Giant Warship Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published: 18 October 2016
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Comments • 31 753

  • Harrison TIppet
    Harrison TIppet  2 hours back

    I love my YouTube channel
    It is now 19.3.19 I can't belive it

    • I’m the one And only shooter

      I agree

      • Yersain Kadyruly
        Yersain Kadyruly  3 hours back

        Who is a Panda

        • Ella Irvine
          Ella Irvine  4 hours back

          At 5:22 panda holds up his middle finger

          • Vergenghost YT
            Vergenghost YT  4 hours back

            Stuck to a pole on top of paint bombs

            • S8an
              S8an  9 hours back

              Why did you guys not use FLEXTAPE ?

              • Beyang Beyang
                Beyang Beyang  9 hours back

                1:40 nice shot panda hahahahaha!

                • Jedtong Rosal
                  Jedtong Rosal  11 hours back

                  Haha Karma hit on the face

                  • Carter gerrish
                    Carter gerrish  19 hours back

                    at 3:08 look at corys face lol

                    • An Nguyen
                      An Nguyen  23 hours back

                      if u not losing that means u win?

                      • Сергей Лазарев

                        Интересно , сколько вг заплатил им за рекламу 🤔

                        • Anonymous Commenter
                          Anonymous Commenter  1 days back

                          5:11 *_D E A D_*

                          • Love Gang
                            Love Gang  2 days back

                            Team edge did one of these

                            • neca klaric
                              neca klaric  2 days back

                              Who is panda 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

                              • Brian B
                                Brian B  2 days back

                                This is why I hate ty

                                • Keagan Pranoto
                                  Keagan Pranoto  2 days back

                                  Did you know?

                                  When you selling replay buttons here people can easily steal it tho

                                  • Keagan Pranoto
                                    Keagan Pranoto  2 days back

                                    3:49 I was laughing so hard until like idk but I laughed so *HARD*

                                    • Sanjay Gandhi
                                      Sanjay Gandhi  2 days back

                                      Last hit funny 😃

                                      • Berlos ProAktip
                                        Berlos ProAktip  3 days back

                                        wow cool, help support it. please offer me chennel

                                        • macarthur baalan
                                          macarthur baalan  3 days back

                                          1:44 wtf

                                          • Jensenlanz Gallardo
                                            Jensenlanz Gallardo  3 days back

                                            So cool!

                                            • Jennifer Zoumberis
                                              Jennifer Zoumberis  3 days back


                                              • Megan Gottshall
                                                Megan Gottshall  3 days back

                                                1 like = 1 prayer for Coby

                                                • Cooked Cook
                                                  Cooked Cook  3 days back

                                                  Panda flicks us all off at 5:22

                                                  • yoga fiver
                                                    yoga fiver  3 days back

                                                    1:41 the true war😂😂😂

                                                    • Colton Usher
                                                      Colton Usher  3 days back

                                                      Tyler was the cleanest and only had one spot of yellow on his shirt! he was lucky!

                                                    • Libby The Transformers fan

                                                      Ouch! In the middle!

                                                      • nivratti walakate
                                                        nivratti walakate  4 days back

                                                        Part 2

                                                        • S. Lamb
                                                          S. Lamb  4 days back


                                                          • Elmer Escobar
                                                            Elmer Escobar  4 days back

                                                            Lol, the ending is just great

                                                            • Laiann Ali
                                                              Laiann Ali  4 days back

                                                              It’s called battle ship

                                                              • Killua Zen
                                                                Killua Zen  4 days back


                                                                • Eddie Ferraro
                                                                  Eddie Ferraro  4 days back

                                                                  I'm jamming his sonar!

                                                                  • Low Quality Content
                                                                    Low Quality Content  4 days back

                                                                    5:15 The US navy murdering the Japanese navy at midway, colorized

                                                                    • Eljan Mamedli
                                                                      Eljan Mamedli  4 days back

                                                                      Azerbaycandan like +1

                                                                      • King Of The Roblox
                                                                        King Of The Roblox  4 days back

                                                                        Like if panda should show his face

                                                                        • Sukhwinder Aujla
                                                                          Sukhwinder Aujla  5 days back

                                                                          Like if you spot the difference 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

                                                                          • ItsJohnXX
                                                                            ItsJohnXX  5 days back

                                                                            panda is the best

                                                                            • Mad Mosqito
                                                                              Mad Mosqito  5 days back

                                                                              Nice aim

                                                                              • MR skate
                                                                                MR skate  5 days back

                                                                                team coby

                                                                                • MaxRAZE
                                                                                  MaxRAZE  6 days back

                                                                                  Congrats on 40 mil

                                                                                  • Samuel Monroy
                                                                                    Samuel Monroy  6 days back

                                                                                    Aguante the donato

                                                                                    • Mark Nguyen
                                                                                      Mark Nguyen  6 days back

                                                                                      Woohoo 🙌 40M!!!!!! congrats DP 😎

                                                                                      • AJ Saul
                                                                                        AJ Saul  6 days back

                                                                                        He got hit in the nuts

                                                                                        • Mike Pitts
                                                                                          Mike Pitts  6 days back

                                                                                          You guys are awsome

                                                                                          • kadie9678
                                                                                            kadie9678  6 days back

                                                                                            red team souks

                                                                                            • kadie9678
                                                                                              kadie9678  6 days back


                                                                                              • Gabrielle Stewart
                                                                                                Gabrielle Stewart  6 days back

                                                                                                I've had Strep throat like 3-4 times it sucks