morgxn - Me Without You

  • Published: 09 January 2019
  • morgxn performs Me Without You on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    morgxn - Me Without You
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Comments • 73

  • Benjamin Garrett
    Benjamin Garrett  1 days back

    I'm so glad I found this.. I want to use it at my wedding. This is so beautiful, I can't listen to it without tearing up.. you have a true talent, man.

    • morgxn
      morgxn  24 hours back

      Benjamin Garrett that would be an honor. thanks so much

  • speedbliss
    speedbliss  3 days back

    Incredible performance

    • morgxn
      morgxn  2 days back

      speedbliss thank you ♥️

  • Willow K
    Willow K  4 days back

    Amazing vocals. Pure raw talent.

    • morgxn
      morgxn  4 days back

      Willow K 🙏🙏 thank you

  • Kungpaoshizi
    Kungpaoshizi  5 days back

    I'm here because I searched it out from hating it in the ads so much! This song is turrible!

    • Ashli Sharde'
      Ashli Sharde'  6 days back

      Ran into this song on a ad ... ITS SO BEAUTIFUL💯

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Ashli Sharde' ♥️♥️♥️

    • Robert Salvari
      Robert Salvari  6 days back

      Powerful... absolutely powerful. I've been a fan since I first saw you those many years ago. Continue carrying the weight, my friend!

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Robert Salvari you are what is vital to me ✨

    • yeezus
      yeezus  7 days back


      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        yeezus 😍

    • Paige Rindone
      Paige Rindone  7 days back

      A beautiful soul just put on an epic performance. 💛

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Paige Rindone 🙏🙏

    • jules r
      jules r  7 days back

      bb i LOVE you you’re an icon and you killed this 🤩🤩🤩

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        jules r ♥️♥️♥️

    • jules r
      jules r  7 days back

      he is wearing nail polish and eyeshadow! and guess what? he’s also rocking it like the icon he is! we LOVE and we STAN and if you have a problem, you don’t have to watch the video: problem solved.

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        jules r yawivtm

    • Whitney Pilzer
      Whitney Pilzer  1 weeks back

      you are what is vital to me baby<3 this brought me to tears.

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Whitney Pilzer baaaaaaaabeeeee

    • Natalie Saldana
      Natalie Saldana  1 weeks back

      So proud of you! Love this one, especially live. Something tells me your father would be so immensely proud. ❤

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Natalie Saldana ♥️♥️✨

    • krayziemia26
      krayziemia26  1 weeks back

      I Don't Know MORGXN until now. Thank you...great voice🥂🚀🌠🎤

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        krayziemia26 :)

    • Luis Gomez
      Luis Gomez  1 weeks back

      Morgxn - “translucent”

      • morgxn
        morgxn  5 days back

        Luis Gomez 📍

    • Kamyar K
      Kamyar K  1 weeks back

      It's got the same piano line as The Ornament by Dredg

      • Lily Zanoff
        Lily Zanoff  1 weeks back

        I’m crying

        • morgxn
          morgxn  5 days back

          Lily Zanoff ✨♥️

      • Paul Wade
        Paul Wade  1 weeks back

        Very formulaic, will get lost in the sea of similar music

        • Mahera Arts
          Mahera Arts  1 weeks back

          his voice tho

          • morgxn
            morgxn  5 days back

            Mahera Arts 🙏

        • Liz Sales
          Liz Sales  1 weeks back

          Pretty good song and his voice is incredible

          • FEMALE
            FEMALE  1 weeks back


            • morgxn
              morgxn  5 days back

              FEMALE 😘

          • Katelynn Miller
            Katelynn Miller  1 weeks back


            • morgxn
              morgxn  5 days back

              Katelynn Miller ily

          • Jess Vaughn
            Jess Vaughn  1 weeks back

            ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so happy to see you reaching even wider audiences with your brilliant music

            • morgxn
              morgxn  5 days back

              Jess Vaughn thank you jess!

          • Jessica Plummer
            Jessica Plummer  1 weeks back

            so proud

            • morgxn
              morgxn  5 days back

              Jessica Plummer ♥️

          • Cory Vore
            Cory Vore  1 weeks back

            Uh-oh, watch out Sam Smith, he's gunning for your fan base!

            • Luca Maiani
              Luca Maiani  1 weeks back

              ugh the lyrics

              • morgxn
                morgxn  5 days back

                Luca Maiani ✨♥️

            • Drew Charpentier
              Drew Charpentier  1 weeks back

              I thought for sure Id hate this for a few reasons. One, mewithoutyou from philly is dear to me. Two, the "christian branded" equivalence of Justin Timberlake, a product of Liberty University's talent pool by the name of Toby Mac, used the name "me without you" for an audio assault on all things holy about 5 years ago.

              But... This was utterly utterly. Good can sing. Like Sam Smith meets Sir Elton. Well done sir. Thank you for swayin my hate-meter.

              • morgxn
                morgxn  5 days back

                Drew Charpentier what a high honor. thank you

            • Sara Dia
              Sara Dia  1 weeks back

              YOUR MOTHERFU*ING VOICE I CANT!! ❤️ I feel so proud 😭😭

              • morgxn
                morgxn  5 days back

                Sara Dia ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

            • Bryce Fekete
              Bryce Fekete  1 weeks back

              Under 1000 views

              • Odwen Nava
                Odwen Nava  1 weeks back

                Jimmy Kimmel is the best night show host hands down change my mind🗣

                • Cody Fell
                  Cody Fell  1 weeks back

                  Jesusss, the pipes on this man are incredible 👌🏽🕺🏽

                • Raffael Schützenhofer
                  Raffael Schützenhofer  1 weeks back


                  • Mab Shine shine world
                    Mab Shine shine world  1 weeks back

                    Great performance

                    • morgxn
                      morgxn  4 days back

                      Mab Shine shine world 🙏

                  • Kim wright
                    Kim wright  1 weeks back

                    What an incredible voice!

                  • William Kirkoff
                    William Kirkoff  1 weeks back

                    Wow I'm super early yeeeehawwww!

                    • morgxn
                      morgxn  4 days back

                      William Kirkoff glad you’re here ✨

                  • Rahul Kuntal
                    Rahul Kuntal  1 weeks back


                    • morgxn
                      morgxn  4 days back

                      Rahul Kuntal ♥️

                  • travel er
                    travel er  1 weeks back

                    Supscribe me pls

                  • Lachlan Bryans
                    Lachlan Bryans  1 weeks back

                    Thx jimmy