Justin Thomas Crushes a 250 Yard Drive With a Mini Golf Putter | Smash Factor | Golf Digest

  • Published: 11 April 2017
  • Justin Thomas is one of the longest golfers on the planet because he has an insane smash factor, which is ball speed divided by club speed. In other words, Thomas swings crazy fast and has amazing hand-eye coordination. Thomas's peak smash factor is on par with Dustin Johnson. Golf Digest wanted to find out what his smash factor would be with a kids club, tennis racket, baseball bat, shovel, wiffle ball bat, and mini-golf putter. The results were astounding.

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    Justin Thomas Crushes a 250 Yard Drive With a Mini Golf Putter | Smash Factor | Golf Digest
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Comments • 68

  • Debbiebabe69
    Debbiebabe69  3 days back

    Ball speed divided by club speed? Surely that is just a measure of the coefficient of restitution of the ball and the club?

    • The Swedish Golfer Channel

      150 pounds! There goes my theory out of the window that my brother outdrives me with 20 yards due to his 20 pound weight advantage :)

      • Kevin Lu WX
        Kevin Lu WX  9 months back

        Wow, JT hits it as hard as professional tennis players

        • yes333yes
          yes333yes  12 months back

          idk why, but I really dislike this guy....

          • SDK
            SDK  12 months back

            Outdrove me with a putter

            • NASA Ship 7
              NASA Ship 7  12 months back

              When he hits it farther with a putter then me with a driver...

              • Syon Cheung
                Syon Cheung  1 years back

                but the putter isn’t fast as Jamie Sadlowski

                • Luca Tentorio
                  Luca Tentorio  1 years back

                  and the conclusions of this useless video are..??

                • Icy. exe
                  Icy. exe  1 years back

                  His *smash factor* is just *nuts. Ball speed* divided by *head speed*

                  • Chris V
                    Chris V  1 years back

                    So he’s happy Gilmore

                    • Joakim Kornbek
                      Joakim Kornbek  1 years back

                      Why is he hitting a Wilson Staff ball? 0:16

                      • Victor Y
                        Victor Y  2 years back

                        Do some jumping jacks before the studio voice over, pretend you're talking to a human. Sounds bizarre.

                        • Alex Green
                          Alex Green  2 years back

                          JT is a tool. Before he got really good he was such a mope and a B**** on the course, always whining, crying and moping around. He has some of the worst body language I've ever seen. I would love to knock his little bitch @$$ to the ground. The little C--- grew up on golf courses where daddy and pop pop were the course pros. Sounds like a tough life.

                          • Alex Green
                            Alex Green  1 years back

                            Victor Y you are a world class douche

                          • Alex Green
                            Alex Green  2 years back

                            Never do a wink face at a man again that is the weirdest/creepiest thing anyone has ever said online to me

                          • Alex Green
                            Alex Green  2 years back

                            Did I ever say it lessens his human value? Are you illiterate? I don't like him. He always whines on the course and I can't stand him. That's my right I don't need your approval. Now go get a life

                          • Victor Y
                            Victor Y  2 years back

                            Not everyone is required to have a tough life, it doesn't lessen their value as a human or undermine their character. Your aggression doesn't really make you look jealous as much as dumb.

                          • Alex Green
                            Alex Green  2 years back

                            Wtf does that even mean about the public school bit. Such a dumb ass response

                        • Mdmchannel
                          Mdmchannel  2 years back

                          Dude crushes it

                          • iWearCapeIRL
                            iWearCapeIRL  2 years back

                            Shovel confirmed going in JT's bag?

                            • The Big Beans
                              The Big Beans  2 years back

                              Caddie: forty two yards in what are you thinking

                              Justin: hmmm I'm thinking shovel

                              Caddie: little bit of draw?

                              Justin: yup play it a bit lower but still a full swing

                              Caddie after shot: wow that has to be the new digging technology

                            • Jason
                              Jason  2 years back

                              I produced a 6.9 smash factor with his girlfriend while he filmed this video

                              • DiscoHusche
                                DiscoHusche  11 months back

                                Your Balls moved 7 times faster than your club? Where did they end up?

                              • RubberBoobs&Liquor
                                RubberBoobs&Liquor  12 months back

                                Jason underrated comment here. A+

                            • Aspect
                              Aspect  2 years back

                              He looks like Jordan Spieths evil twin

                              • EpicDiehard
                                EpicDiehard  4 months back

                                +Daniel Q I didn't know that, they should mention it during the broadcast sometime

                              • Daniel Q
                                Daniel Q  8 months back

                                ironically he is a good friend of spieth...

                            • Derek Cardwell
                              Derek Cardwell  2 years back

                              This was just like the Jeff Flagg one

                              • Amanda tompkins
                                Amanda tompkins  2 years back

                                Putter 253!!

                                • David Aura
                                  David Aura  2 years back

                                  His smash factor with the shovel is better than my driver's. T_T

                                  • Dongsoo Lee
                                    Dongsoo Lee  2 years back

                                    Ball speed/club speed=Smash factor
                                    When Justin hits a baseball bat
                                    107.8 ball speed/76.3 club speed=1.41 smash factor
                                    Golf digest got 1.50 smash factor

                                    • reelkena
                                      reelkena  2 years back

                                      Him straight facing this is great.

                                      • bunkerputt
                                        bunkerputt  2 years back

                                        The shoveler can hit that shovel better. That's just his thing.

                                        • TYLER'S NFL DRAFT KING PICKS

                                          Shut that stupid women up

                                          • VWRabbit2008
                                            VWRabbit2008  2 years back

                                            He's also the biggest baby on tour wah 😭 Cry baby

                                            • Flame MC
                                              Flame MC  2 years back

                                              No, that's Kevin Na.

                                          • howiyeh bieber
                                            howiyeh bieber  2 years back


                                            • Mr. Big Body
                                              Mr. Big Body  2 years back

                                              He should use that putter instead of the driver

                                              • Tom Donnelly
                                                Tom Donnelly  2 years back

                                                The sound of the golf ball off the face of his long irons is like nothing I've ever heard. The word "solid" doesn't even begin to describe it. Amazing ballstriker.

                                                • zcmelak
                                                  zcmelak  2 years back

                                                  JT hit a teed golfball for a 500 foot homer? holy shit lol

                                                  • Dongsoo Lee
                                                    Dongsoo Lee  2 years back

                                                    Actually 138, but still, I bet that ball went like 50 yards

                                                  • Simon Freund
                                                    Simon Freund  2 years back

                                                    I'll bet you I can hit it further than 200yds with a tennis racquet

                                                  • Nig Ops
                                                    Nig Ops  2 years back

                                                    zcmelak that track man is way off how can u hit a tennis racket 170

                                                • Aaron M
                                                  Aaron M  2 years back

                                                  what a pointless video..

                                                  • Chuck Taylor
                                                    Chuck Taylor  8 months back

                                                    Yea, Having fun is pointless.

                                                  • JJWP 88
                                                    JJWP 88  1 years back

                                                    wharffratt only *11* agree with _you_ tho....

                                                  • SmallYeti
                                                    SmallYeti  2 years back

                                                    Everything has to be useful

                                                  • Jpgundarun
                                                    Jpgundarun  2 years back

                                                    But entertaining all the same. Laughed at end.

                                                • Davin Fligel
                                                  Davin Fligel  2 years back

                                                  Based on the rules governing CT and COR for Drivers and other clubs respectively it is near impossible to exceed 1.5 smash factor.

                                                  DJ and JT probably are within the margin of error at 1.5 using regulation clubs and balls. What you are really measuring is efficiency of transferring swing energy into forward momentum of the strike object. So.... as long as the player exceeds a certain speed and doesn't absorb momentum at contact (loose hands/no lag/arms only/no weigh behind through the shaft etc) you should achieve a smash factor of 1.5 if you hit the sweet spot of the club.

                                                  • Diego Courtney Golf
                                                    Diego Courtney Golf  9 months back

                                                    Will Scheurer my max was 1.52 i can never get it higher than that

                                                  • Will Scheurer
                                                    Will Scheurer  1 years back

                                                    1.52 is what I have seen to be the absolute max smash factor, or in other terms, a perfect shot. Anything higher might be error, but I am pretty sure 1.51 for DJ and 1.52 for Justin Thomas seem reasonable for two of the best golfers on the planet.

                                                  • DerpCakeFlies
                                                    DerpCakeFlies  2 years back

                                                    ive senn 1.55 with my M2-D Type driver...lol

                                                  • Neil Taylor
                                                    Neil Taylor  2 years back

                                                    It might also be measurement error. But i kinda like the toe theory.

                                                    My driver suits me really well, and I have seen 1.51 on trackman a few times, never that elusive 1.52 though :P

                                                • Oskar Blomdahl
                                                  Oskar Blomdahl  2 years back