How To Ace the ICD-9 Questions on the CPC Exam

  • Published: 09 March 2010
  • : Prepare for the CPC exam with these tips from two Certified Professional Coders who survived the test. We'll help you correctly answer the exam's tricky pathophysiology and ICD-9 coding questions.

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  • Jyinqo Tes Luerra
    Jyinqo Tes Luerra  3 years back

    ty this helps alot solid tips!!!!!

    • TCI SuperCoder
      TCI SuperCoder   3 years back

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      • Andrew Wang
        Andrew Wang  4 years back

        On the exam, the easier questions tend to fall at the end. So, I would do the last 50 or 60 questions first, then do the ones at the beginning. Once I finished the easier ones, I start off working backwards on the questions I haven't done.

        • Karen Wheeler
          Karen Wheeler  5 years back

          Thank you for the helpful info.

        • Tatiana B.
          Tatiana B.  6 years back

          I got a lot of studying to do. Thank you!

          • kenswifeyabril
            kenswifeyabril  6 years back

            Thank you

            • SassyCat2222
              SassyCat2222  7 years back

              Thanks - found this short video on an internet search. The tips really help! Thanks ladies! Wish me luck on my "retake"!!

              • Kimberbunny
                Kimberbunny  7 years back

                25-40 a year

                • Troublestone2000
                  Troublestone2000  8 years back

                  @immigrantvida I just took my CPC test on 12/17/11...hope u pass

                  • MedicalCodingPro1
                    MedicalCodingPro1  8 years back

                    Great information! Thanks for the video.

                    • bugzybug3
                      bugzybug3  9 years back

                      Thank u for the tips

                      • Soli Sh
                        Soli Sh  9 years back

                        Thanks that was a good tips:)

                        • Certification Coaching Organization

                          Hi Erin and Torrey! Nice job. To all coders out there preparing for CPC certification - the boot camps offered by these folks are great.

                          • Lisa Mitassi
                            Lisa Mitassi  9 years back

                            THANK YOU!