Godzilla : if you kill her she have a egg
                                Ancalagon : " kill mothra and burned the egg and team with ghidorah " hahahahahhah
                                Godzilla : noooooo
                                Ghidorah : hahaha nice
                                Ancalagon : " fly off "

                                • SMBComix
                                  SMBComix  1 months back

                                  I think Ancalagon might actually be the same size as Ghidorah. And being a dragon he can only breathe fire... Godzilla wins with atomic breath straight through Ancalagon's chest cavity.

                                  • Ziggy the Piggy
                                    Ziggy the Piggy  1 months back

                                    Alteori c'mon you always doin unfair fights do something more fair like gipsy danger vs jet Jaeger or Godzilla Earth vs this dragon

                                    • ButteryMan 1031
                                      ButteryMan 1031  1 months back

                                      Godzilla rips to shreds

                                      • NitroScream2345 Triodayz
                                        NitroScream2345 Triodayz  1 months back

                                        let’s use Earth for just a second here so u see why Earth murders Ancalagon with literal ease???
                                        Number 1.Earth’s abilities...Earth’s abilities are a Sonicblast,Tail Whiplash and an Atomic Breath..Super Atomic Breath if given enough Radiation
                                        let’s explain the Tail Whiplash that thing easily destroys a 900m tall Mountain also Godzilla’s Sonicblast easily destorys a vast field larger than 6 cities combine..second Godzilla’s Atomic Breath does 5x the damage of the Sonicblast and the Super Atomic Breath would probably cut off a forearm right off of Ancalagon.
                                        2.Godzilla Earth was able to defeat Planet Eater Ghidorah who can easily master the laws of physics and not even follow the laws of physics himself and can easily outmatch Ancalagon
                                        3.Godzilla Earth doesn’t stop growing!! give Earth about 115 Million years and he’d be twice the size of Ancalagon ((who I believe is the size of a mountain))
                                        EDIT:Also Earth has a shield that makes him almost indestructible and invulnerable so yeah...Earth would murder Ancalagon no matter how big the Dragon Is and also if u ppl haven’t watch all the anime movies of Godzilla then you’re in for a treat and debunkion cause Godzilla Earth destroyed an Asteroid as dense as the fucking moon and his regular Atomic Breath can already destroy multiple cites so RIP u Ancalagon
                                        EDIT2:Godzilla Fillius survived 50,000 Megaton nukes right onto the face...and Earth being lot stronger than Fillius can easily survive about an estimate of 250,000 Megaton nukes also Godzilla Earth is a Asteroid destroyer...and is easily powerful enough to shatter Asia into pieces the only Dragon I can think of that can beat Godzilla Earth is Planet Eater Ghidorah ((without the human killing the other boi)) Super Shenron and AUSO

                                        • Michael Randol
                                          Michael Randol  1 months back

                                          your crazy alt lol, one red spiral ray would kill him Nuff said kaiju size isn't a big factor as much as some think. remember fire is fire radiation is more than that. we are talking about a creature that survived a huge meteor and didn't blink and a black hole and survived. trying to give full-on parameters to Godzilla is disrespectful to the king and devalues this channel for some including me a bit. ancalagon is held to different standards in middle earth I don't think creatures can heal like in monster verse at all like sleeping for 1000 years to rest and heal vs near-instant. I'm sorry, I just can't believe what I'm hearing. Godzilla wins either way. you bring back the muto fight to give validity to most of the arguments and theories you base on Godzilla. I like this channel but that idea is silly you should be a bit more specific on which versions you use otherwise it becomes death battle. like Godzilla vs Gamera, they rolled every Godzilla they could into one that's not specific to a real canon Godzilla.

                                          • shine hayag
                                            shine hayag  1 months back

                                            Say, I was just thinking about how overpowered Ancalagon is and then I realised he might be even more overpowered then he already is.

                                            So you know how Vividen assumed that Ancalagon was getting hit by the silmarils once per second, that is actually a low ball considering that silmarils might be able to do damage even more consistently.

                                            So let's say each photon of the silmarils' light is the equivalent of 16000 supernovas and moons exploding
                                            (which is a logical assumption in my opinion)
                                            and light travels at the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, each photon of light travels at this speed, so let's say that during the entire fight Ancalagon was 1000 kilometers away from the silmarils
                                            ( I know being a 1000 kilometers away is borderline unbelievable but if I keep this part logical then Ancalagon would be insanely ridiculous ).
                                            This would mean that Ancalagon got hit 300 times per second from the light of the silmarils
                                            ( 300,000 divided by 1000 equals to 300 ).

                                            Convert this into the number of times he would have gotten hit by the silmarils in a day
                                            ( 300 X 86,400 )
                                            it would be 25,920,000 hits by the end of the battle.

                                            This would mean Ancalagon got hit with the force of 414,720,000,000
                                            (25,920,000 X 16,000 )
                                            exploding supernovas and exploding moons. There are 200 billion to 400 billion stars in the milky way galaxy.

                                            And the scariest part is that this can still be considered a low-ball, if I was to assume Ancalagon would be 100 kilometers away from the silmarils
                                            ( which is more logical though not too logical )
                                            for the entire fight then the number would go up to 4,147,200,000,000 exploding supernovas and exploding moons
                                            ( as 300,000 divided by 100 is 3000 X 86,400 equals to 259,200,000 which then multiplied by 16000 is equal to 4,147,200,000,000 )
                                            so Ancalagon is easily multi-galaxy level in terms of durability.

                                            So, what do you think about my analysis, is it good?

                                            • Patrick Chen
                                              Patrick Chen  1 months back

                                              Damn... All I want to say is that Tolkien wrote the most extensive lore of any story I have ever read. I remember staying up all night reading articles on the wiki

                                              • Hetza
                                                Hetza  1 months back

                                                Okay so...

                                                One side we have

                                                *Ancalagon the Black*

                                                The other we have

                                                *Godzilla Earth

                                                As an example

                                                Two behemoths, two legends, but only one will be victorious, and claim the crown.

                                                Let's start off with Ancalagon…

                                                This beast of a dragon has no specified size, but is said to be as tall as a mountain. That's pretty big, regardless of what mountain it's compared to, but it is also said that Ancalagon is not bigger than Thangorodrim, which are roughly 35,000 ft high, and five miles across.

                                                So, what does this mean? It means that Ancalagon doesn't really have to be as tall, or slightly shorter than these mountains to destroy them, considering he does have the ability to breathe fire but not only that, fire that was hotter than any other dragons. But, let's give this monster the benefit of the doubt, and give him the size of an average mountain, being just about 30,000 ft high. Cool thing about dragons is their ability to use their body parts as weapons as well, including the tail, wings, mouth, and feet.

                                                Durability is never mentioned, but normal dragons are, for the most part, very durable creatures with skin/scales/hide that can withstand a lot of blunt force and can't be penetrated with normal weapons such as swords or spears.

                                                Going back to his ability to breathe fire, fire is normally 750°-1,100° F in temperature. But, I mean come on, we all know dragons fire isn't normal fire, right? I am sure the most of us think of dragons melting even the bones of humans if you've ever watched Game of Thrones. So, what temperature do bones melt at? Well, they melt at 2,571° F. So we can safely assume that normal dragons fire has to be at least as hot as that. So, for our beloved Ancalagon, we'll give him a whopping fire temperature of 6,000° F. That's more than half the temperature of the sun! Impressive I must admit. And I thought I came here to give my man's Godzilla the easy victory haha!

                                                But in all seriousness, let's move onto our next contender…

                                                Godzilla Earth.

                                                Just let that “Earth" part sink in for a little bit shall we?

                                                Was that long enough?

                                                No. So Okay let's start...

                                                Godzilla Earth is a little bit more that 1,000 ft tall, about 1,800 ft wide, and weighs 100,000 tons. Just his presence emits lethal radioactive pollutants. He has the durability to survive highly advanced nuclear bombs without any injury. He has the ability to breath a radioactive beam, but the beam is described to be highly accelerated, particle-charged, and is electromagnetic in origin. “It is highly destructive; according to official records, this beam is capable of annihilating single cities and mountains, penetrating the Rocky mountains, melting parts of Himalayan Range, and destroying continental plates. The estimated range of the beam is approximately 30 kilometers, or 18.6411 miles. Following the 20,000 year timeskip and humanity's return to the planet, the crew of the Aratrum concluded that it's possible Godzilla Earth's beam would've been able to hit the ship in orbit, should they somehow be noticed.” Just by being anywhere remotely near it runs the risk of extreme radioactive exposure.”During the events of Godzilla: Project Mechagodzilla, the sequel novelization to Monster Apocalypse, Godzilla Earth used a more powerful variant of its Particle Breath, which was red in color, in order to destroy Gorath, an asteroid with a diameter of about 30 kilometers, and a mass comparable to the Moon, that threatened to destroy the planet Earth. This incident made humanity realize that the solar system is still not safe from the threat of Godzilla, and the plan to evacuate to outer space was launched.”

                                                Godzilla Earth also has the ability to create an electromagnetic shield. “The body cells of Godzilla function like the coils of magnets, enabling it to produce strong electromagnetic fields, absorb electromagnetic waves, and produce an "Asymmetric Permeable Shield" under the skin by using electromagnetic nanomaterials.” Not only that, but he has the ability to instantly regenerate tissue. “Multi-layered, physaliformed skin enables Godzilla to regenerate new skins near instantly, even if older skin is incinerated or becomes plasma due to several hundred, or even several thousand nuclear bombings, making Godzilla essentially immune to conventional weaponry.”

                                                Godzilla Earth also has metallic tissue fibers, and does not have a skeletal frame. To add to this already impressive list, Godzilla roar is not to be taken lightly. “Godzilla's roar can literally shake air and produce powerful shock waves with high oscillatory frequency, destroying targets with resonance phenomena.

                                                Despite being a shockwave generated by sound, it's precise, being able to directly strike targets from nearly a mile away, and is powerful enough to bring severe destruction to humanity's fleets, effectively shattering landing craft seen trying to escape. According to official information, this attack can crush the substance to the molecular level by resonant destruction due to high power electromagnetic waves.Much like when he shoots its atomic breath, its back fins are charged with electricity when he begins to use this attack. In addition, the pupils of its eyes contract shortly before he utilizes this attack.”

                                                Godzilla also has the ability to create a plasma cutter. “When concentrating powerful plasma from its fins, Godzilla sparks its tail and produces a plasma blade extending for 600 meters that reduces anything it touches to ash.” His tail is also a tool of destruction. “During the use of its tail plasma blade, a single swipe of its tail, surpassing the speed of sound, produces a powerful electromagnetic wave along with a shock wave that can wipe out vast areas surrounding Godzilla.”

                                                It doesn't matter how big Ancalagon is, he is no match for Godzilla Earth.

                                                Godzilla may be the King of Monsters, but *Godzilla Earth* is the God of Godzilla's

                                                • The Pagan Owl
                                                  The Pagan Owl  1 months back

                                                  Godzilla earth: 984 feet tall
                                                  Ancalagon: 35,000 feet tall

                                                  • William Castillo
                                                    William Castillo  1 months back

                                                    Ancalagon and the wing-ed dragon host fought against beings that could be called gods.
                                                    Not a pushover

                                                    • Philip Cohn
                                                      Philip Cohn  1 months back

                                                      Y'all kept forgetting Godzilla earth

                                                      • Jevil
                                                        Jevil  1 months back

                                                        Ancalagon would absolutely destroy any iteration of godzilla. The smallest "semi accutate calculation" (because we can only ball park based on descriptions) estimates of ancalagon puts him around a mile tall. Also, black holes? Pfft. Nothing compared to what it took to take down ancalagon.

                                                        Ignoring the magic of the silmarils (because it's nearly impossible to equate the force of magic to real world), it took a ship that could travel through out the universe faster than the speed of light. If anyone knows anything about physics, the faster anything with considerable mass goes, the more energy it takes to accelerate. The ship that was used to help kill ancalagon would require more energy than is present in our universe, and ancalagon tanked it. This doesn't even include all the other magic ancalagon was being hit with. To bring ancalagon down, it took universal levels of power over a day to take him down.

                                                        Not even talking about size, the power scale of the godzilla universe vs middle earth is simply incomparable. The only reason why people would give godzilla the win is simple, it's what is familiar. Ask 100 people if they have ever heard of godzilla, I would be surprised if you even had 1 say no. Do the same and replace godzilla with ancalagon. I would be surprised if you had even 10 people say yes. People are more likely to go with what they are familiar with. Anyone who knows both and has a strong understanding of middle earth would give it to ancalagon. It's also important to note that the dragons of middle earth had far more powers, like mind control, and were highly intellegent. Godzilla for the most part acts more like an animal.

                                                        One note, density based on where they live might be off. Ancalagon was born and raised in an active volcano. I don't know how much pressure would be experienced being submerged in lava, but I can imagine it's not minor.

                                                        Ancalagon would see even godzilla earth as just another thing to kill. Godzilla could definitely take out other dragons, but ancalagon? Not a chance.

                                                        • NitroScream2345 Triodayz
                                                          NitroScream2345 Triodayz  2 weeks back

                                                          Jevil depends on the types of versions of Godzilla u are talking about...if you’re talking about 2019 then yeah Ancalagon clobbers 2019 Godzilla with ease unless 2019 his in his almost invulnerable Fire Form,Shin would slice off the limbs of Ancalagon cause Shin’s Atomic breath’s length is infinite and is hot as fucking hell,Godzilla Earth would obliterate Ancalagon with ease,Burning Godzilla obviously because Godzilla 1995 goes into a complete meltdown Ancalagon is dead,Comic Godzilla was able to obliterate the monsters of Hell and escaped Hell itself...and Godzilla was already proven to be strong enough to shatter continents...

                                                      • feline leader
                                                        feline leader  1 months back

                                                        Godzilla is just a shit on Ancalagon feet! EWW!

                                                        • malsawmzuala chhangte
                                                          malsawmzuala chhangte  1 months back

                                                          King ghidorah planet eater vs ancalagon would a bit fairer or godzilla earth cause he has the plasma cutter he can cut ancalagon

                                                          • Fiona Embleton
                                                            Fiona Embleton  1 months back

                                                            Ancalagon:Are you really trying to kill me bruh...your like a pebble
                                                            Godzilla:that's cuz I am
                                                            Godzilla:this is how
                                                            Godzilla: your ugly
                                                            Ancalagon:YOU MESSED UP NOW
                                                            Godzilla: *lays down*
                                                            Ancalagon:OH CRAP *falls*
                                                            Ancalagon: *ribcage breaks cuz he weighs so much*
                                                            Godzilla:now that's why I'm a pebble

                                                            • Titanus Ghidorah
                                                              Titanus Ghidorah  1 months back

                                                              THICC. No Homo to Godzilla.

                                                              • Cj Marshall
                                                                Cj Marshall  1 months back

                                                                Plus his fire breath is equal to an nuclear mega weapon

                                                                • El Maestro
                                                                  El Maestro  1 months back

                                                                  Ancalagon: « You cant defeat me ! »
                                                                  Godzilla: « I know, but he can... »
                                                                  *20km long anime Ghidorah appeared*

                                                                  • Toksic Kat
                                                                    Toksic Kat  1 months back

                                                                    The monster I saw on the video looks kind of like the character I drew today..What a coincidence!

                                                                    • Griffen tales
                                                                      Griffen tales  1 months back

                                                                      Ancalagon:hmm you look small
                                                                      Godzilla 2019:I know, but he isn't
                                                                      Godzilla earth:*steps on Ancalagon*
                                                                      Godzilla:Also there is a shit ton of other me' s
                                                                      Every godzilla movie:*space godzilla, shin godzilla's, etc*

                                                                      • ireedui byamba
                                                                        ireedui byamba  1 months back

                                                                        What if Godzilla Earth Fought Ancalagon
                                                                        Godzilla Earth: "Shoots Atomic Ray"
                                                                        Ancalagon: OH SHITTT!!!!!!!!

                                                                        • manicasion scar
                                                                          manicasion scar  1 months back

                                                                          I think anchalogon is the size of ant when compared to anime Ghidorah

                                                                          • Chris Magalona
                                                                            Chris Magalona  1 months back

                                                                            I think ancalagon would range about 400-1000 ft tall. Defeatable by the G-man.

                                                                            • Raphael Murray
                                                                              Raphael Murray  1 months back

                                                                              10000 meters

                                                                              • Ahh Sulfur
                                                                                Ahh Sulfur  1 months back

                                                                                .........Godzilla can win but Godzilla earth tho, g man earth could just slap the dragon the the dragon boy would just go flying, and not with his wings

                                                                                • Justin Rios
                                                                                  Justin Rios  1 months back

                                                                                  Fire godzilla

                                                                                  • Pimpchimpbitchblimp N
                                                                                    Pimpchimpbitchblimp N  2 months back

                                                                                    Nigga ancalagon would chew godzilla

                                                                                    • Andrei Peñales
                                                                                      Andrei Peñales  2 months back

                                                                                      Try godzilla earth

                                                                                      • Dark Spyro
                                                                                        Dark Spyro  2 months back

                                                                                        He would probably be swallowed instantly lol

                                                                                        • Dark Manji
                                                                                          Dark Manji  2 months back

                                                                                          What about Godzilla earth?

                                                                                          • yahya wan
                                                                                            yahya wan  2 months back

                                                                                            Ancalagon Vs Godzilla earth or clover can you do that next time

                                                                                            • PigHunter Gaming
                                                                                              PigHunter Gaming  2 months back

                                                                                              Godzilla is damn near unkillable he survived being hit point blank with the strongest oxygen bomb ever made. And yes I know he was weakened but even then he had enough energy to swim back to his den to recover and again yes I know Godzilla is a fast swimmer but that trip probably still took him a while to travel but he still managed it even after being severely hurt. If he was able to do that I don't think there's really much of anything Ancalagon could really do to hurt Godzilla let alone kill him this would be a battle of attrition and I think it's fairly obvious Godzilla would win that. Like you said he tanked being dropped from so high he caught fire. With no real noticable battle damage after. Even his back spikes weren't damaged after and they're what too the initial imapact his of the falle first. Godzilla is just too durable in my eyes for this to go to anyone but Godzilla and that's just using the legendary Godzilla. If this was a match up between Godzilla Earth and Ancalagon. I'm pretty sure we all know Godzilla would win that fight easily.