Bryan Cranston Brings Network to Broadway

  • Published: 11 January 2019
  • Bryan Cranston discusses how his Broadway play Network, based on the 43-year-old film, is still scarily relevant today, and he talks about his comedy-drama The Upside.

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    Bryan Cranston Brings Network to Broadway

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Comments • 25

  • monlifes
    monlifes  5 days back

    Gosh i hope The Upside will be as good as the origin movie Intouchable with Omar Sy. It was so amazing, i went to the cinema 4 time to see it. So funny, so touching.

    • Adi Ju
      Adi Ju  6 days back

      Bryan gorgeous 😘

      • Tegan Rae
        Tegan Rae  6 days back

        Bryan Cranston is my fave.. I ❤️ him soo soo much.

        • Bekee x
          Bekee x  6 days back

          I would like to see Brian voice documentaries 💓

          • Odair Santos
            Odair Santos  6 days back

            Walter White AKA Heisenberg 🙌🏽 #BreakingBad4Ever

            • Rita Burrows
              Rita Burrows  6 days back

              J’adore Bryan Cranston mais je trouve ça un peu inutile de reproduire Intouchables alors que vous auriez pu tout simplement lire nos sous-titres

              • Eoin Toner
                Eoin Toner  6 days back

                jimmy looks drunk

                • Geoffrey Feinberg
                  Geoffrey Feinberg  6 days back

                  He's a good actor. He was also good as the goofy dad in Malcolm in the Middle. He can play an santa villain.

                  • Hope
                    Hope  6 days back

                    We love Bryan Cranston! He’s so dedicated to the art of his craft and we truly appreciate that

                    • Marsbar1212
                      Marsbar1212  6 days back

                      The French version, Intouchables, is also fairly good.

                      • monlifes
                        monlifes  5 days back

                        It was so damn good, too bad it wasn't nominated for Oscar :)

                      • Tascha Bliss
                        Tascha Bliss  6 days back

                        It's a wonderful film. Will be interesting to see how this one compares.

                    • Ali Barqee
                      Ali Barqee  6 days back

                      He remind me of my dad ... one of the few ICONS in the movies industry

                      • Aniruddha bendarkar
                        Aniruddha bendarkar  6 days back

                        We want breaking bad movie

                        • manguy2000
                          manguy2000  6 days back

                          Put Kevin back in the Oscars and fuck the neo marxists and the perpetually offended people who get triggered by the rising sun in the morning.

                          • Thodoris Bladas
                            Thodoris Bladas  6 days back

                            Oh my god he will be great as Howard Beal!

                            • Master Wisdom
                              Master Wisdom  6 days back

                              I love Bryan Voice very deep 💙

                              • Marsbar1212
                                Marsbar1212  6 days back

                                Master Wisdom great for voice overs and narratives!

                            • Preetham Raj
                              Preetham Raj  6 days back

                              Into it!

                              • Dave Vd
                                Dave Vd  6 days back

                                I love Bryan an amazing actor that can always drag me into his parts.

                                • Dave Vd
                                  Dave Vd  6 days back

                                  +ilovefood HAHAHA that to xD. But I meant his performance is always so great that he is able to captivate me. A good example is Godzilla that movie was honestly god awful the only saving grace were his scenes. As you could actually feel emotion and his pain for loosing his wife.

                                • ilovefood
                                  ilovefood  6 days back

                                  i thought you said pants 😂😂

                              • LordAaronus
                                LordAaronus  6 days back

                                yeah it's even more relevant today... but Broadway?!

                                • Cute girl
                                  Cute girl  6 days back

                                  that's good ❤

                                  • Cyan Magneta
                                    Cyan Magneta  6 days back

                                    First to say no one gives a shit if your first