We Are Family: Duston & Karen (2:18) I Greater Than AIDS

  • Published: 31 October 2015
  • Whether it’s the one you are born into or the one you create, family matters. Watch these inspiring stories of real families as they show what is possible with love, support and ongoing care for people living with HIV. #WeAreFamily

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    Karen: I was only 18 when I had him. And we were like – we’re like buddies.
    Duston: Mom just kind of came out and asked me.
    Karen: Okay he’s gay, oh my God, he’s going to hell. You know. And I think I even told him that.
    Karen: I let him leave. You know, I didn’t stop him from it. It was just my stupidity, my ignorance made me push him away.
    Duston: You know, I was really kind of lost, and didn’t know what to do.
    This is where I always used to hang out. I’d walk up and down this road kind of all day long. And I remember hanging out with a bunch of other guys back there by the dumpster and just getting high and stuff.
    Karen: And he called me, and he was just crying so bad, he was, he was scared to death. “Mama, I’m HIV positive.” Well, being a mama, my first thing is telling him, “Duston, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.”
    Duston: My mom’s a huge part of the reason I want to stay healthy.
    Karen: I did a lot of research online, and um realized that you know, I can kiss Duston and I’m not going to get it. We can use the same bathroom and it’s okay.
    Duston: Try a kiwi.
    Karen: You have to get a different mindset. He’s not going to hell, he’s not gonna die just cause he has HIV. My biggest thing is his medicines. He's got to stay healthy.
    Duston: And we shot a game of pool, and three hours to do...
    Karen: He’s my kid, I love him with all my heart.

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  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne  3 years back

    yes, I loved this one!

    • MaryKatherine White
      MaryKatherine White  4 years back

      I came here after seeing this on a tyler oakley video.......

      • Pete Bromley - Spiegle
        Pete Bromley - Spiegle  4 years back

        I am thankful that my now husband was there when I was diagnosed as hiv ( 1986 ) and then again when I was diagnosed with aids ( 2000 )  ( the term for those unaware of the fact " full blown " is no longer used because U have aids therefore U can not go any any further up the ladder  with it ) .Well needless to say he's been at my side lo these past nearly 30 years that we have been a couple and we spoke our wedding vows on my 55th birthday during our 28th year as a couple. But now it seems as if the tide has turned  he was there nurturing and often times insisting that I do some thing to make my life better and in turn make his better as well;  then he fell on Christmas night 2015 so now it's my turn to repay his efforts to make sure he's cared for in the best way possible for his remaining years on this big blue ball :)     ( OH just to clarify things we have an age variance of 15 years between us and by longevity he thinks he's going to depart this mortal plane first :(   ).

        • Haley Jarnigan
          Haley Jarnigan  4 years back

          I do not personally know anyone with this ailment but I thank you both for this strength-God will bless you both with long healthy lives!! Thank you and keep it going!

          • kclaude
            kclaude  4 years back

            Love this video. So many people are ignorant and don't understand things.

            • Marlon D. Gandy
              Marlon D. Gandy  4 years back

              Sweet story. Touched my heart. God bless u guys!!!!!