[4K] NEW - Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular Fireworks Show | 2019 Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

  • Published: 17 August 2019
  • Watch the debut showing of Disney's Not-So-Spooky fireworks and projection show hosted by Jack Skellington from front-and-center to Cinderella Castle. The new fireworks and projection show is exclusive to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

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  • watertakken
    watertakken  4 hours back

    Looks like your watching a movie on the Castle.

    • ghosty4
      ghosty4  11 hours back

      Ok, why does Disneyland get the newer Mickey short animations for their celebrations but Walt Disney World gets classic Mickey animations? They need to make up their mind.

      • Guia de Trips
        Guia de Trips  6 days back

        Linda filmagem

        • Fun with Miss Vi
          Fun with Miss Vi  2 weeks back

          Really cool! We love this show 😻

          • Funky Kong
            Funky Kong  3 weeks back

            4:09 The frick did Donald say?
            I thought he said the S word

            • Mike Parson
              Mike Parson  2 weeks back

              “Ah, don’t be chicken!”

          • Payton Kim
            Payton Kim  3 weeks back

            A great show but IT’S AUGUST!!

            • ghosty4
              ghosty4  11 hours back

              People are still paying an up-charge for it, though.

          • Knight of Arkronia
            Knight of Arkronia  3 weeks back

            It’s a shame they didn’t work the Horned King into the show! It would’ve be a real treat for those fans of Disney’s dark side!

            • Sorcerer SMC
              Sorcerer SMC  4 weeks back

              Eh, this show was alright, but the only real highlight of this show, was the Jack Skellington puppet

              • Sanjidub
                Sanjidub  4 weeks back

                Visually it looks amazing!! but musically Happy hallowishes was a thousand times better! This one took out all of the spookiness :(

                • 8bit Nuke
                  8bit Nuke  2 weeks back

                  100% agree with you about the music, HalloWishes had an amazing soundtrack. Personally, I honestly felt like this show as a whole was really lacking.

                • Sorcerer SMC
                  Sorcerer SMC  4 weeks back

                  Sanjidub well that’s your opinion, not a fact, but you gotta admit the Jack Skellington puppet was a major improvement

              • Jane VanTassel
                Jane VanTassel  4 weeks back

                AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! The bar has just been set for firework/night shows!! I LOVED IT!!

                • grace budd
                  grace budd  4 weeks back

                  thank you so much for this ultra-clear & focused video! now i have _finally_ realized that jack is not a projection, hologram, or animatronic but an extra large puppet! i feel a bit silly for not coming to that most obvious conclusion sooner. he looks amazing, very impressive. disney sure is magical! 🎃🧡

                  • 8Bit Gabe Official
                    8Bit Gabe Official  4 weeks back

                    Who is the new Minnie voice actor?

                    • トミコーTomikoー
                      トミコーTomikoー  4 weeks back

                      I loved nightmare before Christmas.

                      • DiamondtheWolf 3.0
                        DiamondtheWolf 3.0  1 months back

                        I like how Jack walks on stage

                        • Simmons Funny Farm
                          Simmons Funny Farm  1 months back

                          I liked Hallow wishes better :(

                          • Geri Markobrada
                            Geri Markobrada  1 months back

                            This is my third video watching these fireworks and your vid by far is the best!!! Excellent vid!!!! Thank you!

                          • gissneric
                            gissneric  1 months back

                            At last, close up view of the show where I can see Jack more clearly.