5 Reasons Mothra Resisted King Ghidorah's Alpha Call | Explained

  • Published: 03 June 2019
  • Titanus Mosura, aka Mothra, The Queen Of The Monsters had a "thing "with Godzilla. She was able to resist an alpha's call by Monster Zero, aka King Ghidorah. This video review will explain that as to how she could resist The Call and make sure you watch it till the end. Enjoy the video!!

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  • Slavic GoldenGamer DarkLeader

    She Is The Ally Of Godzilla DUH

    • Sam
      Sam  2 weeks back

      When you realise a mutant turtle had a moth sacrifice herself for him after killing her multiple times but your can’t get a girl to look at you

      • MAnuscript421
        MAnuscript421  2 weeks back

        If Godzilla Vs. King Kong does good, it is rumored that Mothra might get her own movie. Maybe something like what Kong: Skull Island was. Maybe taking place during the 50s or 60s.

        • Christina DLuxé La Purpu

          Yo creo que es el tema de simbiosis y de el huevo, mothra en el pasado creó un vínculo con Godzilla y a través del tiempo y de sus reencarnaciones ha perdurado esa simbiosis y sabe reconocer la llamada de Godzilla

          • tin hey
            tin hey  2 months back

            Omg rodan also reminds me of starscream....btw mothra is a
            bad bitch queen of monsters!

            • Athlete 101 Power!!
              Athlete 101 Power!!  2 months back

              She protects the earth; therefore, since Ghidorah is a destructive creature, she wouldn't respond. Same thing would be said, if godzilla would do a call like ghidora did; Mothra would stand against him.

              • Matthew Brune
                Matthew Brune  2 months back

                Actually, I think it’s two simple reasons,:
                1. She isn’t stupid like the others
                And 2. Ghidorah ain’t her King, that’s Godzilla’s job

                • Hey mate
                  Hey mate  2 months back

                  Mothra is a bad bitch let’s be real

                  • Maurice Buckley
                    Maurice Buckley  2 months back

                    Are they really “mindless”?

                    • Carl Grau
                      Carl Grau  2 months back

                      He wasn't a king. Mothra refused to acknowledge a fake alpha. Mothra knew he wasnt the king.

                      • Marco TheStudentGamer Filipino

                        Well Mothra is the Queen of the Monsters and a queen doesn't follow the rules of the king. And he only respects 1 king, which is also a God, Godzilla.

                        • T.N OFFICIAL
                          T.N OFFICIAL  2 months back

                          WHY? BECAUSE SHE'S A QUEEN🦋🔥🔥

                          • Gamerafighter76
                            Gamerafighter76  2 months back

                            Mothra is a queen that only follows a true king/alpha, not a false king from the stars.

                            • Jonathan JamesPatterson
                              Jonathan JamesPatterson  2 months back

                              Maybe cause he said fuck that nigga Ghidorah 😂😂 that’s the only answer I needed

                              • Đại Nguyễn Hoàng
                                Đại Nguyễn Hoàng  2 months back

                                Because moth like lamp, and Godzilla is one *GIANT* *THICC* *LAMB* .

                                • Darman Burkhardt
                                  Darman Burkhardt  2 months back

                                  WHY DID U IGNORE MY CALL MOTHRA?!

                                  • Rupert FDR
                                    Rupert FDR  2 months back

                                    Because She's a Queen Bitch! A Queen never bows down to anyone. lol

                                    • Katie Johnson
                                      Katie Johnson  2 months back

                                      Because she a loyal af woman's who only knows one king

                                      • Trebor Nabiuq
                                        Trebor Nabiuq  2 months back

                                        the real question is
                                        why mothra doesnt dodge from ghidora's blow..😂

                                      • Nine PointO
                                        Nine PointO  2 months back

                                        Mothra: "You ain't shit and I don't do three-headed fuckboys with their "bidibidibidi" pick-up talk!"

                                        • Cyler sky
                                          Cyler sky  2 months back

                                          Rodan isn't a male, Rodan is (female.) Now unless you're saying BOTH (King Ghidorah & Rodan) have a symbiotic homosexual relationship going on tween two male species, you got that part wrong lol.

                                          • godzilla 2019 legendary
                                            godzilla 2019 legendary  2 months back

                                            Reason 6#: CUZ she thinks kevin(ghidorah 3rd head) is a

                                            • Minority119
                                              Minority119  2 months back

                                              theory: she DID hear the alpha call and decided to instead beat the fuck out of him instead of following him

                                              • ::BreeDraw’s::
                                                ::BreeDraw’s::  2 months back

                                                It’s bc she is giver of life and bc she only responds to Godzilla bc she’s her queen

                                                • yellowbear bearbirdsbo
                                                  yellowbear bearbirdsbo  2 months back

                                                  She's a queen.. did you hear what the people said

                                                  • Jairus Flores
                                                    Jairus Flores  2 months back

                                                    Because she has the true king

                                                    You know who it is

                                                    • Torri Brown
                                                      Torri Brown  3 months back

                                                      Cause she knows Ghidorah is a jerk and didn't wanna play with him! That's why!

                                                      • Itz hae
                                                        Itz hae  3 months back

                                                        titanus ghidorah: **alpha calls**
                                                        titanus mosura: why *no lol*

                                                        • John Paul
                                                          John Paul  3 months back

                                                          Because she new Ghidorah was a false king, and second she probably helped godzilla fight him before and enclosed him in ice..... Because if you look at the Antarctica scene it looks like Godzilla has seen him before

                                                          • better late than never
                                                            better late than never  3 months back

                                                            Because she only has one Bae

                                                            • Rasun Khilmer
                                                              Rasun Khilmer  3 months back

                                                              King Kong: > :/

                                                              • Jake Eastin
                                                                Jake Eastin  3 months back

                                                                She's The Queen and has always refused that 3 headed geek

                                                                • stygianempathy
                                                                  stygianempathy  3 months back

                                                                  Say what you will about Godzilla, but NEVER forget Mothra always fought to save and protect humanity!!! We love our Moth Mother!!! 💕💕💕

                                                                  • porpus99
                                                                    porpus99  3 months back

                                                                    Technically Mothra was not the only one who resisted Ghidorahs call. While not seen in the movie, the Monarch online logs showed that another titan called Leviathan also resisted his call. It is a strictly water based Kaiju but remained loyal to Godzilla. Basically held the coast line defense.

                                                                    • William Duckworth
                                                                      William Duckworth  3 months back

                                                                      Only thing missing was the tiny little Asian girls who sang the mothra song

                                                                      • J M
                                                                        J M  3 months back

                                                                        Well... while they're not there, the reason they found Mothra in the first place was because of people hearing singing coming from the forest the temple of the moth is in, and they are technically in it, in the form of Dr. Chen and her twin sister

                                                                    • Kevin Ghidorah
                                                                      Kevin Ghidorah  3 months back

                                                                      Are you telling me. She ignores Mouth lamp? She wants Spine lamp more than Mouth lamp? *Ima tell my "nice" brothers to gravity beam more often*

                                                                      • When words fail, Music speaks

                                                                        Mothra herself is an Alpha (Queen of the Monsters.) That's why it was easy for her to ignore Ghidorah's call. If anything, the call probably irritated and annoyed her like it did Godzilla.

                                                                        • Depressed gamer
                                                                          Depressed gamer  2 months back

                                                                          @When words fail, Music speaks I am talking about the monsterverse in wich here abilities are silk, stinger, god Ray's. If we want to go into biological weapons that are not abilities she has her arms but they couldn't even scratch rodan. As for her wings they can't even produce high winds when she flying around. In strength her best showing is pushing rodan lnto ground but the rest of the fight she was overpowered pretty easily.

                                                                        • When words fail, Music speaks
                                                                          When words fail, Music speaks  2 months back

                                                                          @Depressed gamer Mothra's Abilities:

                                                                          As a larva, Mothra's sprays her opponents with a stream of silk as a ranged attack (to entrap or disorient an enemy). She also uses her mandibles for a close combat bite. (Mothra has a habit of biting opponents' tails, although it is rarely effective and, predictably, is usually self-defeating.) As an adult, her wings can (and generally do) create gales which tear apart buildings and send other kaiju flying. Her great bulk of a body is commonly used to her advantage in battle to slam into opponents (both in larva and adult form), and her surprising levels of strength can help her to drag and even lift monsters like Godzilla. Her final strategy is to emit "scales", a yellow poisonous powder that can hopefully asphyxiate an enemy. She only uses that attack when she knows she is going to die, though, because the extreme loss of scales will cause her to lose her flight.

                                                                          The Heisei version of Mothra had some differences. She could now fire a beam of energy from her antennae, and fire arcs of lightning from her wings, or keep it in her body to release to another through touch. The powder now had a different effect; It would act as a 3-D mirror to trap energy blasts, making them rebound over whatever was inside the cloud of powder over and over again. This proved very effective in turning Godzilla's own atomic breath against him. Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse wasn't reflected by her mirror and she was thrown back, possibly because her mirror can't reflect energy attacks if it is able to pass around her mirror.

                                                                          In the Mothra Trilogy, Mothra displayed a wide use of energy-projection abilities; ranging from triple prismatic beams from her forehead, to energized takles, to her sun strike buster, a very potent attack that comes from the sky like a sacred lightning bolt. Leo Mothra, her offspring and successor, shared her energy powers and also possessed the ability to gain alternate forms as a means of adapting to his opponent's fighting styles.

                                                                          In GMK Mothra was able to shoot poison darts from her abdomen but she lacked both her hurricane force winds and her poison powder. In both Tokyo SOS and Final Wars, Mothra's powder was able to redirect both energy and physical projectiles back to their original senders.

                                                                          in MOTHRA, QUEEN OF EARTH Mothra could emit a sent from her thorax that would make any creature go to sleep within a 65 meter radius. It can even put plants to sleep. She can also form a ball of ice while in space so that solar winds and heat doses’t effect/hurt her.

                                                                        • Depressed gamer
                                                                          Depressed gamer  2 months back

                                                                          @When words fail, Music speaks if mothra lived and somehow they killed ghidorah then mothra would of bowed. What would she have done cause at that moment godzilla has access to every other kaiju like rodan faster and stronger with a grudge against her or a titan like methuselah being even bigger the Godzilla. On the powers she has silk, stinger, god Ray's, resurrection( it's not really resurrection because it is just a egg hatching but I will give it to her), where as ghidorah has gravity beams, electricity obsorbsorption, accelerated healing and multiple concious (I see that as a ability because it allows him to fight multiple enemies without getting confused). Godzilla has atomic breath and atomic energy absorption. Rodan has lava for blood, leaks lava, radiates a lot of heat, and he can shoot fire/magma (he shoots it in the dc scene and you can see him shoot a beam on the skull island cave painting). Point is she dosnt have the power and still submitted to Godzilla.

                                                                        • When words fail, Music speaks
                                                                          When words fail, Music speaks  2 months back

                                                                          @Depressed gamer Getting thrown around means she doesn't have the body mass of who she is fighting. That has nothing to do with power. She has many powers (more than we have seen from any other monsters) one of which is sacrificing herself so that her essence can empower/somewhat resurrect whom she chooses to help win. She has done so to help Godzilla and to help Ghidorah in the past.

                                                                          In this movie, we saw 2 female monsters, Mothra and the MUTO at the end. The MUTO heard the Alpha call and responded. Mothra heard it but instead went to find Godzilla. If Mothra would have lived, she wouldn't have bowed, she would have probably just flown off and Godzilla would not of held it against her.

                                                                          Toho calls her the Queen of the Monsters. Throughout her time she has NEVER bowed to another monster. That in itself makes her an Alpha. Alphas don't bow to other Alphas. Alphas kill other Alphas because they know they won't submit. Oh wait, didn't you say she DIES/get KILLED all the time. (ALPHA)

                                                                          Since they are animals, in every pack their is an Alpha Male and Alpha Female. The Alpha Female doesn't always submit to the Alpha Male and will often mate with the new Alpha if the old one is cast down/defeated. Though that is the Female Alpha's choice if she chooses to mate with a new Alpha Male

                                                                        • Depressed gamer
                                                                          Depressed gamer  2 months back

                                                                          @When words fail, Music speaks I am talking about the monsterverse in terms of power and even if you want to go into the toho stuff even when she wins she dies like like in Godzilla vs mothra where she got 1 shot by the atomic breath. Back to the monsterverse she got one shot by ghidorahs gravity beams and she was getting thrown around like a ragdoll during her fight with rodan and only won by a surprise attack.

                                                                      • icecold canela
                                                                        icecold canela  3 months back

                                                                        Mothra shows Woman's of Today, they dont need man to stand and doesn't want order from others

                                                                        • Hello Pokebowl
                                                                          Hello Pokebowl  3 months back

                                                                          It’s because she’s a queen just like how Godzilla’s the king friggin watch the movie

                                                                          Edit:Yall are dumb if your asking that question

                                                                          • Raging_Bolt_HP 420360
                                                                            Raging_Bolt_HP 420360  3 months back

                                                                            Because she is a queen and she can use alpha call too

                                                                            • Roshane Fowler
                                                                              Roshane Fowler  3 months back

                                                                              I just hate ghidorah for doing it but he's my favorite villain

                                                                              • Black Adam 14/18
                                                                                Black Adam 14/18  3 months back

                                                                                She knew King Ghidorah was a false king.

                                                                                • Introverted Angel
                                                                                  Introverted Angel  3 months back

                                                                                  Because she loves Godzilla and new that he was the one true king. He should take his place as the rightful ruler. Okay okay I'll stop.

                                                                                  • SethAtSNK
                                                                                    SethAtSNK  3 months back

                                                                                    This movie sucks i mean what is more powerful?

                                                                                    A bird and a hydra or a giant lizard and a moth?

                                                                                    • Stephen jake Cagula
                                                                                      Stephen jake Cagula  3 months back

                                                                                      Motra is the enemy of gidora that whyt motra dosent lisen to gidora every one now's that

                                                                                      • Rob Lee killcounts
                                                                                        Rob Lee killcounts  3 months back

                                                                                        Ghidorah: "Mothra!!! Why don't you want to be my Queen??? What does Godzilla have that I don't?"

                                                                                        Mothra: "I'm not dating a bunch of triplets with ONLY 1 dick, asshole."

                                                                                        • Sinblack Bloodred
                                                                                          Sinblack Bloodred  3 months back

                                                                                          Ghidorah: *Alpha calls*

                                                                                          Mothra: Bitch, you ain't my man.

                                                                                          • zxddyyaxel :3
                                                                                            zxddyyaxel :3  3 months back

                                                                                            isn’t she an alpha herself ? :O