How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month at Home - Abs Workout Planking

  • Published: 23 May 2019
  • This is how to get a flat stomach in a month at home. If you want to get rid of your belly fat, these few belly fat burning exercise should help you do just that right from your home. Watch the video now to learn how simple it is to get a flat stomach in a month from home. Waysandhow. #absworkout #bellyfat #getaflatstomach

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Comments • 6 478

  • Esprit Arkitekt
    Esprit Arkitekt  15 hours back

    hey +WaysAndHow does this work on losing water retention caused by being on ur feet long hours?

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   6 hours back

      I don't think so, however, you should cut down on your salt intake.

  • Mehjabin Mk
    Mehjabin Mk  21 hours back

    What time should we do the exercise morning or ?

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   18 hours back

      Whenever you can find the time.

    MMDHE  24 hours back

    nice video friend and for health

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   18 hours back

      Thank you, please share the video.

  • Nina Jimenez
    Nina Jimenez  1 days back

    Im going to try this and actually post my results let's see how this goes. I will post my weight that I started at and then where I finished at. I am also doing a diet with this as well.

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   1 days back

      That's wonderful, Nina, good luck to you.

  • eff Tem
    eff Tem  1 days back

    I’m gonna try this too. I’ll put down how much weight I lose in a months time

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   1 days back

      Alright, we are rooting for you, good luck.

  • radbree
    radbree  2 days back


    EDWARD EDWARDS  2 days back

    You should try giving diet chart with these exercises please

      EDWARD EDWARDS  2 days back

      I will go through the videos

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   2 days back

      Thanks for watching, Edward. We have lots of video on diet, and this particular video is about exercise.

  • Skyla
    Skyla  2 days back

    I know this work out works because I lost weight doing it but damn, do you have to show skinny girls as a way to give fat girls anxiety? That's messed up. It's a tool to make girls feel unfit and if you have nothing to back it up (evidence) Don't let it discourage you. Do it for 3 non consecutive days for 4 weeks for results. Mind you I was 175 so if you are bigger, it may take more time. Don't give up! Give yourself a break. I was 210 when I started. It can happen. Jogging for start ups helps skim you down before yoga. Just keep at it. Don't feel lost if you skip. We all do sometimes. Just keep going. You Will see results.

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   2 days back

      We are glad you are doing very well, Skyla, keep it up, and good luck to you.

  • Julia M
    Julia M  2 days back


  • Rusty
    Rusty  3 days back

    A stomach is an organ for digestion. Anyone who uses the term "stomach" instead of ABS is ignorant to the nth degree.

  • Delia Santasieri
    Delia Santasieri  3 days back

    That stomach at the beginning is flat

    • Delia Santasieri
      Delia Santasieri  18 hours back

      I am and my stomach hurts right now. I just feel the creators of the video should show someone from start to finish with a bigger belly

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   3 days back

      So? That should not be your concern, you should worry about how you get your stomach to be flat too.

  • Amit Sawant
    Amit Sawant  3 days back

    This video influenced me to...

    Watch Porn

    • Amit Sawant
      Amit Sawant  2 days back

      @WaysAndHow hey no offense man, your channel is doing a gr8 job by sharing such homemade exercises for those who don't have time to go to gym.Cheers 👍

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   3 days back

      Glad to hear it, good luck to you, Amit. Please share the video, thanks!

  • Nig Bro
    Nig Bro  3 days back

    3:39 in the morning and I'm trying to get the video to lose weight for me

  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan  3 days back

    How many sets should be done?

    • WaysAndHow
      WaysAndHow   3 days back

      Watch the video again, it is very clear. The first exercise after plank says 15 reps, then increase to 20 and 30 reps in week three. By the way, the sets mean reps.

  • Kartika Azalea
    Kartika Azalea  3 days back

    No matter what exercise you do you too hv to watch out the diet you tk.

      NIKUNJ SONERA  4 days back

      How long we can take break between each exercise?? 1 or 2 minutes??
      Any suggestions or tips please

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        About 20 to 30 seconds. You don't want to take so much time off before the next exercise, you want all combined to be effective. Good luck to you, Nikunj.

    • Mika Acer
      Mika Acer  4 days back

      R e

    • Urself Boi x3
      Urself Boi x3  4 days back

      Eat fish

    • sathya parthi
      sathya parthi  4 days back

      I started this excercise 10 september but i do this excercise got stomak pain

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        If you need to lose weight, please do that first, before you start these exercises. Start with walking for about 40 minutes a day.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        If you are having pain doing the exercises, stop.

      • sathya parthi
        sathya parthi  4 days back

        Stomak two sides pain, what i can do?

    • Cindy Do
      Cindy Do  4 days back

      I'd like a flat stomach butt not a flat bum. 0:26

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        Okay, whatever makes you happy.

    • A Pig
      A Pig  4 days back

      Bruh, dont do planks.
      It promotes bad posture, back pain, and 0 glutes.
      However, you do what you want to do.

      • A Pig
        A Pig  3 days back

        @WaysAndHow I'm not trying to be a "know it all." If you want people TO do planks, then keep doing it. I'm simply explaining why I think you shouldn't do it.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        Oh' please, another know it all.

    • Tia Jewels
      Tia Jewels  4 days back

      And these are 20 something ladies and men, not 60

    • Noah Vigil
      Noah Vigil  5 days back


    • Ones seno
      Ones seno  5 days back

      Dear All,
      I am here for an update! I started 20/7/19 -10/9/19.
      My routines as follows except for like fews days that i didnt coz i was depressed that i broke my phone.XD:
      Since from day one,
      >Bicycle crunches-60 sets each leg(which sucked major d**k!!!!and not in a good way if you are into that lol)
      >Skipped leg raises(don't ask me why)
      >Bird dogs- right arm left leg i hold for 100secs. Same with left arm right leg. Haven't done it for like 2weeks now.
      >all that with 44mins of cycling or 6000 steps recommended by Samsung health, thank you samsung health😁🙏🏿!!
      >eating habit- i must the all the above before i eat. I eat breakfast around 10am mostly, i would carb load then i would skip lunch and have my dinner around 9pm mostly, till next morning after all those exercises!!!.
      >And now the fun part result, before i start this i my stomach looked like a baby elephant.🤧, while been over weight at the same time. Fast forward to now i have a way way more flatter stomach even some few abs that are trying to show their face, and the will in the very near future!!!! But do i have a flat stomach like the lady they showed in video no! But that big tummy is gone, i met some relatives that i haven't seen in a few weeks while walking towards them, everyone was like hey where is your stomach where did it go even my sisters told me my big ass stomach is gone!!!!!😁😁😁.
      Now is this easy as they make it seem in this video NO!!!!!. I DREAD EVERY MORNING. BUT NOW I AM REAPING MY HARD WORK. Which is still not perfect. But am getting there.
      Oh and i lost tones of weight too and the clothes that don't fit, fits me very nicely without been tight at all.

    • DJ Panras oldSchoolDJmaster

      Great video. I’m confused about the final demonstration though. Every exercise showed a demonstrated example but this last one showed something different

    • simar saini
      simar saini  5 days back

      I felt testical pain whenever I perform these exercises..please reply

    • David Jones
      David Jones  5 days back

      Finally! A video that is straight to the point! No ripped guy chatting on and on , show boating and all that... Just good info. This is the video I will be using and have saved to my favorites. Can't tell how annoying it is to me to click on a video only to be presented with someone that chats all kinds of nonsense, is unfocused, and mostly focused on themselves.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   4 days back

        Thank you, David, much appreciated. Please share the video, thanks!

    • vzn
      vzn  5 days back

      I don't think this works anymore

    • Elif Denizer
      Elif Denizer  5 days back

      9/10/19 🧘‍♀️

    • Jason Yahtman
      Jason Yahtman  5 days back

      Wat the hell you people should add something in the video saying, for 1 month you'll get your results but when you stop, you'll gain Fay even more than before!!!!!!😠😭😭😩😨😠😠🤬🤬😠

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Are you that dumb, use your head. Who starts an exercise regimen, or dieting and stops and expect to maintain what was gained? Give people credit, they understand that if you stop you lose it.

    • Mibubot
      Mibubot  5 days back

      Who is watching while asking in the comments if you’re watching this while lying down on something?

      • Mibubot
        Mibubot  5 days back

        I’m asking if anyone is asking if anyone is watching this while lying down. I’m not asking if anyone is lying down while watching.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back


    • Jose Santisteban
      Jose Santisteban  5 days back

      How Many reps of each exercise during each week?

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Watch the video again, it is self-explanatory.

    • Paul Mullapudi
      Paul Mullapudi  5 days back


      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Thanks, please share the video.

    • Sandeep Damodare
      Sandeep Damodare  5 days back

      Wow sexy iner lady

    • Apple Fish
      Apple Fish  5 days back

      I'm on week 4. No 6 pack, but a bit of improvement.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Of course, yes, this is a lifetime exercise, the one month means that you will see measurable results, it does not mean that you stop. Please continue. Good luck

      • Apple Fish
        Apple Fish  5 days back

        @WaysAndHow No, I'm at a healthy weight. Plus, I've lost about 25 pounds. This program has definitely worked, but I'll have to do it for longer than a month to see a huge difference.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Well, that is something. Keep going and keep improving. By the way, did you need to lose some weight before you started? If so, should work on losing weight and that will make a whole lot of difference. Good luck to you Apple.

    • Gaunter O'Dimm
      Gaunter O'Dimm  5 days back

      This video is a meme. Fat people, if you wanna lose weight, do keto and IF. There's no real other way.

    • King Khan
      King Khan  5 days back

      How many plank sets per day? You didn't mentioned sets for planks?

      • King Khan
        King Khan  5 days back

        Yeah now I know better to do it 30 seconds each day for one week. Very clear now to increase every week and upto your strength.

        One more question sir;
        should I do it before my running and walking schedule or after that? I do it for 90 minutes in the afternoon not in the morning. Thankyou !

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Plank does not have sets, watch the video again. The video told you to start with 30-second plank and increase weekly by 10 seconds. If you are strong you can do up 120 seconds or more. Good luck.

    • Hotwings andbeer
      Hotwings andbeer  5 days back

      I am going to do this for sure! First im going to stay in bed today and watch tv, maybe have a nap. Maybe I'll start it tomorrow or whatever! Stop bugging me about it!

    • Cheryl Sillacay
      Cheryl Sillacay  6 days back

      This is really great. Need discipline also on you eating habit. I do this and it really work. Try to eat more protine and fiber done carbohydrates and fatty foods.
      Try doing this whike watching movies

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Yes, healthy diets make a whole lot of difference.

    • Nonso Coolwaves
      Nonso Coolwaves  6 days back

      Truth is, you ain't gonna do it for a month and retire. No.
      You stop after you get your result, your result starts diminishing.
      So you gotta do it forever or for as long as you want to keep that flat tummy.
      Sad 😔

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Nonso, this is a lifelong journey, the one month means that people will start seeing measurable results.

    • Ja sam Bree
      Ja sam Bree  6 days back

      Exactly this program is a way too hard for beginners i recommend for heavy weight people exercice at 2.30 just lift 10cm and holding for 10sec. 5sets every day. 👌

    • Reshma John
      Reshma John  6 days back

      Im 44 kg i dnt want to lose my weight i only just want to reduce my belly fat wld these exercises reduce my weight???

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        If you don't want to lose weight you might as well forget about gaining a flat stomach. It will not happen until you lose weight.

    • Neethu John
      Neethu John  6 days back

      Its working ❣️❣️

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        Wonderful, Neethu, that is nice to hear. Good luck to you my friend.

    • Scott Obrien
      Scott Obrien  6 days back

      This video is bullshit. It takes a lot more than just a few exercises and to be told to eat a healthy diet to get rid of stomach fat. In fact you can't get rid of fat cells they only shrink or increase in size.

      • Scott Obrien
        Scott Obrien  5 days back

        @WaysAndHow what products are you selling?

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   5 days back

        You should go back to school. First thing you should learn in school is to know that fact before you start commenting. If you had watched the entire video you would have known that the video talked about dieting. Second, you can't get rid of fat cells nonsense, where did that come from, the video never mentioned anything about fat cells, and third, you call the video bullshit and I take offense to that characterization. You should talk to people who have seen great results with the video and ask them if they think the video is bullshit.

      • Scott Obrien
        Scott Obrien  6 days back

        @WaysAndHow I have a degree in exercise physiology.

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   6 days back

        Shows how much you know about anything.

    • Richard's World Traveler

      Good exercises, but you can't target where your burn off the fat.

      SiNGER SANCHiTA  6 days back

      Very good video! Explained so well

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   6 days back

        Thank you, Singer, please share the video, thanks!

    • whattheheck?
      whattheheck?  6 days back

      Love it! Thank you 😁

      • WaysAndHow
        WaysAndHow   6 days back

        You're welcome, please share the video, thanks!

    • Jaun Sanchez
      Jaun Sanchez  6 days back

      Simple just stop eating
      For three days