diveliner - natalie (Lyrics)

  • Published: 25 May 2019
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Comments • 9

  • Natalie Marquez
    Natalie Marquez  2 months back

    My name is natalie

    • Véronique D2V
      Véronique D2V  3 months back

      It's another way in the fight or flight survival mechanism DgM ....... And ..... if you don't learn to love yourself for everything you are, you won't break this cycle. I am not perfect, and if you fuck it up, I am happy to take the risk. You could never bring me to your frontal cortex = reality, and I hadn't learnt enough to make it happen for you, because you have always been so perfect to me, and I couldn't cross that bridge, you'd have or have had so much better than me ..... It's hard to be a 'has been' looking in the eyes of so much I see in you. I love you DgM I am such a mess without you around 😔 You should watch Jesse finally meets Lestat lol, and you will recognize us ... .. They made it in the end despite Akasha, why won't you have a go, remember this:
      Oh but I might fall ? But what if you fly ...... and you will, I believe in you.

      • me me
        me me  3 months back

        I hate you

        • Logic Aspect
          Logic Aspect  3 months back

          Im the 89th like 😉☺☺

          • Kayla Ermac
            Kayla Ermac  3 months back

            pretty po

            • Αγγελική Δν.
              Αγγελική Δν.  3 months back

              Thery good song =Thery good job. But it's a little bit sad for me!

              • Stealth_Touch
                Stealth_Touch  3 months back

                wow pretty good NGL

                • DO -Tubby
                  DO -Tubby  3 months back

                  hey im just starting a lyric channel any tip?? im not trying self promote anyways this isnt lyrics channel