We Are Family: Cynthia & Marcus (2:19) I Greater Than AIDS

  • Published: 31 October 2015
  • Whether it’s the one you are born into or the one you create, family matters. Watch these inspiring stories of real families as they show what is possible with love, support and ongoing care for people living with HIV. #WeAreFamily

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    Marcus: Remember when you was learning how to make rice, mom?
    Cynthia: Yeah.
    Marcus: I remember sittin’ at the table one night, and it was so crunchy.
    Marcus: And you said, “You better eat every bit of it!” And I was like, “Man!”
    Cynthia: I’ve been living with HIV for 21 years. When I was diagnosed, my kids were very young.
    Marcus: I remember her coming in the bedroom and sitting me down and saying, “Never let no one tell you that, you know, you never amount to nothing, you always something somewhere.”
    Cynthia: Right down the road, I look back then she said, “Hallelujah, grandma” and I said, “That’s right, baby, Hallelujah.”
    My granddaughter means the world to me. She comes running. “Grandma! Take medicine! Time to take your medicine!” I say, “You helping Grandma out?” She says, “Yep.”
    Cynthia: I’m very proud of you. You know, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you guys.
    You know you all get educated together, you gotta take some classes so they know that you touching me and I’m touching you or you are kissing me or you even drank out of my same glass, you can’t get it that way.
    Marcus: Try it out. Pretty good? I hope so.
    Cynthia: Mhm.
    Marcus: I love her to death. There’s nothing that she can ask is too much for me. Like I said, I’m her backbone and she’s my right hand.
    Cynthia: I can’t wait to dig in! You move too slow, though.
    Had someone would’ve told me that I’d be sittin here 21 years later, I would’ve like. I’m here.
    Marcus: Bless our souls, bless our families.
    Cynthia and Marcus: Amen.
    Cynthia: Let’s eat!

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  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen  4 years back

    Great Commercial! Love this Video! So many of us still treat people with AIDS like Lepers. Glad to know, they are living longer healthier lives! Never expected the drug cocktail that kept Magic Johnson alive to be obtainable by the middle class. Sadly, there is still much work to be done! Aside from the Physical and Mental damage caused by AIDS, we must continue to focus on the Emotional Component, whose damage has a much earlier onset.