Could Godzilla WITHSTAND the power of the Infinity Gauntlet

  • Published: 30 June 2019
  • Is Godzilla powerful enough to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and not be hurt by it? Thanos could and he was only injured by it on one side of his body, but still functional. If he could, would this make him a god?

    Music: Dark Times - Kevin MacLeod

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  • Idek
    Idek  2 weeks back

    Wielding it? Definitely. Going against it? Hell no

    • King444Dino
      King444Dino  1 months back

      I think if Godzilla had the gauntlet he would be supercharged by the stones, like 10 times more powerful then Fire/Burning Godzilla.

      • MartianManFromMars
        MartianManFromMars  1 months back

        Godzilla exists in Earth-616 and is canon.
        There are infinite possibilities.

        I like to think there’s a version of Earth-616 out there where Godzilla gets the Infinity Gauntlet and takes over the universe.

        • SpaceJ Zilla
          SpaceJ Zilla  2 months back

          Great video Alteori. If Godzilla had the Infinity Gauntlet no-one or thing could stop him. Not even his strongest and most powerful rivals the Mutos, Mechagodzilla, Destoroyah, King Ghidorah , Gigan, SpaceGodzilla, or even Biollante. with the power of all six Infinity Stones Godzilla would be Unstoppable. Long Live The King. Long Live Godzilla.

          • JS Peña
            JS Peña  3 months back


            0:45 - 0:50 Thanks a lot for showing off my photoshop.

            • Albino the Indoraptor
              Albino the Indoraptor  3 months back

              He is also radioactive because in endgame Hulk said something about radiation with the infinity gauntlet

              • Dylan Brown
                Dylan Brown  4 months back

                Godzilla literally loves radiation. He could hold it easy.

                • Janis Apple
                  Janis Apple  4 months back

                  Godzilla: I am GODZILLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA!
                  King Ghidorah: Mr. Rodan I don't feel so good.

                  Beast boy be like: YOU CAN'T FADE AWAY! THE LOVE I SHARE FOR YOU!
                  Beast Boy: *FADES AWAY*
                  King Ghidorah: *FADES AWAY*

                  Rodan: WHY KID! WHYYYYYYYYY!

                  • Killer Knight
                    Killer Knight  4 months back

                    Godzilla: King Ghidora you should have aimed for the head

                    Mothra: Why did you do it

                    King Ghidora: I don’t feel so good...

                    Rodan: Well holy sh

                    Godzilla: Language Rodan

                    Rodan: Sorry

                    Mothra: So what now

                    Shirazowa: Let them fight

                    • Viralizer Animations
                      Viralizer Animations  4 months back

                      (Godzilla puts on gauntlet)
                      Godzilla: ow, t-that kinda hurt, pricked my finger.
                      Ghidorah: no, no, NO!
                      Godzilla: FIGHT ME NOW MATE!

                      • Frank Alatorre
                        Frank Alatorre  4 months back

                        Can you make a video of Godzilla versus the Justice League

                        • Roy Varghese
                          Roy Varghese  4 months back

                          Could the infinity gauntlet withstand the power of GODZILLA???

                          • Ex Behemoth
                            Ex Behemoth  5 months back

                            Lets see, Godzilla can withstand the infinity snap like its nothing, even i would think he can weld Mjölnir, simply that he would make a sacrifice that will cost his life to keep balance, or i would think he would sacrifice himself to kill say Ghidorah to keep things in check

                            • Jamie Auernheimer
                              Jamie Auernheimer  5 months back

                              Ghidorah: we don't feel so good (I put "we" cuz he has 3 heads)

                              • Thomas Bangalter
                                Thomas Bangalter  5 months back

                                *_That's a huge glove_*

                                • GojiraMatthewZilla 2019
                                  GojiraMatthewZilla 2019  5 months back

                                  Actually No. The reason why is because to wear the infinity gauntlet you have to have 5 fingers and Godzilla only has 4 fingers.

                                  • Jay fulton
                                    Jay fulton  5 months back

                                    I think every avenger except black widow and Hawkeye would easily beat Godzilla

                                    • Jamie Auernheimer
                                      Jamie Auernheimer  4 months back

                                      @Jay fulton hah you make me laugh

                                    • Raioku Moonscar
                                      Raioku Moonscar  5 months back

                                      ROFLMAO no, so many of them if not all would be as if they were mere humans

                                  • Lord X 26
                                    Lord X 26  5 months back

                                    When hulk put on The gauntlet his arms were burning up from the gauntlet when he tried to snap his fingers. This indicates that Godzilla could withstand it because he has been a heat ball of gas in king of the monster and was able to harness the heat into a weapon capable of burning a building in a matter of seconds and burning king ghidorah in seconds too. And when Godzilla exploded or something he is perfectly fine and only had some marks on his body but he is still fine as it is. So yeah Godzilla can withstand the power of the gauntlet

                                    • Dynalius
                                      Dynalius  5 months back

                                      Wouldn't using the infinity gauntlet also give him some form of power boost, similar to his overheat mode? This is based off of the thought that the injuries that Thanos, Hulk, and Stark received from the usage of the gauntlet were a form of heavy radiation burns. We know it wouldn't harm him, but could it help him in this way?

                                      • ghost godzilla best gojira 2001 fan gamers

                                        SpaceG will do it

                                        • IEatMacarons ForLunch
                                          IEatMacarons ForLunch  5 months back

                                          Of course Godzilla can withstand the gauntlet. His only weakness is a tree.

                                          • Gojifan 2019
                                            Gojifan 2019  5 months back

                                            Actually: Could The Infinity Gauntlet WITHSTAND the power of Godzilla.

                                            • Some FANBOI!!!
                                              Some FANBOI!!!  5 months back

                                              Bruh this isn’t even a question

                                              • Swedish cooling
                                                Swedish cooling  5 months back

                                                The question is
                                                Can Godzilla even snap his fingers?

                                                • Code Man inflatable displays

                                                  Godzilla only has four fingers

                                                  • Kate Stephenson
                                                    Kate Stephenson  5 months back

                                                    How would he wear it?

                                                    • Sam cheezy1337
                                                      Sam cheezy1337  5 months back

                                                      Thanos: I am inevitable
                                                      Godzilla: SCREEEEEEEONK!!!!
                                                      Thanos: *fades away in confusion*

                                                      • Darth Gamer496
                                                        Darth Gamer496  5 months back

                                                        Can you do a what if toothless and Godzilla met

                                                        • Aaron Rivard
                                                          Aaron Rivard  5 months back

                                                          Well Godzilla also feeds off of radiation which the gauntlet emits so it would also just make him stronger with just that

                                                          • Pepe Thelastsamurai
                                                            Pepe Thelastsamurai  5 months back

                                                            Could Mothra lift Mjolnir? Probably

                                                            If she had fingers

                                                            (Legendary Mothra)

                                                            • Seal Kaiju gang
                                                              Seal Kaiju gang  5 months back

                                                              Godzilla would were the infinity gauntlet on his thumb

                                                              • Enrique Godinez
                                                                Enrique Godinez  5 months back

                                                                Could king kong will the infinity gountlet

                                                                • Ultron
                                                                  Ultron  5 months back

                                                                  Wouldn't the mind stone make him extremely smart?

                                                                  Now we have a genius giant extremely powerful titan.

                                                                  • G J
                                                                    G J  5 months back

                                                                    Godzilla hand is to big

                                                                    • the embodiment of light & darkness

                                                                      I think he could. The G man is full of radiation so he'll definitely survive.

                                                                      • kevin lee
                                                                        kevin lee  5 months back

                                                                        Fun isn’t what one considers when balancing out the Monsterverse. But this... this does put a smile on my face.

                                                                        • King Godzilla
                                                                          King Godzilla  5 months back

                                                                          Hell ya

                                                                          • Captain Cringe
                                                                            Captain Cringe  5 months back

                                                                            When godzilla has the infinity gauntlet, you minus well remove the zilla and call him straight up GOD!

                                                                            • whytho
                                                                              whytho  5 months back

                                                                              dude if this was realistic the gauntlet would be on his pinky 🤣

                                                                              • Spawn of Satan
                                                                                Spawn of Satan  5 months back

                                                                                Yea he could handle the gems that big boy could eat them all at once too probably.

                                                                                • Koray Öz
                                                                                  Koray Öz  5 months back

                                                                                  MARVEL: I AM THE BEST MOVIE EVER
                                                                                  GODZİLA: YOU THINK YOURSELF STRENGTH I'M NOT A FILM I'M A GOD
                                                                                  STAR WARS: WATCHING SİLENTLY FROM THE CORNER

                                                                                • Goji1984
                                                                                  Goji1984  5 months back

                                                                                  Shin gojira with the infinity gaulente is so scary cause he could use all stones and destroy all citys and the earth

                                                                                  • Draconicus the Reaper
                                                                                    Draconicus the Reaper  5 months back

                                                                                    If Thanos can handle the Infinity Gauntlet, then Godzilla could easily withstand the power of the stones for literal hundreds of gauntlet snaps.

                                                                                    • RCYBER_X04
                                                                                      RCYBER_X04  5 months back

                                                                                      HOW IN THE ACTUAL F-BOMB DID YOU THINK OF THIS?!?!?!?!?

                                                                                      • Antoniozilla
                                                                                        Antoniozilla  5 months back

                                                                                        Yes Godzilla could wield it.. on his finger

                                                                                        • Trayten Wilkins
                                                                                          Trayten Wilkins  5 months back

                                                                                          I haven’t even watched the video yet. But... This dude literally eats radiation, if he can’t handle the radiation that’d be disappointing.
                                                                                          He could literally probably eat the infinity stones and eat and use their powers.

                                                                                          • John Cujoh
                                                                                            John Cujoh  5 months back

                                                                                            when you've killed god but people still think the gauntlet would hurt

                                                                                            • Mcdonalds Sprite
                                                                                              Mcdonalds Sprite  5 months back

                                                                                              I think he could, but I have a different reasons. Yes, I think his raw power could withstand it, but Hulk said the stones were mostly gamma radiation, and I know Godzilla is all about radiation, so therefore he could handle it.