12 Days of Christmas On A Budget

  • Published: 22 December 2015
  • Tired of spending thousands on golden rings? Are all those swans of swimming trying to bite you? Then I have the solution for you! This method will grantee you loved ones heart and it won't be so hard on your wallet.

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  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning  32 minutes back

    When the kid huged the chicken THAT WAS SO CUTE

    • R W
      R W  3 hours back

      I have 1 bunny, 2 cats ,3 Chickens, 2 ducks , 3 birds and a fish

      • Nérétrol
        Nérétrol  15 hours back

        3:36 normal dude everything is expensive in France

        • jeboyBART
          jeboyBART  18 hours back

          If two people are turtle doves they love each other

          • Ethan Gallego
            Ethan Gallego  19 hours back


            • King Royal
              King Royal  20 hours back

              Did he say f**king at 0:32

              • Caylin Spruit
                Caylin Spruit  1 days back

                I have chickens as a pet

                • Anant thind
                  Anant thind  2 days back

                  Dont say the f word

                  • Abby the Baby Unicorn
                    Abby the Baby Unicorn  2 days back

                    Fricken partige

                    • Sunshine Gacha G
                      Sunshine Gacha G  2 days back

                      I found all my pet turtles outside

                      • Gabriel Case
                        Gabriel Case  2 days back

                        i used to have chicken but they all deid :(

                        • Shelby Candela
                          Shelby Candela  2 days back

                          Instead of hearing "get them four pigeons" I heard

                          "Get them four bitches"... ffs

                          • InfiniteGamer 4307
                            InfiniteGamer 4307  2 days back

                            0:32 did he curse

                            • Haider Tube
                              Haider Tube  2 days back

                              What is that kazoo meme?

                              • Christian Abuel
                                Christian Abuel  2 days back

                                Hey james why dont you call it oddsmsass in this channle even pewdiepie has his name for christmas pewdsmass

                                • Usama Sagali
                                  Usama Sagali  2 days back

                                  I watched on the slowest speed you can and he sounds cringy

                                  • Usama Sagali
                                    Usama Sagali  2 days back

                                    I watched this vid and went to the normal kazoo vid and died

                                    • Giana Busiel
                                      Giana Busiel  2 days back

                                      " 8....Mexicans...."
                                      Omg that killed me

                                      • Jay Owen
                                        Jay Owen  2 days back

                                        yesterday i saw a cat in a normal normal tree yesterday with 4 pigeons also in the tree

                                        • Kongerlonger
                                          Kongerlonger  2 days back

                                          And a cat who just ate my pet Steve

                                          • Bill Corum
                                            Bill Corum  3 days back

                                            Turtles aren’t really that expensive. You can get red eared Slider turtles at Petco for $30.

                                            • jeboyBART
                                              jeboyBART  18 hours back

                                              Bill Corum some cost €10

                                          • Madli Magi
                                            Madli Magi  3 days back

                                            Does your true love really want a pet bird that badly?

                                            Idk ask Jaiden

                                            • Nicola /cassidy Holloway/holloway

                                              Forrrrrrrr doves

                                              • parisha narang
                                                parisha narang  3 days back

                                                James: no one wants swans me: i would love that (oncers will get that) ( I see u)

                                                • John Squiddy
                                                  John Squiddy  4 days back

                                                  The chicken people would be micha’s Neighbor

                                                  • adomino 345
                                                    adomino 345  4 days back

                                                    Cooly birds or whatever they are pronounced live right next to my house.

                                                    • Melody Gao
                                                      Melody Gao  4 days back

                                                      /| |\
                                                      / \

                                                      • Midnight Plays Minecraft

                                                        3:42 tho...

                                                        • Nathan Kwok
                                                          Nathan Kwok  5 days back


                                                          • Draven Weygandt
                                                            Draven Weygandt  5 days back

                                                            for day 12 just bang on a drum 12 times

                                                            • kOYOU TRASH
                                                              kOYOU TRASH  5 days back

                                                              The kazoo kid tho

                                                              I died of laughter

                                                              • Slëëpyhed-Playz
                                                                Slëëpyhed-Playz  5 days back

                                                                Yes, James, your true love does like birds.
                                                                JAMDEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                • Genesis Hernandez
                                                                  Genesis Hernandez  5 days back

                                                                  My mom buys like chickens for $12 each

                                                                  • Jackson James
                                                                    Jackson James  6 days back

                                                                    Um, james, you really think people don't have pet chickens? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!?!? Thing is I have pet chickens and everyone in my neighborhood knows that ¦(

                                                                    • drawing monster
                                                                      drawing monster  6 days back

                                                                      I had chickens but they hit me

                                                                      • gamefan plushies
                                                                        gamefan plushies  6 days back

                                                                        3:40 the loud house buying some kazoos for there parents

                                                                        • gamefan plushies
                                                                          gamefan plushies  6 days back

                                                                          0:33 poor pear

                                                                          • PoWeR
                                                                            PoWeR  6 days back


                                                                            • Layne Bordelon
                                                                              Layne Bordelon  6 days back

                                                                              Look...James 🦢 swans r DANGEROUS THEY DRAG PPL UNDER WATER IF U GET TO CLOSE TO ITS NEST

                                                                              • Ronald Berdell
                                                                                Ronald Berdell  6 days back

                                                                                It's a turtle neak

                                                                                • Samir Bhan
                                                                                  Samir Bhan  6 days back

                                                                                  Amazing video

                                                                                  • Capablecloserbear
                                                                                    Capablecloserbear  6 days back

                                                                                    3:44 was hilarious

                                                                                    • Mario and My Singing Monsters Fan 1023

                                                                                      You know you really try when you have comic sans

                                                                                      • Kamese Fogg
                                                                                        Kamese Fogg  7 days back

                                                                                        James cutting it close this time yall

                                                                                        • Hydra Nuk3
                                                                                          Hydra Nuk3  7 days back

                                                                                          3:44 = 👂💀

                                                                                          • [GD] YazanYaseenPlayz
                                                                                            [GD] YazanYaseenPlayz  7 days back


                                                                                            • Roaring Thunder115
                                                                                              Roaring Thunder115  7 days back

                                                                                              12 Pugs
                                                                                              11 Kazoos
                                                                                              10 Frogs
                                                                                              9 Lady’s Dancing
                                                                                              8 migrant workers
                                                                                              7 rubber dugs
                                                                                              6 eggs
                                                                                              5 RingPops
                                                                                              4 Pidgeons
                                                                                              3 Chicken
                                                                                              2 goldfish
                                                                                              And a Cat and a regular tree