Another Book I Made as a Kid

  • Published: 03 February 2015
  • New microphone, yeah
    Song: Taking Chances --Skip Peck
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  • Unknown
    Unknown  8 hours back

    Did someone notice the alarm at 0:09
    It's at 4 20...

    • Mysticał Jules
      Mysticał Jules  22 hours back

      James: *gives grandparents a copy of book*
      Grandparents: *goes to James’s page* oH hONeY iT’s AMAzING! ..what is it?
      James: *explains*
      Grandparents: *burns James’s page*
      James: ;D

      • thecoolgirlsout summer time

        I used to draw my people like that

          KATIA SOLIS GUERRERO  2 days back

          AND ThAtS why JaMeS'sSSs channel Is called theodd1sout (because of His child face)

          • ImGonzaa -Brawl stars y mas!!

            A kid punched TheOdd1sOut in face

            • lincoln katz
              lincoln katz  2 days back

              Oh I thought you were the black one

              • FireSlash Gaming
                FireSlash Gaming  3 days back

                :O ME TOO!

                I’m left handed too ;p

                • Alonso Encina gonzalez

                  Goddam children were UGLY

                  • Roaring Thunder115
                    Roaring Thunder115  4 days back

                    James would help in the war

                    • Roaring Thunder115
                      Roaring Thunder115  4 days back

                      I died by getting swallowed by the sun

                      “He’s sad, because he’s gonna die”

                      • Piper's World
                        Piper's World  5 days back

                        My sister draw,s like you when you were little

                        • MudkipMaster787
                          MudkipMaster787  6 days back


                          Vietnam flashbacks intensify

                          • Whea tley
                            Whea tley  6 days back

                            I had a mohawk in 2nd grade.

                            • Horse2lover 2
                              Horse2lover 2  6 days back

                              That is exactly how I drew my people when I was younger

                              • dark rainbow
                                dark rainbow  1 weeks back

                                Thats so mest up!!!!!

                                • Pamdotnet Gaming
                                  Pamdotnet Gaming  1 weeks back

                                  Is anyone gonna mention 2:29 when he says artistic but it sounds like autistic?

                                  • super cool ice
                                    super cool ice  1 weeks back

                                    1:18 😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                    • Ellie Böhm
                                      Ellie Böhm  1 weeks back

                                      I use to draw people almost the same I drew a circle a face and two legs lol

                                      • PCHASKEY
                                        PCHASKEY  1 weeks back

                                        And this is old like the book!

                                        • thoralf weber
                                          thoralf weber  1 weeks back

                                          The Sun Is a Deadly Lazer

                                          • eric tran
                                            eric tran  1 weeks back

                                            Who's reading through the comments while they are watching?

                                            • R - Arts
                                              R - Arts  1 weeks back

                                              4:00 HEY!!
                                              That's the guy from one of James first comics!!

                                              • Meh
                                                Meh  1 weeks back

                                                Omg I actually drew my people exactly like you did when u were little 😂

                                                • De Lars Thomas ties
                                                  De Lars Thomas ties  1 weeks back

                                                  WAR LOCATION ALERT! did you know the drawing to the gift of the world. that picture jaiden redrawed in a video of james

                                                  • ula
                                                    ula  1 weeks back

                                                    this photo is so *CUTE*

                                                    • Demonblazewitherskeleton _

                                                      I USED TO DRAW PEOPLE IN THE SAME WAY AND IM LEFT HANDED

                                                      • Pony Games
                                                        Pony Games  1 weeks back

                                                        That's literally how I drew people in kindergarten. I have 1 memory which was it was a classmate's birthday and we had to draw him a picture. The teach said something about my circle person but I think she let me give it to him.

                                                        • Julian Garcia
                                                          Julian Garcia  1 weeks back

                                                          “And he’s holding a gun that shoots three bullets”
                                                          Me : Ever heard of a shotgun?

                                                          • Andrija Golubovic yourmom

                                                            please why you sound so sad?

                                                            • ash h
                                                              ash h  2 weeks back

                                                              9 seconds in 420 yes yes yes I just finished packing me up 1🤟🏼ye

                                                              • Pastel Blu
                                                                Pastel Blu  2 weeks back

                                                                am i the only one who thinks he looks like the kid from the movie home alone 👀

                                                                • Jeremy Plays
                                                                  Jeremy Plays  2 weeks back

                                                                  a better mircophone yay!

                                                                • Marco Guerrero
                                                                  Marco Guerrero  2 weeks back


                                                                  • Navad soy yo
                                                                    Navad soy yo  2 weeks back

                                                                    I speak spanish but I love u

                                                                  • Gacha Becca
                                                                    Gacha Becca  2 weeks back

                                                                    I’m so sorry but oh my gosh that was so funny

                                                                    • PandoraGaming
                                                                      PandoraGaming  2 weeks back

                                                                      i do not care

                                                                      • MinerMaster :D
                                                                        MinerMaster :D  2 weeks back

                                                                        1:16 this needs to be a meme

                                                                        • Max Gonzales
                                                                          Max Gonzales  2 weeks back

                                                                          *a a a a a a a a t h i s w o u l d m a k e a g o o d v i d e o*

                                                                          • thi huyen le
                                                                            thi huyen le  2 weeks back

                                                                            James:swords ảre fun

                                                                            • thi huyen le
                                                                              thi huyen le  2 weeks back

                                                                              Me:i think our gift to the fuck

                                                                              • Vespa Piaggio
                                                                                Vespa Piaggio  2 weeks back

                                                                                3:14 **Vietnam Flashback**

                                                                                • Jay Cull
                                                                                  Jay Cull  2 weeks back

                                                                                  1:50 the nativity (Jesus birth)

                                                                                  • CAR TUNES
                                                                                    CAR TUNES  2 weeks back

                                                                                    2:29 I thought you said autistic 😭😭😭

                                                                                    • II I
                                                                                      II I  2 weeks back

                                                                                      All his subscribers watexhed his video

                                                                                      • Vector
                                                                                        Vector  2 weeks back

                                                                                        1:09 James on the very right
                                                                                        Removes obvious ones

                                                                                        • Princess Brave
                                                                                          Princess Brave  2 weeks back

                                                                                          3rd grader me and meh friend
                                                                                          Me: makes a cute teenage casual witch
                                                                                          Friend: *MAKES A SERIAL KILLER THAT WANTS TO KILL MY OC EVEN THO WE R BEST FRIENDS LIKE BRUH WTH*

                                                                                          • Constance Smith
                                                                                            Constance Smith  2 weeks back

                                                                                            THAT BOOK XD XD XD!!!!!!!!

                                                                                            • Jess Wolski
                                                                                              Jess Wolski  2 weeks back

                                                                                              I know I probably shouldn't, but I'm laughing nonstop!